Mike vs Mal

Who do you prefer?

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    Hey there, siblings of tv.com. Watching Total Drama All Stars, I was excited from start to finish. I wish Cody, Noah and Dawn were in it though, but glad that Mike was in it. Although, some that made me happier wanting each episode to come early was Mal. He was evil, awesome, knew slang, and was even more evil than Alejandro. He's the only villain in the whole series that wanted to win, despite he never wanted the money orginally, just here for f~cks and giggles. He was doing great until Mike came and stole his shot at the million. Oh well, at least Mike won... Just wished Chris gave him the money. With Mike as the only camper to compete again in total drama, many he'll be in season 7 with Cody, Noah and Dawn will come back: the camper 4 is gonna dominate. Anyway, who's better: Mike or Mal?

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    Mike > Mal definitely
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