Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 5

3:10 To Crazytown

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 2009 on TELETOON

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  • Trent and Gwen find out the hard way just how hard it can be to pay a price for a tragic human mistake when it comes to love in this special 444 word review! :idea:

    For all of the contestants, there's one brutal element that even Chris isn't capable of really creating: the heat! It is H.O.T. hot! On the set of "Total Drama Action," and everyone is feeling it! Harold is losing even more of his mojo than usual, Chef is getting angrier even more than usual, Duncan is bullying Harold even worse than usual, Heather is getting karma payback even worse than usual, and LaShawna's hairdo has even puffed out into an afro because of the humidity! :lol: But the biggest problem is Trent has gone on too far with his obsession with Gwen, and Gwen has had enough! That, plus the fact that the Screaming Gaffers and the Killer Grips both have to participate in a Western-themed challenge isn't going to help matters! First, the campers have to jump 100 feet from a diving board onto a 2nd-rate horse. I know it's wrong, but I find it So funny D.J. can't even jump onto a horse without getting terribly hurt! :!: (Gwen: "Aren't you going to help D.J. get out of those power lines?" Chris: "Oh I will, eventually!") :D But Gwen, Harold, Duncan, Lindsay, Beth, and even Owen (even though Owen actually didn't land on the horse because the horse moved out of the way) is given a point for landing on the horse since the horse wasn't supposed to move out of the way. Secondly, the campers Were supposed to do an old-fashioned shoot-out, but Owen prevented a blood-bath from happening due to his incredible need to quench his thirst with water pistols. So the final part of the challenge is cattle round-up. But it's actually the cattle who do the rounding up! The Killer Grips lose yet again and are really sucking as a team! Gwen has to tell Trent that A. She doesn't want Trent throwing challenges for her and B. Trent's weirdness has become too much for Gwen to take. Gwen makes the worst mistake of her life by dumping Trent. Justin is all too eager to take advantage of the situation by claiming that Gwen was cheating with Trent in order to get to the Final Two. Gwen says that she had nothing to do with Trent's actions and even dumped him to snap Trent back to normal. But Justin wants proof from Gwen that's shes being honest. Gwen walks right into Justin's trap and tells the Killer Grips to vote Trent off, thinking it would be beneficial for both teams if that happened. Let's just hope That decision doesn't come to bite back Gwen say, in about 2 more episodes! :idea: This show is dramatic! :) Enough said! ;)