Why can't Total Drama have good players?

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    Sorry if this rant upsets anyone, but I'm feeling a little punchy. Like the title says, why can't there be a proper strategist in Total Drama? Because lately it feels like nobody except the bad guys are actually playing to win - either you're a good person who's there to make friends, or a scumbag who exploits others and deserves to be horribly disfigured. Scott is the perfect example, I had real high hopes for him when he mentioned having a strategy. Imagine my disappointment when his startegy was little more than

    1) Sabotage own team

    2) ?????

    3) PROFIT!!!!

    Not to mention that Scott used the immunity idol all wrong - because of the way the rules were set up, it would have been much more advantageous for him to tell everyone that he found the immunity idol. Then they'd be too scared to try and vote him out for fear of leaving themselves vulnerable. (On "Survivor: Cook Islands" the exact same thing happened, Yul found the immunity idol and waved it in everyone's face, they figured that it was in their best interest never to vote him off because that would just be a waste of a vote. He won.) They later changed the immunity idol rules, as this was obviously too powerful)Instead Scott just wasted it in an already pointless filler episode.

    So yeah, that's my request for future seasons, have someplayerswho can play the game well without having to be so ostensibly evil, or at least make a villain htat doesn't collapse under the weight of his own evilness.

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    Do you know what's even more awesome? As if the writers made Trent seduce women and get them eliminated on purpose through hismanipulative strategy. I wish Trent met Alejandro just like Zoey met Heather in Episode (SSEE)0410.

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