Total Drama Island

Season 4 Episode 11

Eat, Puke And Be Wary

Aired Unknown Mar 22, 2012 on TELETOON
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The final four get stuck with Chef as their host after Chris has a little "accident." Their challenge, create a meal out of anything they find in the woods and then eat it. After that, they must run into the woods to a flag while Chef hunts them down.

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      • Chef: Chris, it's good to have you back, man. I even save you some quiche.
        Chris: Chef, you are the man! (Chris eats the toxic quiche, which causes him to vomit)
        Chris: You are the Hurl Master!
        Chris: Who will be hurl next? How much are they gonna hurl before we hurl them? And when will I stop hurling? (vomits a second time) Find out next time, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island! (vomits one last time)

      • Chef: Cameron wins immunity!
        Lighting: What?! What do I win?
        Chef: Dinner. (Chef fires his bazooka with his burning hot spaghetti at Lightning)
        Lighting: Ahhh! My head! My beautiful head!

      • Zoey: It's pay back time and I don't care if it's ok with everyone!!! (laughs)

      • (in confessional) Zoey: Tracking collars, really?! Between this and Mike being voted off, I just have had it with this show! (gets shocked by the collar)

      • Chris: What's taking those interns so long?! There's no way they could forgot about me! I OWN THEM! (The interns are behind the outhouse turning the gear to let in more sewage on to Chris) More sewage?! HEEELLLLLLLP!!!!!

      • Chef: Dinner is served...IN YOUR FACE!

      • Chef: Challenge part two, I give you...Dork Hunter. The challenge in simple. Your the dorks, I'm the hunter. You run off into the woods, I hunt you down. First dork to the flag pole wins. Pray that you make it, before the Dork Hunter blast you into a whole new dimension of PAIN!

      • Chef: Who's got guts of steel and who's gonna blast the barf part? It's a throw up throw down when we come back, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!

      • Chris: (the intern girl is standing by the out house's door listening to Chris's agony) Hello? Someone give me a hand? I'm almost free. Uh oh, oh no! (Slip back in which Chris is crying making the intern girl happy to hear) Whhhhyyy.

      • Lighting: Chef doesn't know what he's talking, there's no food in this forest. Think Lighting, think. What makes steak? Trees! Come on, tree, give me some steak! (Lighting is punching the tree which cause a bee hive to fall on him that cause the bees to sting him)

      • (in confessional)

        Lighting: The guys kept yacking in my ear, but I shut them out, cause I was in the zone! Hmm, wonder what they say? Don't manner. Lighting's going long all the way to the finals! Sha-Bam! (throws his ball at the camera and than fizzes out.)

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      • Rambo

        Zoey's headband and war paint, combined with her use of booby-traps, archery and guerrilla warfare, is a parody of the film Rambo.