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Total Drama Island

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This animated take on the reality genre sees twenty-two teens competing in physical challenges in a dilapidated summer camp setting over a sixty day period. Season Two sees the name of the show change to Total Drama Action with fourteen teens competing in movie related challenges on a run down movie studio lot. In the third season, which has been titled Total Drama - World Tour, fifteen contestants - including brand new characters - travelled the world and burst into spontaneous every episode. The fifth season, titled Revenge ofthe Island, had an all new cast return to the island featured in the inaugural season.

Theme Song: Dear mom and dad, I'm doin' fine... You guys are on my mind... You ask me what I wanted to be And now I think the answer's plain to see... I wanna be...FAMOUS... I wanna live close to the sun... Well pack your bags 'cause I've already won... Everything to prove, nothing in my way... I'll get there one dayyy... 'Cause I wanna be famous! Nah nah nah-nah nah nahhh... Nah-nah-nah nah nahhh na-nah-nah nah nah nahhhh... I wanna be... I wanna be... I wanna be famous... I wanna be... I wanna be... I wanna be famous! Doo doo-doo doo... Doo doo-doo-doo doo doooo...


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AIRED ON 7/18/2014

Season 5 : Episode 26

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Fan Reviews (216)

  • I wanna be famous

    I got hooked watching this season on Cartoon Network after seeing a couple of fanarts of the series back in 2010. The host, Chris proves what a proverbial tool he really is, which delightfully adds to the fun as the group of Canadian teens go though a version of Survivor with all the backstabbing, romance, alliances and outhouse camera confessions.
  • Good, but not perfect

    Total Drama is, overall, a very good show. There is a large variety of characters with a lot of comedic potential. The various challenges and locations over the seasons have all been creative and added a fun dynamic to the show. The strategic gameplay one has come to expect on shows like Survivor (the Reality Show that TD parodies) has been watered down, but is still present in several of the characters.

    The shows main negative is the writing teams relationship with their fans. There have been many angles on the show in which the writers seemed to enjoy tormenting the fans, by either giving them what they asked for in the worst imaginable way, or by completely kicking them while they're down. (Infamous examples include Ezekiel's treatment in Season 3 onwards, or the Gwen/Courtney drama through seasons 3 and 5, though there have been numerous complaints over general abuse of the shows characters).

    In conclusion, the show is very much worth watching for the various characters and interactions, but very rarely does it offer satisfying treatment of its characters past the first two seasons.moreless
  • This is a pretty awesome parody of reality shows

    This show is such an obvious spoof on Survivor, The Amazing Race, and other challenge-related reality shows its not even funny. But I like it. It's a really great show. It's so far the only show on Cartoon Network that is really good, and its not even a CN original. The vast majority of the characters are cool, even the bad guys. Bridgette, Cody, Lindsay, Harold, Dawn, Noah, Owen, Izzy, Leshawna, DJ, Gwen and Courtney are all my favorites. But as cool as most of them are, its pretty obvious that all of the characters are based off some kind of stereotype. Such as Owen being the fat guy who loves to eat, Duncan being the juvenile delinquent, and Heather being the mean girl.

    Alright, with the release of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. I will now do a re-review of what I think of each season. Total Drama Island is still the best season of the show. It did a great job of establishing the characters, the challenges were entertaining, and I liked a few of the romances. But they didn't stop there. Total Drama Action in my mind was just as good the first season, with the only problems I had being the blatant Duncan/Courtney fan service that occurred through the second half of the season. But I liked the location and that the challenges were all based around a different movie genre.

