Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 4

Beach Blanket Bogus

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 2009 on TELETOON
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Beach Blanket Bogus
Riding a surfboard and building sandcastles are the challenges that await the teams in this episode.

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  • Trent develops a Nine obsessive-compulsive disorder, which makes Gwen feel weird, LaShawna proves that she has the groove, and Justin Loves Beth! Or does he? :idea:

    Trent's a Killer Grip and really loves Gwen. But she's a Screaming Gaffer and with another guy named Duncan. Even though Duncan has a girlfriend named Courtney, Trent's Really freaked out not only by Gwen possibly falling for Duncan, but she might also get voted off if Trent's team wins a challenge. When Trent hears Gwen kind of likes weird things, he takes the weird concept to the extreme! Trent starts to do everything 9 times, and wants 9 of everything! Needless to say, Trent's weirdness makes Izzy's weirdness seem relatively Sane by comparison! But while Trent's being weird, there's another challenge going on. The two teams must participate in a 1950's beach movie, where surfing, sand-castle building, and dancing will be the challenges main themes. Harold, Lindsay, Owen, D.J., and Gwen all bomb in simulated surfing (sky-rats!) :lol: Even Justin loses his balance! :shock: But he's So beautiful, even a shark wants to save Justin from drowning! :P Duncan keeps his balance and doesn't get knocked off. The campers then go back to "T.D.I." where they hold a sand-castle competition. Trent's determined to Not let his team lose this challenge, so he convinces everyone to build a sand-castle with 9 rooms, 9 walls, 9 roofs, 9 windows, 9 towers, and 9 hermit crab flags. Unfortunately, the castle doesn't hold and the Gaffers already have a splendid sand castle and 30minute head start! But Beth saves the day when she suggests rebuilding the sand-castle with stronger materials like papier-mache and hold up the towers with her friendship bracelets for support. Not only do the Killer Grips redeem themselves, but the Gaffers have their sand-castle wrecked. Justin even tells Beth that he admires Beth's ingenuity and kind of likes her. But behind her back, Justin secretly says he's only saying that because he wants to win. The final challenge is the dance-off. LaShawna proves she just might be the best dancer of the campers! Trent knows Gwen likes to win, so he throws the challenge on purpose. Despite the loss, Trent, Gwen, and their relationship all remain safe! For now. :idea:moreless
  • surf´s up! Deception,Sharks and Boogie, oh my!

    This episode showed a lot more character development, but still manage to have a lot of funny moments, I specially loved the Surfing skills competition, although the writer eased off a little bit on the Duncan-Gwen thing, they made Trent develop a Obsessive-compulsive disorder basing everything on the number 9, I always thought Justin´s quiet hunky silent thing was a cool move, but I guess it kinda dried out, now that he´s a speaking character we see is pretty much a deceiver ala Heater, who pretty much this season is just a plain patsy, partly because nobody trust her so she got no leverage, funny thing nobody got voted off this week, I guess they got to stretch this season somehow, but there are so many moments that made me laugh, specially one bit with our loved sharks, be sure to check this one out... enjoy.moreless

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    • Chris: Yes, campers. We are actually back at your old stomping grounds. Total Drama Island. If you need to take a moment and reminisce about the great times you had here. (all the campers burst out laughing) Fine. We'll skip the good mermories montage.

    • Chris: Your first challenge. Hang ten this deck into the big blue, without swallowing tail in the soup.
      LeShawna: What did you just ask me to do?!
      Trent: He means, whoever stays on the surfboard the longest, wins.

    • (Beth jumps onto Justin and grabs his head)
      Beth: Holy crap! I love your hair!

    • (in confessional)
      Harold: The Hawaiian themed party was wildly entertaining! We ate poi with pineapple. What's poi, you ask? Poi is a Hawaiian super food from the root of the tarot. It's vitamin rich and hypoallergenic, making it the world's most effective substitute for breast milk.

