Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 23

Awww, Drumheller

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2011 on TELETOON

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  • Chris: MY PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Destination: Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.

    Challenge: Design-A-Saur it (every contestant had to create a dinasour, and then says which of the 4 they like the most with a lie detector. Sierra won this one) Digging for Barrels (search for oil barrels, Sierra own too, she got invincibitly)

    Eliminated: Sierra. (Before Alejandro could have been voted off, Sierra was gonna give Cody a ckae, and the sparks form the candles fell on the oil and the plance exploded. Chris expelled her).

    Side-Stuff: Zeke was seen leaving with the animals beofre the plane exploded. Cody & Sierra finally became best firends (Cody warmed up to her after hse rmemebered his bday). Heahter also used Alejandro to win and was gonna vote him off. And great background stuff with Chef & Chris being thrown with the boulder. Overall: Great episode. The bonding between Sierra & cody was enough to make it a 10 for me. the ending also sure was a shocker. 10/10.
  • Great episode, with a shocking ending.

    Sneaky Alejandro, printed a picture of Heather and Cody together, sleeping on economy class. Hoping to get Heather eliminated, with Sierra's help. It was working until Cody pointed out how she never leaves him by himself, except in the bathroom was soo funny. By the way, it was Cody's birthday. Only Sierra knew though. Even Cody forgot. It was sad. What was even sadder, was that Cody revealed that last year, his own parents forgot his birthday. I was soo sad. What person forgets thier sons' birthday. Isn't his mom a therapist or psychologist. She should know how emotional hurt, he would be. Anyways, I thought that Alejandro had the best dinosaur. It was a real dinosaur, that he created. Heather having a secret glitter collection was a bit shocking. When Alejandro was possibly, going to be eliminated, and Sierra destroyed the plane, Chris yelled at her that she was eliminated for destroying the plane. Heather sneaks off to burn the elimination passports. Alejandro takes them out the fire, and it was revealed that Heather, had voted him off. He said she was going to regret doing so. Then Chris sighs off the show crying. That was the second saddest part of the episode. Even though what happened, I thought the birthday cake was sweet. Cody actually likes Sierra now, and she has to leave. Cody probably, doesn't like Sierra in her stalkerish way, but he was warming up to her! I can't wait until the next episode. Now it's just Cody, Heather, and Alejandro. Overall, I loved the episode. Oh and the song one of my favorites. Like number four. Alejandro's voice, was soo great. A singin duo between him andHeather, how he caused Bridgette, Leshawana, and Courtney's eliminations. It was a great episode.