    But then we got Total Drama World Tour... Yeah, I don't like this season much anymore. I did at first, but after re-watching it, World Tour's got a lot of problems. Well, I take it back, I still like most of the locations they went to, and the challenges involved. But after the Niagara Falls episode, all of the challenges were just BORING! Not only that, but the finale was the worst finale in Total Drama history! I also kinda like Alejandro as a villain. Though one could argue that he was too perfect, I still like him FAR more than Sierra. My biggest problems with this season were the behaviors of my two favorite characters. Cody and Bridgette. This was supposed to be Cody's season to get some proper development like Harold and Beth got in TDA. But instead, Cody didn't do JACK! For practically the whole season, he did hardly anything! Sierra did everything for him, and he never grew a pair and told her off for her obsessive clinging to him. Then there's Bridgette. Creators? What did you do?! You went and fucked up my favorite character by making her shallow, and always needing to kiss a guy! This is the main reason why I wanted her to stay broken up with Geoff in TDA, because after they started dating, her personality changed! And in this season, with her boyfriend not competing, she was pining over Alejandro. And when she was caught, Geoff forgave her almost immediately! WHAT! Ugh! Speaking of cheating, I wish the whole Gwen kissing Duncan (which was great for drama, don't get me wrong) could've been handled a little better. Firstly, even though Cody saved Gwen's bacon, she never thanked him. WTF, Gwen! That was nice. I can't believe Cody still tried to help her after that. Secondly, it kinda sucks cause I liked Gwen and Courtney's friendship. Initially rivals, then friends. But now their mortal enemies again. While good for drama, it's a little sad cause I liked their friendship. And thirdly, the creators wasted several opportunities that they could've used to instill more drama! Like maybe Cody and Courtney developing a friendship over their mutual heartbreaks, with him no longer supporting Gwen, and the two of them forming an alliance against Duncan and Gwen. Along with Sierra getting jealous at Courtney for actually hanging around with Cody instead of just hating Gwen simply because Cody liked her. Come on! That would've been perfect! A great twist if handled properly and bringing in a lot of drama! I could think of other scenarios that would've made this season so much better, but I'd be here for hours. So I'd better move on.

    My views on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island have changed also. By that, I mean it's not nearly as bad as I thought it was and is actually pretty good. Most of the characters grew on me, with Dawn now being one of my favorite characters, I liked the former contestants cameos, and the toxic waste theme for the island brought a sense of danger that I intitally hadn't thought of before. Scott's still a terrible villain though, with the stupidest strategy I had ever heard of. Why would you purposefully sabotage your own teammates to get them eliminated? If he had succeeded he'd of gone up against a whole team by himself. Odds are, he'd of been gone quickly after. Come on, Heather and Alejandro were much smarter than this. I can't even take Scott seriously. Also, Dawn should've lasted much longer than she did! But that's just a nitpick. Season Four was still pretty good. And then we got Season Five, which if combining both All-Stars and Pahkitew Island, was average at best.

    I think All-Stars was great! I was happy that Gwen redeemed herself and reconciled with Courtney, even gaining new friends in Zoey, Mike and Cameron in the finale, Alejandro got out of the robot suit and hooked up with Heather, Duncan had a hilarious storyline of becoming a softie, though trying to prove he's still bad, and Mike's newest personality Mal proved to be a different breed of villain for this show. Mal was actually evil! He did some truly bad things in this season, and I hated him every step of the way. However, I hated the Scott and Courtney shipping! I HATE Scott and LOVE Courtney, so there was no way I was going to support this. Also, this is another nitpick, not really criticism, but I wish more contestants competed in this season. I mean it's called ALL-STARS! Where were Leshawna, Bridgette, Cody, DJ and Dawn, among others? I just wish there were more characters in this. As for Pahkitew Island... This was boooooring! I'm sorry, I just didn't get into this season at all. I liked Shawn and Jasmine (and their relationship), as well as Sky, Sammy, Scarlett and Max, but I didn't like anyone else that much. Though Scarlett's heel turn was a huge surprise. But characters like Dave, Amy and especially Sugar, are among my most hated characters in the show's history. Dave's annoyingly pessimistic, Amy's a total bitch and Sugar... do I even need to go into detail about how unlikable she is?! Also, I hated the challenges. Maybe it's just me but I thought these ones were lazy for the most part, totally different from the past five seasons'. Pahkitew Island was just not very good. Not as bad as World Tour, but still boring as hell.

    So yeah, those are my views on each season. While the show does have some gross humor, it has more genuine humor going for it. Even though the characters are all stereotypes, it's a parody of reality shows, so they kinda have to be. And at least most of them are likable. I think this show is pretty amazing, despite a horrible World Tour and a boring Pahkitew Island. Its funny, and dramatic in many places, the challenges are pretty well thought out, the romances can be sweet and there are so many characters to watch and root for. I would definately recommend watching this show.moreless
  • I love this show

    Its so amazing!
  • Man, it's such an awesome show!

    The funniest parts were: Lindsay's dumbness, the characters barfing, Harold saying "boobies" and Leshawna fighting Heather.

    Characters: Designs are aweschum! The characters I hate are: Heather, Courtney, Alejandro, Eva and Staci.

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