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Heroes vs Villains Spectulation

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    [1]Sep 15, 2012
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    Since the popular theory right now is that Season 5 will be Heroes vs Villains, I thought it would be cool to try and spectulate which contestants would get picked for each team. Below I've listed my best guesses and why. "Hero" is very open to interpretation, here's a couple examples of "Heroes" from Survivor; there was Cirie who was "an inspiration to couch potatoes everywhere" and Stephanie who, in her initial appearance, was on a team that lost every elimination challenge until she was the only one left. So, here are mine:


    Duncan - Pretty obvious pick, they don't put kids in juvie without a good reason

    Izzy - They also don't send the RCMP after kids without a good reason

    Heather - need I explain?

    Alejandro - Again, need I explain?

    Scott - Again...

    Gwen - if that'sevenher real name. Pretty much seen as a villain after the "boyfriend kisser" incident

    Blaineley - Cheated at that eating competition

    Noah -Self-centered

    Lighting - The S4 finale cemented him as a jerk and tormentor of the weak.

    Geoff - Got a disturbing amount of pleasure out of tormenting the other campers

    Courtney - Supercedes the game rules by threateneing to call her lawyer

    Anne Marie


    DJ - Most obvious pick

    Trent - Nice guy/victim. As far as I know, the only member of an "official" couple to get dumped.

    Ezekiel - Because he always gets voted off first

    Harold - Committed "seppuku"



    Lindsay - Sticking it to Heather in Season 1


    Sadie - Went for weeks without her BFFFFFFFFFFFFF in Season 1, always came across as the gentler of the two.

    Justin - Odd choice, but I'm thinking that he's a sort of "wounded angel" after losing his good looks then getting rejected by Courtney. Plus don't tell me you don't want to see him go toe-to-toe with Al?


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    [2]Sep 24, 2012
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    As I've said elsewhere if they do go with this format the heroes and villains may be based on Chris's idea of who fills those roles, which is unlikely to match those of any rational human being.

    Of course in the real world it will depend on which members of the voice cast return.
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    [3]Oct 9, 2012
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    Of course, I can think of several replacements on both sides, plus 20 people is more than they'll actually bring back.

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    [4]Dec 7, 2012
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    Here's what contestants are going to be and what team they're going to be with and why on Total Drama Heroes vs. Villains.


    1. Mike - Good person and well caring for Zoey and his friends.

    2. Zoey - Good girl who likes to make friends and has a caring heart.

    3. Dawn - A well spirited girl is one with nature and has a well self center.

    4. Cameron - An innocent person with a good brain and has well manners.

    5. Harold - A smart guy who is keen with ideas.

    6. LeShawna - An all going girl who is bad with toughness.

    7. Katie - Deserves to come back.

    8. Sadie - Also deserves to come back.

    9. Staci - Likes to talk about her family.

    10. Lindsy - Dumb blonde always not think well.

    11. Tyler - Not good at athletic.

    12. B - Good at inventing.


    1. Alejandro - Awesome and devious strategist.

    2. Heather - Beauty with evil intention ideas.

    3. Scott - Cruel with bad plans.

    4. Duncan - Bad attitude bully who picks fights.

    5. Gwen - Being a goth and is a "boyfriend kisser" for what she did.

    6. Owen - Did help Chris by being a mole in Total Drama Action.

    7. Izzy - Totally crazy girl who will come twice in the season.

    8. Anne Marie - Hot temper jersey girl who holds a grudge on Zoey for taking Mike.

    9. Jo - Tough girl with all strength.

    10. Eva - Being more dangerous to her enemies.

    11. Lighting - Being a selfish sport jerk with glory to win anything.

    12. DJ - Being in the wrong team because how he help Chef try to win the money TDA and hurt a bunch of animals in TDWT even though he's friendly.

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    [5]Dec 8, 2012
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    This theory turned out to be right on the money. Which makes me think this has been in the planning stages for a long while . It will be All Stars Heroes vs Villains for season 5. Just like Survivor, and if we're going to go full out Survivor we need 18 to make it in. The 9 old characters that cameo'd in TDRI (After the delay they could of had lots of time to insert those cameos as hints towards who will be in season 5) and the 9 most important additions from TDRI.

    Heroes: Owen Bridgette


    Jo Scott
    Anne Maria
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