Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 12

Aftermath: Revenge Of The Telethon

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 2010 on TELETOON

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  • ♫♪Give us cash or this show dies!♫♪


    Song: Save this Show (sung by Bridgette and Geoff ala We are the World, saying reasons baout why they need the cash) Sisters (Leshawna mad about ALejandro blah blah blah)

    Challenge: Get 1.000.000 dollars to refuel the plane and repair the studio. (Which Blainely destoryed relasing rabid-animals and Izzy made a bomb explode).

    Segments: Total Drama Fugitives (Ezekiel was spotted on the cargo eating a rat. CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY and Duncan was spotted on Texas disguised as Elvis Presley and on Pisa as a da-vinci code monk tripping another) Brain-Blast (Roll Izzy on a fortunewheel and make her answer questions) DJ's Wild World of Animals (Consisted of DJ getting mauled by animals)

    Side-stuff: Lindsay has a whole lot of lipgloss!!! Izzy now wants to be called "Brainzilla" and a segment called Brain-Blast, but the wheel fell and she is nuts again! Harold extorsioned his own mom into donating. Blainley was there too. Bottom Line: Good Aftermath, not as best as the first one, problably becuase the had to put 4 guests ( LeShawna, Lindsay, DJ and Brainzilla) plus the typical segments (TDF) and the Telethon-y stuff. A solid 9 though