Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 22

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 2009 on TELETOON
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The remaining castmates participate in a chinese ninja movie.

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  • Courtney DESPERATELY needs an alliance with SOMEONE, even Beth! And Owen is forced into the role of a reluctant antagonist. :idea:

    Personally, I don't have much to say about the episode itself other than I thought it was perfect just like a bunch of other episodes from "Total Drama Island/Total Drama Action;" but since I don't want to spend all 100 of my words rambling on and wasting space, I figured that I might as well talk about the highlights of this episode. :idea: In the final reward challenge this season, the five remaining contestants must participate in a martial arts movie extravaganza! :D Even though Courtney has done pretty well for herself as far as challenges go, she knows that she HAS to have an alliance with another girl or her chance for the $1 million will be all shot to pieces! But the only girl left is...Beth! :P Unfortunately for her, Beth has no interest on forming an alliance with Courtney even if she were the OTHER last girl on Earth! So Courtney thinks the unthinkable (to herself) endures the unendurable (for herself) swallows her gigantic ego and pride, and lets Beth manipulate Courtney by letting Beth use Courtney's P.D.A. to talk to Brady and take on life-risking tasks for Beth, all in the hopes that Courtney's sacrifices will allow Courtney to out-con and out-manipulate Beth even though Courtney is letting herself be manipulated for her own selfish motives! :lol: Duncan shows Harold how to fight (big mistake on Duncan's part, as Harold FINALLY punches Duncan in the face!) :D And Owen, broke by $50,000 his parents DON'T have, has had to resort to becoming the producer's mole, and sabotaging the chances other contestant's might have of winning. Fortunately, Owen has a little help from a friendly snail Harold has taken in as a pet. And the snail could be named nothing else other than after Harold's love interest, and Harold's pet is therefore called, LaShawna Jr. So Owen uses both Harold's feelings about LaShawna and LaShawna Jr. to trick Duncan into saying stupid about LaShawna, and forcing Harold to retaliate against him! Harold wins the award challenge, and Courtney has won an alliance! But will it last? 8)moreless

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    • Duncan: (as Harold hits the punching bag) Weak. Lame. Are you even going to try? C'mon, Grandma. My cat punches harder. Did I mention I kissed LeShawna? (Harold's fist goes through the bag and straggles Duncan) Okay, better. Better.

    • Beth: (while Courtney is attacked by fish) You're so lucky to have a PDA. It sure would be nice to talk to my sweetie Brady.
      Courtney: Go ahead and call him! After all, that's what friends do! They help each other with phones and alliances!
      (in confessional) Look, I'll do anything to make this alliance happen! Of course I know Beth is trying to countermanipulate me but that's okay because I'm counter-countermanipulating her! It's called a countertop, hello!

    • Beth: Okay, I can't do this! I'm allergic to fish!
      Courtney: But I've seen you eat fish before.
      Beth: Yeah, but, I'm allergic to them while they're still alive. (in confessional) Hey, this is what she gets for trying to manipulate me into forming an alliance. Two can play that game.
      Courtney: Well, I guess I could take care of all the fish, you know, as a friend. (Kill octopus tentacle grabs Courtney and tries to pull her in the tank)
      Beth: Thanks, I'll go boil the noodles.

    • Chef: (rolling in fish tank) Y'all are gonna use those blades to fix a meal fit for a warrior, kung fu noodle soup. Vegetable stock, noodles, and the seven deadliest species of fish known to man. (fish jump out of fish tank as named) You got your rabid piranha, poisonous blowfish, electric eel, toxic jellyfish, lethal swordfish, man eating shark, and killer octopus! Now, who's ready to start? (Courtney and Beth huddled in the corner terrified)

    • Courtney: (after Chef brings in a bucket of knives) Are we having a knife fight?!
      Beth: (grabs a knife) Well, umm, I guess if it wasn't Courtney, this would be really hard to do but since it is, I guess I'm okay to try.
      Courtney: Excuse me? (grabs a knife) Don't pick a fight you can't win!

    • Chris: Okay, enough practice. When the beautiful geisha sounds the gong, the match will begin. (Owen chuckles while dressed as a female)
      Harold: Umm, Chris. I'm afraid you guys are confusing cultures. Geisha's are Japanese, while kung fu is Chinese. (Duncan uses controller to make Harold kick himself in the face)
      Chris: Thank you, Duncan.
      Duncan: My pleasure, dude.

    • Duncan: Hey, Harold... (uses controller to make Harold's robot leg kick himself in the face) ...stop kicking yourself, (repeats) stop kicking yourself!

    • Harold: (Duncan brings out a covered platter) Lunch already?
      Duncan: It's an exercise for your reflexes, you can eat whatever catch. (takes the cap off the platter, bees swarm around Harold who screams)
      Duncan: (in confessional) How was I supposed to know the bees would swarm? It was supposed to be like a lesson from Muhammad Ali, right? Flow like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

    • (in confessional)
      Duncan: (referring to Harold) It's about time the nerdling learned to fight and I'm more then happy to teach him. Of course, the best way to learn how to throw a punch is to get punched repeatedly.

    • Chris: Owen earned himself a penalty last night when he snuck off-set to uhh go...(a skateboard is thrown to him) skateboarding.
      Owen: What?! I'd never ride something with wheels that small!
      Chris: Yes. You. Would!
      Owen: Oh! You mean last night, last night, right. (chuckles) Yeah...I, uh, flagged a taxi and went into town to hit the skatepark. Check out this gnarly fakie 720 trick! (jumps on skateboard, then falls off, other contestants look at him suspiciously) Okay, I grabbed a burger.

    • Harold: Whoah, check it out! This one snail, she sounds just like LeShawna.
      Duncan: Oh, boy.
      Harold: (in confessional) She even looks like LeShawna, see. Same soft eyes, same hard shell, same lusciously rounded behind. They could be twins!

    • (in confessional)
      Beth: (about Courtney being nice to her) I've fallen for enough fake friendships to know better. They lure you in with the promise of chocolate and the next thing you know, you're hyped up on coco-butter doing all their science homework! Never again!

    • (in confessional)
      Courtney: It was selfish, and thoughtless of Lindsay to leave so close to the finals. Now, there's three guys and only two girls. I'm basically being forced to form an alliance with Beth!

    • Chris: Here's where things get interesting.
      Ducnan: I hate when he says interesting. It always means painful.
      Chris: Correction. Exciting means painful. Interesting always means life threating.

    • (in confessional)
      Courtney: If Owen is willing to help, maybe he'll join my alliance with Beth. You know, when Beth says yes. Oh, why won't she say yes?

    • Chris: The battle begins when noble harrain flies east.
      Duncan: And in human that would be..?
      Chris: Four hours.

    • Harold: When will you stop making my life so brutal?
      Duncan: I don't know, when it stops being funny. (in the confessional) As in never.

    • Harold: (giggling while in bed) C'mon, Blankie, that tickles. Wait a minute. Blankets don't have souls.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Spy Kids 3D: Game Over

      The robot fighting scene is a reference to the movie Spy Kids 3D: Game Over.

    • The Karate Kid

      Courtney's line "wax on, wax off" and Harold waxing the Lame-o-sine and Chris's cars is a reference to the action/drama movie The Karate Kid.

    • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

      The episode title of Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen is a reference to Ang Lee's 2000 directed hit movie, which like this episode, also revolves around ninjas and fighting.

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