Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 9

Can't Help Falling In Louvre

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2010 on TELETOON
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Can't Help Falling In Louvre
Chris hides inside the Louvre museum in Paris and the teams have to find and bring the statues to the museum's pyramid court.

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  • Lindsay leaves...I'm so sad, but the episode was awesome!!!


    Song: Paris (sung by Sierra, she sang about how cody broke her heart and chewed it up and spit it out and stepped o it and then threw it down a sewer called it names and then laughed, Owen and Noah sang too). And a little song by DJ (about how he was goign to go home and hurt no more animals).

    Challenge: find the pieces of the assigned statue and assemble it. (Amazons had David, Chris is Hot had Venus and Victory had the Thinker, Amazons won, Chris went 2nd and Victory lost again.

    Eliminated: Lindsay (through a walk-off, as the team had only 2 members. Lindsay chose Tyler as his model, and the judges (Owen, Heather and Chris) like DJ's design better, which was just Gwen using DJ's clothes)

    Side-stuff: Noah was awesome (the laser with hit his groin, the imaginary ball that tricked Sasquatchanakwa (and Izzy LOL), Izzy was totally crazy (what does this button do?, the statue bingo, TOUCHDOWN!!! to name a few), Lindsay was great (the best was her jump, she hit the top of the door and the bottom too), Tyler had great lines too (TAKE THAT BLAKE, I had a cute girlfriend for 20 minutes), DJ's curse stuff had development (he tried to take a mummified dog of the Louvre to Egypt), and a downfall was Sierra saying she just pretended to be sad, but she could have said that from denial.

    Bottom Line: 10 great!moreless
  • another great episode!

    okay, so i thought it was sweet that cody, tried to make sierra feel better, for him basically saying he hates her in the previous episode, without actually saying that. i thought that they got to go to paris, was awesome. lindsay and dj had to do this challenge to see who would go home. a designers modeling challenge. lindsay chose tyler, as her model. she created the worst design, imaginable. dj, wanting to lose purposely,decides that instead of choosing, one of the other girls who wanted to be the model, he chooses, gwen. the person who hates models/modeling and people staring at her, and her being her, she was reluclant to be the model, but did. dj dressed her up in a replication of his own shirt and hat. lets just say, that she purposely didn't try. to me, it was soo funny. lindsay went home, much to dj and tyler's sadness. dj, wanting to pass up one million dollars purposely, that's just crazy. but amusing. it seems like gwen and courtney are good friends, and sierra has forgiven cody. a great episode, with a surprising elimination. loved this episode!moreless
  • A short, sweet explanation of why I really loved this episode! :idea:

    I'm actually beginning to enjoy D.J. and his constant bad luck, it's the most interesting thing that's happened to him in all three seasons of the "Total Drama" series! :lol: I like it that Cody is finally easing up a little on Sierra, even if it was primarily out of guilt. Izzy's plane antics and all of the things that happened with Noah was just comedy gold! :D Now that Team Victory is just a party of D.J., I can't help but wonder if Ezekiel or Duncan is going to return soon and give D.J. a much needed helping hand, and if they don't, which team is going to get the bad luck of D.J. and his curse? :idea: Enough said! ;)moreless

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