Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 22

After The Dock Of Shame

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 2007 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • This is the first episode where you do not see Owen, Gwen, Heather and Duncan other then the recap.

    • When the campers are deciding who to vote off, Ezekiel can be seen with sunglasses on next to Izzy. However, when Izzy yells out to tell the other campers not to vote for LeShawna, his sunglasses are gone.

    • When Chris leaves the camp, his jet-ski is red. However, when he gets to Playa Des Losers, his jet-ski is purple.

    • Lindsay calls LeShawna "LaFawnduh" in this episode, which she has not used since Not So Happy Campers - Part 2.

    • Chris is the only one seen in the confessional in this episode.

    • When Izzy finds that her bathing suit is off, she says, "Oh crap!". But when this aired on the Cartoon Network, she says, "Oh no!" instead.

    • In the Teletoon airing, when Lindsay found out she was on a magazine, she said "Maybe if I get an eating disorder, or my boobs done, I'll get on the cover!". However, in the Cartoon Network airing, it was changed to "Maybe if I get an acting coach or my hair and nails done, I'll get on the cover!"

    • Trent says "Can you believe this place is right around the corner from that crappy camp ground?" but in the Cartoon Network version he says "Can you believe this place is right around the corner from that lameo camp ground?".

    • When the campers cluster around Courtney, Katie is wearing her normal clothes rather then her swimsuit.

    • This marks the first time that Chris doesn't recap the previous episode.

    • When this episode aired on the Cartoon Network, Trent's line "Poor sucker" when Courtney finds Harold is changed to "Little guy".

    • Ezekiel was with Geoff and Bridgette in the hot tub when Trent gave Harold food while Harold was hiding, Ezekiel was sitting next to Trent but was never shown leaving from the hot tub to the seats.

    • Goof: During the flashback of Owen belching the alphabet, he ends the alphabet with the American "Zee", even in the Canadian version of the show but in the original episode Not Quite Famous, Owen used the Canadian "Zed".

    • When Chris is introducing the show, in one scene he comes out of a trailer that looks like the one LeShawna won in No Pain, No Game and was supposed to get to keep at the end of the summer, but which Chris blew up with a cannon at the start of Search and Do Not Destroy.

    • Goof: Courtney is shown holding a full glass but the one she throws at Noah is empty.

    • The people that voted for Leshawna are:
      1.) Sadie
      2.) Katie
      3.) Courtney
      4.) Lindsay
      5.) Lindsay again
      6.) Izzy
      7.) A parrot that repeats Leshawna's name
      8.) Trent
      9.) The parrot again
      Except for Katie and Sadie, all of the votes were garnered simply because the camper said Leshawna's name first.

    • When Courtney is saying what she'll do to Harold when she finds him, we hear a musical sting in the background, similar to the screeching violins in Psycho's shower scene.

    • When Trent calls out to Cody if he needs any sunscreen, the close captioning says that Geoff said it.

    • At the beginning of the episode, we are shown what the final five were doing on the island:

      LeShawna is throwing up.
      Heather and Gwen are being chased by a bear.
      Owen is swimming in the lake and gets covered with leeches.
      Duncan is fishing and snags Owen's bathing suit.

    • When Sadie is swimming in the pool, she's in her bare feet. However, when she jumps out of the water after Izzy bites her, she has shoes on.

    • Harold claims that Duncan gave him the underwear sandwich in If You Can't Take The Heat when actually, it was Geoff who gave it to him.

    • We learn that Katie and Sadie are from Toronto, Ontario.

    • When Harold talks about all the mean stuff that Duncan did to him, he says that Duncan hoisted his underwear up a flag pole, but we haven't seen it happen in the past episodes.

