Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 6

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 2010 on TELETOON

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  • Blainley is back! And gone again too!

    TDWT Aftermath!

    Songs: How'd you get so Hot? (sung by Harold, Trent and Justin as a Drama Brothers reunion with Cody replaced by Sascuatchanakwa) and I'm Sorry (sung by Bridgette trying to apologize to Geoff for kissing Alejandro).

    Inverviewees: Harold (did a quick video and he got mad after he was very prominent in the past seasons and blainley did a mashup of him annoying all the campers back in TDI, and made him sing a song) Bridgette (she sang a song, but Geoff wasn't ocnvinced and Blainley made them box in a new segment called Total Smackdown were they made-up).

    Segments: Harold and Bridgette's recaps (Harold's I already mention and Bridgette consisted of her saying she had a boyfriend multiple times), Truth of Anvil (and hammer and piano and safe and tractor, to Geoff by Blainley if he was happy about his situation with Bridg), That's Gonna Leave a Mark! (Alejandro smashed his face with a pipe, Tyler tripped on an icicle and the panda stamped DJ's face), Geoff's super special clip (Izzy and Chef fighting in Egypt) and Total Drama Fugitives (showed Duncan sightings in Europe and Zeke's sightng in the TDJJet).

    Plus...: Eva interviewing a scottish guy and a janitor and her attempting to sign off the show singning, Blainiley got crazy, and Harold!

    Bottom line: Pretty good Aftermath 9/10