Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 12

Basic Straining

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 2007 on TELETOON
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Basic Straining
Chef Hatchet makes the teams go through several difficult obstacles designed to make people quit. Another camper is voted off the island.

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  • A nice ending

    I for one cannot stand either Courtny or Duncan, a pair of evil if there ever was one. And Geoff is really out of character in this one, he's a real jerk here. Harold to me, along with Gwen are the most likeable characters, so I am glad Harold finaly had revenge for all the stuff Duncan put him through. The episode it's self is okay, but the ending is so so so so so so great! We finally get rid of that little tramp Courtny. She is so Annoying! I do not see why people lioke her. Harold Rocks !

    And P.S. notice how Bridgit does not looked shocked that Courtny is voted off, nither does DJ at first, but he does this really fake gasp.moreless
  • cool

    Wow! I am justat a loss for words and can not even tell you how amazing this episode was. Well for starters Chef the main tourturer excellent idea. They only flaw is the focus on Courtney and Duncan that part bores me but not anything else the challenges just splendid and whold watch it 100 times. Harold switching the votes to Courney priceless and her reaction (laugh,laugh,laugh,laugh, and ha-ha) Chris is not shown to much in this ep. One more reason I like this episode is not to much focus on Gwen or Trent I don't like episodes that focus on one charecter.

  • One of the show's best episodes.

    One of the show's best episodes. The episode starts the romance between the characters of Courtney and Duncan; something which people who watch this show may have seen coming as of episode 6. The humor in the episode is pretty good, the plot is well prepared and the dialogue in entertaining. The test which the camper characters are forced to go through are standard (but exagerated) real life military boot camp tests, such as endurance (holding the canoe over their heads for a long time), coordination (dancing along to Michael's Jackson's "Thriller") and agility (The obstacle course). One of the show's best episodes.moreless
  • War Games

    Chef Hatchet, who looks like Sammal L. Jackson on a bad day, got the remanding campers into a series of difficult obstacles in order to make them quit. Some of them succeed, some didn't. the highlight of the episode is the voting off part when Duncan was voted off. Harold was behind the voting because he was sick and tired of being pushed around opver his underwear left out in the open. So, that's why Duncan left the island on the boat of shame. A sad day on the island, I'm getting to like some of the campers, especially Gwen! Go Gwen!moreless
  • Oh the Shame Harold.

    I know that the guys were incredibly mean to Harold but I honestly thought he was a bigger man than that, I mean Harold stooped so low in this episode I could practically hear his scrawny spine snap. Not that I was Courtney's biggest fan, she was the best camper on that team (I feel another losing streak coming on) and I really didn't want her to go now that things between her and Duncan were finally heating up. Now we know for sure that the guys voter Harold off but who did Bridgette vote for, she really didn't seem to care and I thought she and Courtney were friends. Harold did this really make sense you know you're going home next time anyway, you just stayed for more Chef, more Chris and more Duncan.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • Throughout the episode, Duncan's head is the same size as Courtney's. However, during a close up in the Fish House, Duncan's head seems to be much larger than Courtney's.

    • Look Closely: When the Screaming Gophers are lifting Gwen after her victory, Lindsay is in the same outfit she wore in Up the Creek.

    • Though Chef is the one who drives the Boat of Losers in most episodes, he is seen walking away from the boat as it departs from the dock after throwing Courtney into it.

    • Running Gags: Duncan and Geoff pulling pranks on Harold, Duncan agitating Chef Hatchet.

    • Courtney being voted off makes Bridgette the only girl left on the Bass team.

    • When Chris is doing the recap, he never mentions that Sadie was voted off.

    • The scene where Duncan says "This sucks" when Courtney is leaving was replaced with "This stinks" when this episode aired on the Cartoon Network.

    • The order of campers who got marshmallows are:

    • Chef Hatchet says the first time when the campers were holding the boat "25 campers went into the forest that night 5 campers came out". Later, when Duncan and Courtney are stealing food, Chef changes it to "25 campers went into the forest that night 25 campers came out".