    • What the voted off campers are up to since being voted out:
      Beth - Getting a facial
      Cody - Trying to get a tan
      Izzy - Making fun of Noah for kissing Cody
      Justin - Jumping off the diving board
      Lindsay - Dating Tyler
      Noah - Hanging out with Katie and Sadie and complaining about how he was the third person voted off.
      Trent - Rooting for Gwen
      Bridgette - Dating Geoff
      Courtney - Hunting down Harold
      DJ - Taking care of his bunny
      Eva - Lifting weights and bad mouthing Heather
      Ezekiel - Being famous
      Geoff - Dating Bridgette
      Harold - Hiding from Courtney
      Katie - Being friends with Sadie
      Sadie - Being friends with Katie
      Tyler - Dating Lindsay

    • LeShawna's audition: She is shown holding onto her cell phone waiting for the TDI producers to give her a call.

    • Justin, Duncan and LeShawna are the only campers seen with no lines of dialogue. Gwen, Owen, and Tyler have dialogue only in flashbacks shown during the episode.

    • This is the second time that a camper is voted off without a campfire ceremony.

    • Running Gags: Lindsay trying to remember who Tyler is, everyone voting for LeShawna and DJ's bunny getting injured.

    • While he was in the episode briefly, Chef has no lines.

    • We learn that Courtney knows about Harold rigging the votes that led to her elimination.

    • All the campers voted off previously appear in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Lindsay: I learned a lot on the island about my experience with Heather. If you're going to have a friend who makes all your decisions for you, you better make sure they're not a total jerk.

    • Trent: (about Gwen) I hope she's still not ticked about me kissing Heather.
      Izzy: I would be. If you were you and I was her, you'd be totally maimed by now.
      Trent: That's a little harsh.
      Izzy: You kissed her mortal enemy.
      Trent: It wasn't my fault. I was tricked.
      Izzy: Yeah, all guys say that. "My lips did what they wanted, my lips have a mind of their own. Blah, blah, blah, fishcakes, blah, blah, blah, I'm a liar."

    • Courtney: (about LeShawna) I can't say anything bad about her and I excel on saying bad things.

    • Katie: We all know who you want to win.
      Trent: Yeah, Gwen's definitely my choice.
      Courtney: I mean, come on! Yeah, she's smart, but she's not a team player. I was a team should be me.
      Noah: You're lost! Get over it!
      (Courtney throws her glass at Noah's head)

    • Courtney: Who would I like to win? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'd have to pick Duncan, but don't tell the others though, ok?
      Izzy: Oh, we already know. You were all over him!
      Noah: My golden lab drools less over a steak.

    • Lindsay: Relax, I'm not gonna vote for LeShawna.
      (bell sounds to indicate a vote for LeShawna)

    • Courtney: I'm filing a lawsuit for wrongful termination. These campers are witnesses!
      Trent: I didn't see anything.
      DJ: You got me.
      Noah : I must have missed that episode.
      Katie: What is she talking about?
      Eva: Didn't see it, don't care.
      Courtney You all know what happened! I was unfairly kicked off!
      Ezekiel: Give her a break already, eh! I was voted off in the first...(Courtney hits him)
      Lindsay: You just would've gotten voted off in another episode. Nobody really liked you that much.
      Courtney: That's not true! Everybody likes me! I used to be a C.I.T.!

    • Lindsay: (about Duncan) I think he's cruel. Anyone who treats deer and trees that badly is not a friend to deer and trees!

    • Izzy: Just throwing a few strips on the barbie. That means you, Noah!

    • Eva: Heather is an evil, manipulative little shrew! It's all her fault that I'm here! The only good thing about this place is that I've gotten better in my Anger Management sessions.
      Lindsay: Are you Tyler?
      (Eva throws a steak on Lindsay's face)

    • DJ: I don't think anyone's giving Duncan enough credit; he woke up from a monster nap and helped us win the dodge ball challenge.
      Geoff: O.K., that's true. That was some sick prison strategy he pulled out of his butt.
      Eva: He had all five of you wailing on one opponent at the same time. I like his style.

