Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 21

African Lying Society

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 2011 on TELETOON
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African Lying Society
As the contestants fly to the next destination, the fallout from the previous departures leads to expressions of regret and shifting emotions.

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  • Sierra: Take your stinking hands of him you darn dirty ape!


    Song: Wake Up! (sung by everyone sans Cody, who was in a grggy-state and kidnapped by baboons. The contestants sing about how they still have some limbs asleep)

    Challenge: Sock-et to Me (if I recall well, the contestants had to carry berries from the A point to the B point, doging the soccer balls, kicked by the others, and then try to destroy a gourd with the berries. They got tranq berries for the next challenge. It was very funny that Sierra used Cody as a human shield in the soccer part) African Safari (catch Zeke, who is now a feral creature. Al won, and took Cody to frist-class).

    Eliminated: Duncan (because of two votes, and fortuntely, he was annoying he, as we knew he wouldn't win, as he won last season, he should have left earlier)

    Side-Stuff: Zeke Watch: the whole focus of the 2nd challenge, he is now Gollum-alike. Cody almost wasn't in the episode as the was sedated by the love-me tea, and was later kidnapped by baboons. Sierra's "Planet of the Apes" reference made it worth it. Chef had to waer a penatly-parka bacause of the Blaineley alliance fiasco. Zeke managed to get back on the plane though. Bottom Line - Great, can't wait for Rapa Nui! 9/10moreless
  • I share my thoughts on this most excellent episode of "Total Drama Action!" :D

    Does anybody else besides me think that Ezekiel now looks like death warmed over twice?! :shock: That would be death warmed over...warmed over! Glad to see that all the dead weight (namely Duncan!) is now off of the plane and out of the game, but is Sierra ever TRULY going to get her man to love him? :question: And what will become of Alejandro now that he has betrayed Heather in his deal making? :idea: Let's hope THAT idea doesn't come back to bite him in the butt, say, in about...five episodes or so from now! :D That's all I wanted to say with this comment! 8) Enough said! ;)moreless
  • The final 5 battle it out in Africa.

    Sierra is like way too obsessive. As always, but alot in this episode. She like beat up three sharped teeth monkeys, just to save him. That was sweet, but kind of stalkerish. She still thinks they're are married. Legally they are not. It was soo funny, when Cody had to keep taking, all of her hits. Espically, with soccerballs. I hated the song. And the fact that Duncan gets voted off. That's why I give this episode a 9.5, Gwen, Duncan, Trent, and Heather are my favorite characters. Now only Heather is left, for my top 5. The Al and Heather moments, were soo cute. They deny it now, but they are soo like eachother. Even Chris knows it. By the way, Zeke is in this episode. He looks really sick and scary. He's green. Still. I loveed that he was in this episode. I've been spotting him this whole season. Too bad he's not a contestant. But he still manages to stay on the plane. The tranqualizers, were a nice touch. They were required, in order to catch Ezkiel and win. The part where Alejandro and Heather, tricked then tripped Duncan, was soo sneaky. Heather note dhow he was still in the game, after Gwen left, wasn't his best move. Then Alejandro trips him, into a berry bush. Ha ha. Zeke, in the water coming towardes Duncan, reminded me of the movie jaws, except it was Zeke. Ha Ha. Iam just sad that Duncan got eliminated. But overall great episode.moreless

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