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Total Drama Island

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This animated take on the reality genre sees twenty-two teens competing in physical challenges in a dilapidated summer camp setting over a sixty day period. Season Two sees the name of the show change to Total Drama Action with fourteen teens competing in movie related challenges on a run down movie studio lot. In the third season, which has been titled Total Drama - World Tour, fifteen contestants - including brand new characters - travelled the world and burst into spontaneous every episode. The fifth season, titled Revenge ofthe Island, had an all new cast return to the island featured in the inaugural season.

Theme Song: Dear mom and dad, I'm doin' fine... You guys are on my mind... You ask me what I wanted to be And now I think the answer's plain to see... I wanna be...FAMOUS... I wanna live close to the sun... Well pack your bags 'cause I've already won... Everything to prove, nothing in my way... I'll get there one dayyy... 'Cause I wanna be famous! Nah nah nah-nah nah nahhh... Nah-nah-nah nah nahhh na-nah-nah nah nah nahhhh... I wanna be... I wanna be... I wanna be famous... I wanna be... I wanna be... I wanna be famous! Doo doo-doo doo... Doo doo-doo-doo doo doooo...


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AIRED ON 12/3/2013

Season 5 : Episode 13

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Fan Reviews (209)

  • One of the only decent Canadian shows ever.

    This show was pretty good. Unfortunately, when the third season came aboard, that's when the Total Drama series slipped in quality. From the subsequent seasons, the creators did not learn from this. The first two seasons were pretty good, of course, for Canadian TV. I watched Revenge of the Island, and it sucked. So did All Stars. Why was Owen only in ONE EPISODE??? This was a disappointment since he was one of my favorite characters. Despite those facts, I recommend the first 2 seasons.moreless
  • This is a pretty awesome parody of reality shows

    This show is such an obvious spoof on Survivor, The Amazing Race, and other challenge-related reality shows its not even funny. But I like it. It's a really great show. Its so far the only show on Cartoon Network that is really good, and its not even a CN original. The vast majority of the characters are cool, even the bad guys. Bridgette, Cody, Owen, Izzy, Lindsay, Harold, Noah, Dawn, Leshawna, DJ, Gwen and Courtney are all my favorites. But as cool as most of them are, its pretty obvious that all of the characters are based off some kind of stereotype. Such as Owen being the fat guy who loves to eat, Duncan being the juvenile delinquent, and Heather being the mean girl. But to be fair, at least they go through some development.

    The show as a whole is good. Total Drama Island was definately the best season. Total Drama Action was good, but it didn't get really good till Courtney debuted. Total Drama World Tour was... okay. Alejandro was a really good villain, most of the locations they went to were cool, and Cody finally went through some development. Then Blaineley started competing, and even if it was only for two episodes, the season just started going downhill after that. Also, I didn't like that Geoff and Bridgette are still a couple, I hated Sierra and Ezekiel, and the finale was just horrible.

    Total Drama: Revenge of The Island was awful. I didn't mind a new cast for the season, but the new characters they made, I only liked half of them (Dawn, Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Jo, Sam and Brick). Scott, the antagonist for this season, had one of the stupidest strategies I'd ever heard of. Why would you purposefully get all of your teammates eliminated so you can go up against a whole team by yourself? Odds are, if he had succeeded, he'd of lost quickly and gotten himself eliminated. At least Heather and Alejandro were both smart and evil. The whole season in my mind was just badly executed.

    But thank god, the fifth season more than made up for it. Total Drama All-Stars was really, really good in my mind. Not as good as the first season, but MUCH better than the last two. It was good to see the creators redeem Gwen's character. Not only did she dump Duncan, but she and Courtney actually made up! And that's not all. A lot of other great stuff happened in this fifth season. Alejandro finally got out of the robot suit, he and Heather hooked up, Duncan got arrested, and we had a very good villain in Mike's long-lost personality Mal. Thankfully though, Mike vanquished him, and was able to save his relationship with Zoey by the end of the show. If there's one thing that I didn't like about the new season, it would be that stupid plotline involving Courtney and Scott. NO way did I want to see Courtney end up with him. Thank god it didn't happen.

    So, even though some of the humor is gross humor, even though the majority of the show's eliminations can be predictable, and even though the fourth season was terrible, I think this show is pretty amazing. Its funny, and dramatic in some places. The challenges are pretty well thought out. And there are so many characters to watch and root for. I would definately recommend watching this show.moreless
  • Sadley, it is an annoying sociology portrayal

    On Total Drama, you have 22 contestants who are all from diffrent backgrounds. However, they all seem like stereotypes and no matter what they do to look diffrent, I say it is too late as the first impression has already been made. The characters are also unlikeable. Owen is always eating and farting and useless in challenges. Had he been on the real Survivor, he would have ben cut first. The show also makes a big deal over good and evil, escpecially in All Stars. The characters are being judged on kindness instead of skill and when they vote out someone who barley won the challenge, it makes them look like idiots. Heather fits this example as she keeps getting targeted for being mean. Plus, in the All Star season, the teams were stereotypes. The Heros doing all so well and the villians being too self centred to know what hit them. If any of these competitors went on Survivor, I`d doubt they`d last long.moreless
  • One of the best animated shows I've ever seen

    This show brings an original view to a parody that I have never seen before. I am 21, and even though this is a show that was made originally for preteens, it is a show that watches reality shows or someone who loves comedies. It also has great and original characters who are each given their own quirks and qualities. My two favorite characters in this show, Mike and Gwen, personify the highlights that this show brings to the highest level.moreless
  • The Only Canadian Cartoon I Am A Fan Of

    I love the Total Drama franchise. While it is done in Adobe Flash, the show itself is well done. Every single character on the show has their own personality such as Gwen's gothic appearance but good nature, Duncan's rebellious nature, Courtney's perfectionism, Heather's ego, Dj being the gentle giant, and Bridget's kind heart. The relationships are among the best reasons to watch the show and I love watching AMVs about the couples. Out of all the Canadian shows that air on Cartoon Network, this is the only truly great one.

    In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, new characters were added and they themselves got their own personalities that differ from the original cast, showing that this show had a staff was really putting in some effort.

    Each challenge faced was rarely done twice and further shows effort done with the show.moreless

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