    • Harold: You're just voting off my girlfriend to spite me! (starts cat-fighting with Courtney)
      Courtney: Ohhh! Get off of me, you big geek!
      (they fall in the pool)
      Noah: Hehehe...excellent.

    • (a coconut falls on Courtney's head)
      Courtney: This is a coconut; we're in Muskoka, people. If you're going to drop props on my head, at least make them geographically correct!
      (a pile of snow, a sled, and a small man dressed for cold weather fall on Courtney)

    • Izzy:Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.
      (Katie, Lindsay, Sadie, Trent and Noah look at Izzy who is simply standing in the pool instead of leaving)
      Izzy: Ah...
      (Katie, Sadie, Trent, and Noah scream and lift their feet out of the water)
      Trent: Ew, Izzy!
      Lindsay: That is so gross!
      Izzy: What? It's chlorinated! Sheesh! (dives back into the water)

    • Izzy: Well, I think Heather is a total psycho.

    • Lindsay: Guess what? My sister sent me a letter saying that I'm on the cover of "Star Stalker" magazine.
      Noah: Wow, congratulations. You just peeked. It's all downhill from here. (rolls eyes)
      Lindsay:Maybe if I get an eating disorder, or my boobs done, I'll get on the cover!

    • Sadie: Something bit me.
      Katie: Was it a shark?
      Noah: Sharks don't swim in chloranated water brainiac.
      Sadie: Noah's right. Besides, I think I saw the sharks getting facials.

    • Izzy: Look, somebody's bathing suit.
      Katie: Uh, I think that's your's Izzy.
      Izzy: (looks under the water) Oh, crap, it is!

    • Harold: Hey Trent, throw me some baloney.
      (Trent throws him a huge slab of baloney)
      Ezekiel: Why are you helping him? He's a traitor, eh.
      Trent: Yeah, but he doesn't deserve to starve to death.

    • Harold: Duncan. I hate that guy. He made me pee my pants. He drew on my face with a marker. He strung my underwear up a flag pole and put hot sauce in them and then fed them to me in an underwear sandwich.

    • Noah: Did I get anything out of this experience? No, it was completely and totally uneventful.
      Izzy: He kissed a guy.
      Noah: No, I didn't!
      Izzy: Yes, you did!
      Noah: Didn't!
      Izzy: Did...
      Noah: Did. Not!
      Izzy: (says 'did' many times in singing tune)
      Trent: (clears throat) I can break this tie. He totally did.
      (flashbacks to when Noah kissed Cody's ear in 'The Big Sleep')
      Noah: I have no comment.

    • Cody: I'd vote for Gwen.
      Lindsay: But she rejected you on national TV for someone cooler, hunkier, and more stylish.
      Cody: Thanks for pointing that out, Lindsay. Gwen is my dream girl. I'm just not her dream guy but hey, as long as she's happy I'm happy.
      Trent: That's really cool, dude.

    • Katie: Hey, wait. If we all hate Heather so much, how'd she make it to the top five?
      Eva: (from a distance) Because she's a conniving little witch, that's why!

    • Eva: Heather is a conniving little witch! She can kiss my butt! It's her fault I'm here. When I find her, I'm gonna make her pay.
      Chris: Nice, Eva. Now, tell our viewers what you really think.
      Eva: I just did.

    • Courtney: You'll vote for Duncan, right?
      Harold: Why would I do that?
      Courtney: Because if you don't, I'll post all your mushy love letters to LeShawna all over the internet.

    • Lindsay: Let's talk about Lewanda.
      Everyone else: LESHAWNA!

    • Lindsay: I love being a loser, this is soooo much my style. If I knew about how this cool this place was, I would had got my butt kicked out in the first episode. Plus, Tyler and I get to hang out! (kisses Tyler) Wait, which one is Tyler?

    • Izzy: Nobody say 'LeShawna'! (dinging sound) (covers mouth with hands)

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