    • Gwen: At least his obsession of the number nine is more creepy than his obsession of me.
      Duncan: Five letters in Trent and four letters in Gwen, put them together and you get...
      Gwen: Nine! Trent can't be doing things nine times because of me.

    • (in confessional)
      DJ: (referring to LeShawna's dancing) I think I know what her nickname back home really is: La-Bamba!
      Heather: Prima Ballerin-NO!
      Harold: Two words: fun-key! What? I liked it!

    • (in confessional)
      Trent: The thing is, if Gwen wants to win, why is it unethical for me to help her? I'm Trent first and a Killer Grip second. (pauses) Oh, can we erase that? Confession might be good for the soul. It's not so good for the team work.

    • Heather: Why'd you bother sending us out to get firewood?
      Chris: I needed some alone time. (shows his hands to cast) You think these hands manicure themselves?

    • (in confessional)
      Justin: Little Trent mans up. Wow! Even I had goose bumps and there wasn't a mirror for miles!

    • (in confessional)
      Owen: Chris actually told us the truth for once?! (laughs) What's next? Being treated with actual respect?

    • Gwen: (after getting hit in head by a seagull) Ahh, sky rat!! Get it off! Get it out!

    • Beth: Did you ever notice Trent's a little weird?
      Lindsay: Did you say Tyler's here? That's amazing!
      Beth: Ok, Linds, Tyler is not in the game any more.
      Lindsay: Oh, right. I must have a dental block about the whole thing.
      (Beth backs away slowly)

    • Harold: Mad surfing skills, activate!!

    • Lindsay: (dressed in swimsuit for beach setting and reacting to excessive air conditioning) When did you guys move the beach to Antarctica?

    • Justin: Let's just say I'll do anything to win. ANYTHING!!! Oooh, Beth! I love it! I was thinking Beth, it could be really good for US... If we were in an alliance...
      (camera switches to Chris MacClean in the monitoring room)
      Chris: Wow! Dude is as CRAFTY as he is GOOD LOOKING! Maybe we're related. Ha ha ha! He wishes!
      (we see Justin on the monitor who has just heard Chris' comment)
      Justin: Uhhh... No, Chris.... No, I don't!
      Chris: Poor delusional guy could never even swim in my gene pool! More importantly, tune in next time to watch more ME! And a few minutes of Justin. On TOTAL, DRAMA, ACTION! Which one of you geniuses left the two-way mike on?!?!?!

    • (in confessional)
      Beth: If only making friends with a guys as gorgeous as Justin was as easy as making these bracelets. (bracelet in Beth's hands flies apart moments later)

    • (Gwen has just left after hearing more about Trent's obsession with the number nine)
      Trent: What am I doing wrong?
      Owen: Getting in her way! Like I said before, the girl likes winning!
      Trent: You know Owen, sometimes you're really smart!
      (Owen lets out a loud fart)
      Owen: Me like beans!!!

    • Chris: Break time! Union rules!
      Heather: Finally!
      Chris: Not you, shark bait!

    • (DJ's swimsuit gets bitten off by one of the sharks and he runs off)
      Chef: The human body is a beautiful thing! You don't NEED a suit!

    • Justin: Aren't you eating?
      Lindsay: When you can gorge your soul on essence de beau hunk, who needs food?

    • Harold: I wish Chef would let me in the kitchen. I got me some mad culinary skills.
      Heather: Do you mind? I was talking to my slop!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Blues Brothers

      When Chris is naming off all the dances, they are all the dances seen in a certain scene in The Blues Brothers, an R-rated comedy movie starring Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.

    • Beach Blanket Bingo

      The title is a parody of the beach themed film Beach Blanket Bingo, a sixties movie starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Finicello.

    • The Dukes of Hazzard

      During the scene where Chris mentioned that legal hadn't cleared the tie-breaker, we hear a car horn honk "Dixie" and an orange car with a number 01 on the door jump off a cliff and hit a crash test dummy under a rock. The General Lee was the Duke Boys' car in The Dukes of Hazzard, a comedy action/adventure series that aired from 1979 to 1985