Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 5

3:10 To Crazytown

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 2009 on TELETOON

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  • This episode was okay, but got out of hand near the end. Think of it, bathing in the barrel, seperating from your friends, betrayal, backstabbing your boyfriend, and mental team captain. Carry on

    It's a very hot and sunny day for the Total Drama contestants. It is very hard to cool down. Out of nowhere, Chris comes in donning a cowboy costume and shoots his gun. He announces the next challenge, a Western movie genre. First task is similar to the very first episode of Total Drama Island, jumping off a very tall platform onto a very cheap horse. Gaffers are the first ones to go because they won last time, and Chris said so. Gwen is the first one to jump, but succeeds in a painful landing, even though girls don't have groins. Instead of going into detail of the challenge, Gwen, Harold, and Duncan scored for the Gaffers while Beth and Lindsay (jumped together) and Owen (cheated) scored for the Grips. LeShawna and Heather decided to break the tie, but being stuck to a weather vane led the challenge into a tiebreaker. It was originally gonna be a water-gun showdown but Owen (The Grips' target) drank all the water. Chris had to call a new challenge, a cattle roping contest. Trent decides to rope Gwen, but fails when he fakes his excuse. Gwen does not want to win Season 2 by cheating. The Gaffers find rope and decide to rope the Killer Grips, putting them in the winner's circle.

    While everyone is bathing in a small barrel, Gwen goes check on Trent, who is showering in the Bathrooms from Season 1. Gwen tells Trent that he's a great guy and their strtegy isn't working. In that process, she dumps Trent. Justin, out of nowhere, hears the conversation and berates Gwen in front of his own teammates because of Trent's cheating. The Killer Grips never won with him due to helping Gwen. Gwen tries to tells the Grips that she wasn't involved with Trent's cheating, but Justin claims that she's a liar. He tells them that this is a strategy that they're doing in order to go to the Final Two. In a desperate attempt that she's innocent, Justin tells Gwen to tell his team to vote off their horrible cheating captain, Trent. Justin angrily insists that Gwen owes them.

    At the ceremony, Trent sucessfully gets voted off without a goodbye. From Chris' camera room, Gwen was called in to feel bad by Chris. As for Gwen, it worked. It was suggested that Owen was gonna be voted off for ruining the tiebreaker by drinking the ammunition.
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