Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 5

3:10 To Crazytown

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 2009 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

Chris recounts the events of Beach Blanket Bogus and wonders if the Grips stand a chance at winning with only eleven cast members remaining. It is a very hot day on the set and the cast mates are seeking shade with Harold remarking in a confessional that the heat is causing him to lose his mojo and mad skills. Gwen swears she's getting a cold with Trent offering her a drink and continuing to show his obsession with the number nine. Chris arrives and tells the cast that this week, there will be a western theme to challenge and the cast should meet him at high noon. At a western building set, Chris tells the cast that westerns traditionally have heroes and villains in them. With that in mind, the first challenge will involve saddle practice though Chris is less than impressed with the horse Chef got for it. With the horse standing in the center of a bullseye painted on the ground, Chris explains that the teams will jump, one at a time, from a diving board high off the ground and attempt to land on the saddle on the horse. The Gaffers go first and Gwen pretends she is sick but goes up, falls off and lands awkwardly to score a point. Trent goes next and misses completely. Harold successfully jumps for the Gaffers but winds up in pain as Duncan lands on top of him moments later. Owen goes next and the horse tries to avoid him when he lands. However, Owen chases after him and succeeds in scoring a point for his team. DJ goes next and the wind carries him into the electrical wires off screen, prompting Chris to read a statement stating the producers care about the welfare of the cast. Justin tries to beg out of the challenge citing his modeling contract and succeeds. Beth and Lindsay go next together and succeed and tie the score. Heather and LeShawna head up the ladder next and exchange barbs all the way up. They both fall off and miss and land on a nearby weather vane though LeShawna manages to get free. With the score deadlocked, the teams head off for the next challenge and leave Heather still hanging from the weather vane high off the ground. Chris says the next challenge will involve a gun fight and the teams will pick their best cowboys to take part. However, Chris sees that the water set aside for the water guns has all been drunk by Owen and says the new challenge will be calf roping with the Grips as the cowboys and the Gaffers as the calves and wear udders to distinguish themselves from the cowboys. Chris relates whichever team does best in catching or evading as judged by Chef wins. The challenge begins with Beth lassoing Heather and Justin catching DJ. Lindsay misses LeShawna and Trent tries to throw the challenge deliberately by throwing his rope to the ground. The Gaffers find rope for themselves and turn the tables on the Grips and win the challenge. The cast head off to wash up in a barrel even as Trent continues to show signs of his Gwen obsession. Gwen breaks up with Trent as she says things aren't working and can't handle Trent throwing challenges for her. Justin overhears them talking and tells the rest of the Grips, who confront Gwen and she admits it's true. Gwen says they would be doing her a favour if they vote Trent off but Justin says Gwen owes them one nonetheless. At the Gilded Chris ceremony, the Grips vote out Trent with Trent wanting to say good-bye to Gwen even as he is loaded into the lame-o-sine, with Chris and Gwen watching on nearby monitors.
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