Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 5

Broadway, Baby!

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 2010 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

Broadway, Baby!
The teams journey to New York and participate in a number of challenges that involve some of the iconic figures of the Big Apple.

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  • What's not to love about NYC???

    New York!

    Song: What's not to Love?: Courtney, Owen and Lindsay sing abouDJ and LeShawna dance, and Owen gives Noah a very hot pretzel. (Noah: aw hot hot hot!)

    Challenges: Liberty or Death: Climb the liberty statue and grab the team's baby cart, and then race to a tutrtle pond, where a teammate needs to grab a giant apple NOt using their hands, and then race to Central Park. Heather switched Alejandros' cart (which had Noah) with a local mother's cart, making them lose.

    Eliminated: Alejandro. Or he woudl have been if it were an elimination ep, but it's really a reward challenge! The team cracked 3 giant apples. Cody got candy, Sierra got apples and Heather a meat grinder, which she threw away (bad idea!!!)

    Side-stuff: well, Noah's comments are fun as usual, and particularly his reaction after the baby' mom woke her up screaming. Izzy's "Noah has regressed into a baby", After Sierra took the apple as a seal, everyone was amazed and Cody said: "How weird!!" LOL Izzy: "I'm a rabid monkey ai ai ai!", Alejandro told sierra Chris missed his old days, and she reminded her of then and he got mad at her. CN eliminated a scene!!! Lindsay: I'll be the baby, I love being called baby! Noah: Take a mental note bro. Tyler: I don't have a pen LOL

    Bottom Line: Another great ep and the first reward of the season!!! 9.5/10moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Sierra says that Chris was born in 1978, but earlier on, she said that Chris was in a boy band during the 80's, which would mean that Chris was just a toddler back then.

    • This is the first time that Chef and Owen use the confessional this season, though in Chef's case it would be the first time he used the bathroom confessional.

    • This is the first episode in the series in which a scene was cut from the final release. In the scene, Alejandro reaches the top first and tells Chris that he is pure evil. It then shows Tyler, Noah, and Cody climbing past the Statue's breasts. Tyler then comments on how big the breasts are, prompting for Cody to lean over to look, but ends up falling in between them. He starts to sink in, but Sierra swings over and pulls him out. In the Cockpit Confessional, Cody said that he thought he would actually die. But Chef tells him that it would've been quite a way to go, which Cody agrees with. This scene was shown when the episode aired on Teletoon.

    • Sierra admits that she knows that Heather has been acting nice to her so that they can form an alliance, and that she's playing Heather.

    • This is the first episode in which Team Victory does not come in last. It's also the first time Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot came in last.

    • This is the third time where a team loses a challenge for missing a person. The first time was in The Sucky Outdoors where the Killer Bass lost for missing Katie and Sadie. The second time was in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better where Team Victory lost for missing Bridgette.

    • Team Amazon received apples, candy, and a meat grinder for being the winning team in this episode.

    • Lindsay once again gets another castmate's name wrong in this episode. This time, she calls Tyler "Dave."

    • Featured Song:
      "What's Not to Love About New York City."

    • In this episode, Sierra says a bunch of deep dark secrets about Chris including:

      - He was born in 1978.
      - He made movies about talking cats.
      - He had his own cooking show which was canceled after only one episode.
      - He was in a boy band back in the 80's

    • The castmates seen in the confessional for this episode were Heather, Lindsay, Alejandro, Sierra, DJ, Owen and Courtney.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Chris: (explaining the challenge) One member of each team must ride in their carrage and stay there, all the way to the finish line.
      Heather, Sierra, Gwen and Courtney: Cody!
      Noah: I'll do it.
      Lindsay: And I'll do it for Team Victory. I love it when people call me "baby."
      Noah: Make a mental note of that, bro.
      Tyler: I don't have a pen.

  • NOTES (2)