Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 24

Aftermath: Hawaiian Style

Aired Unknown Mar 20, 2011 on TELETOON

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    Aftermath on Hawaii!

    Song:Who You Gonna Root For? (sang by Brigette & Geoff until Harold & courtney came in) I'm Winning This (sang by Courtney, Owen & Harold during the surfing Courtney won).

    Challenge: Each character chose who they wanted to win TDWT, one form each team had to go thorugh a seires of challenges to make sure their contestant got an advantage on the finale. Harold went ofr Cody, Courtney for Al, and Blainetly for Heather (owen helped her). They surf and put a lai on an animal. Courntey won. Eliminated: Noone. It's an aftermath.

    Side-Stuff: Damn Bruno wants to kill Geoff! The song was awesome. Everything else was average TD. 8.5/10.
  • Well Done.

    The aftermath is set in Hawaii! Bridgette finally comes back, with her new friend, the bear she helped in Siberia. Everytime Geof tries to give her a hug or goes near her, the bear hurts Geof. That was a bit unexpected. Duncaan, Courtney, and Owen are brought to add to the peanut gallery. Once again, Geof or Bridgette, didn't interview the about their time on Total Drama World Tour. I thought that was mainly what the aftermath was for. But, I still liked the episode. Great challenge. I loved how one member from the teams chose an animal that best represents the final three. Heather a doberman, Alejandro a jaguar, and Cody a deer. I guess that actually would make sense. Courtney winning the challenge, was no shocker. She was up against Harold and Owen (Owen had to do the chalenge for an injured Blainley.) I thiught the bear getting challenge was so sweet. The songs were good. I liked Harold's rap and how Courtney tried to sing in his song, but was cut off by Geof. The other song, was great to. I can't wait to see who will win the one million dollars! Cody, Heather, or Alejandro.