    • In this episode Duncan gives Harold grease and says its apple juice. However, in Who Can You Trust?, Harold claims he is allergic to apples.

    • Duncan "The Criminal" and Courtney "The Princess" have a relationship that is similar to "The Breakfast Club" movie relationship between John Bender "The Criminal" (Jude Nelson) and Claire Standish "The Princess" (Molly Ringwald).

    • This marks the seventh loss for the Killer Bass team.

    • Chef Hatchet is seen to have an anchor tattoo on his left arm.

    • Bridgette is not seen with the other campers during the obstacle course challenge on. However, she was not eliminated in any of the preceding challenges.

    • Lindsay is seen dancing on the dock with the other campers during the second part of the challenge. However, she was eliminated in the first challenge.

    • Here were the challenges the campers had to do :
      1. Hold a canoe over their heads.
      2. Write a 300 word essay on how much you love Chef Hatchet.
      3. Dance.
      4. Do an obstacle course.
      5. Hang upside down in a tree.

    • The campers in the confessional for this episode were Courtney, Duncan, Geoff and Harold.

    • The final marshmallow went to Harold for a second time in a row.

    • Here are the pranks that the guys pull on Harold in this episode:

      1. They made s'mores out of his underwear.
      2. They gave him a wedgie with a fishing pole.
      3. They gave him a glass of kitchen grease and told him it was apple juice.
      4. They made a smiley face out of peanut butter on his bed.

    • If you watch closely, when Courtney and Duncan are stealing food from the fridge, you can see Ezekiel's face on the milk.

    • Courtney's Audition Tape: Courtney is both auditioning for TDI and student body president, but she mixes up the lines and asks for a retake. The cameraman (Tom) says no because he has class to get to so she fights to get the videocamera.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Bridgette: Okay, I think you've had enough.
      Courtney: No, no, just one more. (shoves an ice cream sandwich in her mouth and gets a little queasy) Okay, now I've had enough. (she runs off and pukes)

    • Chef: I would go to war with you any day.
      Gwen: (nervously) I'll keep that im mind when...searching for a career.
      Chef: You do that, soldier. (gets teary-eyed) You do that.

    • (over the loudspeaker)
      Chef: Attention remaining campers! Report to the Dock Of Shame for your next challenge at 0900 hours! (everybody looks at the loudspeaker with a confused stare)
      Chef: That means now, maggots! NOW!
      (everybody runs towards the dock)

    • Duncan: (as LeShawna sinks in the mud) Fallen solider, I salute you.

    • Geoff: I think you may have pushed him over the edge, bro!
      Duncan: I think you're right.
      Chef: One night solitary confinement in the Boat House.
      (everyone except Duncan gasps)
      Duncan: Big deal. How scary can it be?
      (scene cuts to Duncan now in a building full of canoes, harpoons, and shark jaws)

    • Chef:(Over Loudspeaker) Attention remaining boot camper groups: the next evolution of your training begins tommorow morning at 0700 hours. And if I catch the sucker that took my dessert, your butt is mine!

    • (after getting revenge on Duncan)
      Harold: (with a sinister grin) Yess!

    • (In the confessional) Gwen: Okay. Whoever thought it was a good idea to give Chris this challenge off, and put the crazy, psycho Chef in charge of this one; I must say, I'm impressed.

    • Courtney: (talking about Duncan) I'm going to go check on him.
      Geoff: You like him.
      Courtney: I do not like him.
      Geoff: Yes, you do.
      Courtney: Not only do I not like him, I can't stand him. He's rude, he's rebellious and he's totally annoying.I'm gonna go check on him.(walks away)
      Geoff: (in confessional) She likes him.

    • Chef: You just earned yourself twenty more push ups!
      Duncan: Thank you!(kisses Chef's nose)

    • Duncan: (laughs) Okay look,I know you like me. He (Talking about Geoff) knows you like me. Everyone knows it.So here's a tip, if you wanna kiss me I might let you.
      Courtney: And to think I actually thought you were nice!
      Duncan: (looks around nervously) Shhh! Me, nice? (laughs) Yeah, right.
      Geoff: Why'd ya think that?
      Courtney: Never mind, I was wrong. He's just as gross and annoying as he wants you to believe. Enjoy your garbage!

