Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 8

Am-AH-zon Race

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 2010 on TELETOON

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  • Have the writers of this show run out of ideas? Seriously!Gwen as the fall guy,an eliminated character brought back later (Duncan),the elimination order sucking and making no sense while Heather get's perks,Dj cries and Owen is almost completely useless

    Have the writers of this show run out of ideas? Seriously! Gwen being the fall guy, an eliminated character being brought back later (Duncan), the elimination order sucking and making no sense while Heather get's perks, Dj cries and Owen is almost completely useless....I'm getting a flash back of all the screw ups from seasons 1 and 2. Team Victory was constantly on the chopping block and now theres only 2 members left but whenever a chance to vote off another teams player comes it turns around to be a reward challenge! FYI, that's not fun to watch, it's agrivating. Maybe it would be better to just read ahead to see who wins before the episode premires so we'll know if we should bother watching or not.
  • Sierra finds out the horrible but obvious truth: Cody can't stand her!!!

    The Amazon/Macchu Picchu

    song: In this Mess (Chris made team Amazon sing after he learned they where caught by the Zing.Zings, and made heather sing a solo in the end. Gwen had a fun but creppy rap solo). courtney didn't sing and even though Chris said All Amazon had to sing Courtney wasn't eliminated.

    Challenge: The Am-AH-Zon Race. U need to get to Macchu Picchu and then look for the golden treasure. (Lindsay and DJ won fist class and Lindsay invinted Tyler over to first class)

    Eliminated: Heather..oh wait! Turns out is not a reward nor elimination challenge. Heather sweared revenge to her team.

    Side-stuff: Okay so pretty much happen here. First, Alejandro tricked Owen into thinking he is his only "true" friend, and Sierra found out, after the team saw their votes, that Cody can't stand her, and got confused and depressed, and cody was concered about her. Gwen got all hyper after acciendtally getting stuck by cody's epipen, and saw hiim naked, Izzy was all crazy and went down the zipline carrying Noahg on her backpack. Funny dialogue in the walkietalkie segment. Dj hurt lots of little monkeys and Chef plays Pac-Man!!!!! cody is allergic to most bugs.

    Bottom Line: Good, lots of crucial stuff, but hopes for Paris episode to be better. 9/10