Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 8

Am-AH-zon Race

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 2010 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

While sleeping on the plane, Owen wakes up from a nightmare and winds up accidentally whacking Alejandro in the eye. Alejandro is given an eye patch because of this and now Owen tries to think of ways to show him that he's sorry.

DJ is seen feeling bad for voting off LeShawna and starts to think that they will never win, but Lindsay tells him that she believes that today is the day they will win.

In first class, Sierra is seen typing on her blog using her own computer, which is actually a pizza box with a picture of a buffed Cody holding Sierra on it, while Heather looks over her broken tooth and black eye that LeShawna gave her during the last challenge.

Chris then announces that they are heading to their next destination, the Amazon. Gwen thinks that her team might win since they're called Team Amazon, but Sierra believes that Gwen has jinxed them because she thinks that when a team is confident about winning the challenge, they wind up losing.

When the contestants arrive in the Amazon rainforest, Chris explains their challenge. The teams are to hike through the rainforest, all the way to Macho Pinchu and find a golden treasure. Chris also warns the teams about the Zing-Zings, a native tribe that lives in the rainforest and are very territorial. Cody mentions his deadly allergies to bug bites and Chris offers him an epipen. Chris also hands the teams walkie talkies in case of emergencies.

As the race begins, the teams get caught in a fork in the road. While Team Chris and Team Victory go left, Team Amazon goes right.

Team Victory makes it to the next part of the challenge, zip line above pirahna infested waters. DJ and Lindsay succesfully get across the water. When Team Chris arrive, they realize that they have to improvise a way to get down. Alejandro uses his belt and slides down perfectly. Owen goes next and uses his bare hands, which winds up giving him rope burn. Tyler uses his pants, but they catch on fire and he falls in the water and comes out covered with pirhana bites. Izzy then slides down the rope using a knapsack with Noah inside.

Meanwhile, Team Amazon accidentally meets up with the Zing-Zings. Gwen tries to use the walkie talkie to call for help, only to find out that it has no batteries. We then cut to Chef to used all of the batteries for a game boy he's using.

Team Amazon is then tied to a tree by the Zing-Zings. Cody then mentions that they can use the batteries in his flashlight to put in the walkie talkie, but it's in his pocket. Since Gwen is the cloest, she puts her hand in Cody's pocket in search of the flashlight. But she winds up pricking herself on Cody's epipen and Courtney finds the flashlight in Cody's other pocket.

Meanwhile, Team Victory makes it to the half way point and Chris offers them an reward, a box full of bananas. Chris then gets a call on his walkie talkie. It's Gwen, but she's so hyped up thanks to the epipen, Chris can't make out what she's saying.

Just then, the music chime is heard and Team Amazon starts to sing about the mess they are in. As Heather sings, the Zing-Zings notice that she looks like a statue they have and they think that Heather is their god. They soon untie her, give her a throne and replace her broken tooth with a golden one.

As night falls, the two other teams set up camp. In the middle of the night, Lindsay wakes up to the sound of DJ smacking himself, claiming that he is covered with bugs, only to find out that the bugs were really little monkeys. DJ is able to bandege the monkeys up and he and Lindsay try to sneak away, only for the monkeys to wake up due to DJ stepping on a twig and they chase after them. While at Team Chris' camp, the team is soon attacked by giant worms.

In the morning, Team Victory is the first to make it to Machu Pichu and search for the treasure. Team Chris arrives next, but sees that they are missing Owen. Alejandro goes back to try and find him and finds Owen trapped in a giant cocoon made by the worms. Owen claims that Alejandro saw the whole thing and did nothing to help him. But Alejandro denies all of this, hinting that he did it on purpose to get back at Owen for giving him the black eye.

The two arrive back at Machu Pincu and look for the treasure. Owen and Tyler find a blue diamond and think it is the treasure until Chris reminds them that the treasure is golden. DJ and Lindsay arrive with the actual treasure, making Team Victory the winners. Owen then starts to wonder what the diamons he found is for and at that moment the sunlight refects off the diamond, causing Machu Pichu to be destroyed.

Back where Team Amazon is being held captive, Chef arrives to free them. He tells them that they have lost the challenge and they soon find out that the Zing-Zings were actually just actors.

At the elmination ceremony, Chris decides to show the team's votes on video just for fun. We are shown that Courtney, Gwen and Sierra all voted for Heather while Heather voted for Gwen. Sierra is then shocked and heart broken when she sees that Cody voted for her. Chris then announces that what they did wasn't a real elimination ceremony and that Heater is safe. In the confessional, Heather says that she is going to make her team pay for voting for her.