    • Chef: Twenty-five of us went to the jungle that night,only five of us came out.
      Gwen: (yawns) What war were you in anyways?
      Chef: Did I ask you to speak because I don't remember asking you to speak.
      Gwen: (rolls eyes) Whatever, he so wasn't in a war.

    • (after Courtney throws up)

      Duncan: So! The Princess has a dark side!
      Courtney: Okay. That was so gross. But it was, like... once I did something bad, it was so much fun, I just wanted more!
      Duncan: Well, you could always give me that kiss. That'd be pretty bad.
      Courtney: (ruffles his hair) You're still not my type.
      Duncan: Fine. Enjoy a peanut butter-less life.
      Courtney: Thanks. Enjoy prison.
      Duncan: I will.
      (they kiss)

    • (after Harold falls over the wall)
      Harold: Ahhh.
      (he lands in mud and throws up)
      Duncan: Uhh, General Crazy, we've got a situation here.
      Harold: Too much mud.
      Chef: Ring the bell and report to the infirmary. Your tour of duty is finished.
      (after Harold leaves)
      Duncan: Wow, poor guy.
      Chef: Back on the course, soldiers. NOW! One false move and I'll be on you like stink on a poop wagon.
      Duncan: I look forward to it, SIR!

    • Chef: (to Lindsay after she quits the challenge) Listen here, you have nothing to be ashamed of...(yells into megaphone) except being a little baby and let your team down!!!

    • Owen: Mmmm, I think I have jungle rot from that obstacle course.
      Lindsay: Ewwww, Owen, we're eating here.

    • Duncan: Hey, Harold. We felt really bad about the whole underwear fishing incident thing. So, here, we found you some apple juice.
      Harold: Thanks. (he drinks it and then spits it out) That's not juice!
      Duncan: Oh, my mistake, dude. We must've confused it with the kitchen grease.

    • Duncan: Courtney, wait! I made this for you! (throws her a small object)
      Courtney: Duncan! (sees that it's a wooden skull) Okay, this is really weird and creepy, but I love it. I'll never forget you!

    • Courtney: I was your only hope, I used to be a CIT!

    • Courtney: (being dragged to Boat of Losers) I do not concede! I do not concede!

    • Chef: This is just one sentence with five pages of 'verys' in-between!!
      Duncan: It's three hundred words exactly. You can count it if you want.

    • Chef: Anyone else got anything they want to say?
      Gwen: (to Chef) Uhhh, yeah, can I go to the bathroom?
      (Gwen is in the bathroom with a mop and bucket)
      Gwen: Not exactly what I had in mind.

    • Harold: (while switching the votes) You guys think you're so funny. Let's see how you like it when someone messes with your love life.

    • Courtney: Master Chief? I have just have one thing to say to you.
      Chef: And what might that be?
      Courtney: You really need to take a chill pill.

    • Chef: What?! Do you wanna run 15 laps around this camp right now?!
      Courtney: No, thanks. He's going straight to bed. Aren't you?!
      (at the other side of the kitchen)
      Courtney: What are you trying to do? Get eliminated?
      Duncan: I didn't know you cared.
      Courtney: I don't! I just don't wanna lose this challenge. Now, stop being such a screw-up, and do what you're told for once. Okay?
      (after Courtney walks away)
      Duncan: She wants me.
      Geoff: No doubt.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Jaws
      When Chef Hatchet says 25 campers went into the forest that night 5 campers came out, this was a reference to the movie Jaws, with the shark hunter saying it.

    • Master Chief

      In this episode, the campers called Chef Hatchet Master Chief. Along with being an abbreviation for the military rank "Master Chief Petty Officer," it is also the name of the main protagonist in the Halo video game series.

    • Thriller

      The dance moves that Chef and the campers do on the beach are similar to the moves made by Michael Jackson in the video for his song, Thriller.