Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 11

Full Metal Drama

Aired Unknown May 03, 2009 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

The two teams take part in a challenge inspired by war movies. Later, another contestant is voted out of the competition.

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  • In this episode the remaining castmates have to participate in a war based challenge.

    This was another great episode of total drama action. I liked how Izzy got crazy with all of the explosive and that she started calling herself explosivo. My favorite part was when Leshanau farted. That was really really really funny. In the end Izzy/ Explosivo lost the challenge because she blew it on the explosive part of the challenge. In this episode Justin started to lose control of Beth and Lindsay but got them back under his control by fliping his hair. I think it was odd when Izzy said that Justin wasn't cute but said that Owen was. Well in the end this was a great episode.moreless
  • 9 remaininng contestents compete in a war themed challenge lindsey is the grips general and once again compete in insane over the edge challenges one team will win the challenge one wont one will go but in the end only one will win total drama action .moreless

    a great show and a greate challenge takeing movies like saving private ryan you can win some but you cant win them all and g i jo tumbledown to kill a king comwell cast a giant shadow hornblower brave two zero the finest hour courage under fire you cant win em all yet takes tv shows like big brother surviver i love money 1 and 2 iam very excited for tommorow evan thow i didnt see the episode i know it will be great im hopeing for harold to leave but i know he dosent leave yet so tune inmoreless

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    • Heather: (to a gassy LeShawna) Hush, little baby, don't you cry. If you blow, we'll surely die.

    • (after looking in the chest of mind blowing secrets)
      Duncan: All this sadness!
      Harold: All these tears!
      Duncan: Dude, no tears! That was just our eyes watering off LeShawna's butt blasts!
      Harold: Still, all this hatred, for what?
      Duncan: An empty trunk!
      Harold: The madness of war!
      Duncan and Harold: WHY!!!!!

    • Justin Izzy, you're sorta female, right? Can you help? I mean, I had Beth and Lindsay wrapped around my finger, and now I'm getting zero play. What's the deal?
      Izzy: Honestly, I never really got it. I don't think you're so cute.
      Justin: Like I care what you think!

    • Lindsay: Team, Admiral Lindsay, her Hotness says, it's time we attack!
      Izzy: First Admiral Lindsay, a suggestion, umm, from Explosivo. He says, we make a Trojan Taco.
      Lindsay I love Mexican food!
      Izzy Okay, first we make a giant taco shell, five kilometers wide. Then, we load it with beef, beans, cheese.
      Lindsay And Jalapenos? I like it spicy.
      Izzy Si, mui mui, caliente. But the salsa my friends, the salsa we make, from TNT! We take the Trojan Taco to their camp. They take a tasty bite and then, boom boom!

    • LeShawna: (fanning Owen) Oh, poor baby, you don't look so good.
      Chef: I got what you need right here, Owen. Tasty bran smoothie for your sorry bummed up behind.
      Owen: No bran smoothie! I need bacon, cheese, blendie!
      Chef: Uhhh, last time I checked, it was bacon blendies that got you here. Drink!
      LeShawna: I'll take it, Chef!

    • Justin: This, this can't be right. Have I really lost my lady controlling mojo? Say it ain't so!
      Lindsay: It's so, Justin.

    • Duncan: (referring to the explosion challenge) Talk about a challenge custom made for me! I'm all over this.
      Harold: Might I suggest you consult your friendly neighborhood chem expert? Because what is an explosion, other then the chemical reaction of trinitrotoluene, decomposing as C7H5N3O6 → 3N2 + 5H2O + 7CO?
      Heather: Try speaking in English!

    • Chris: Today, were all about war movies. So, look lively you-
      Chef: (interrupts Chris) Buckets of horse doo doo!
      Chris: So, get ready for our first death defying-challenge, you-
      Chef: (interrupts Chris) Disgusting, slimy crustaceans!

    • Izzy: Woo! Tell my pet rock I love her! (jumps out of plane)

    • Lindsay: If we live, I was thinking I should totally be our team's Admiral.
      Beth: Admirals are in charge of sailors. Generals are in charge of soldiers generally.
      Lindsay: But Admiral sounds cuter, so now I'd like to be called "Admiral Lindsay, her hotness". Okay?

    • Harold: Pipes a little backed up?
      Owen: (is on the toilet) Who knew a diet of blended corn beef and cheese puff shakes could stop my whole system ?!
      Owen: Come on, just a nugget!
      Chef: Make way...coming through! (comes in with a mug full of green liquid)
      Owen: Chef, a little privacy! I'm trying to poop-a-doop here!
      Chef: Doctor's orders. I've got the cure for your no-can-doo-doo right here! (hands Owen the mug full of green liquid) 1 part fruit, 9 parts bran.
      Owen: That isn't even food-esque!
      Chef: Don't push, kid. They're making me serve you on account of my bad behaviour.

    • (in confessional)
      Harold: I have had it with Duncan! I've been giving my all since day one. Then, Mister "Too cool to care" suddenly wakes up and everyone falls all over him. He might be standing tall after that first challenge but the taller the mohawk, the harder it falls!

    • (in confessional)
      Duncan: I've always wanted to be a marine! They're rough, tough, they wear rad boots and say "Who hah"! No clue what that means but it sounds so cool. Who hah!

    • (Duncan caused Harold's Nun-Yo to hit him in the crotch)
      Duncan: Harold just took a Nun-Yo in the Nun-Yos!
      (everyone laughs)
      Duncan: What a loser!
      (Harold is doubled over and speaking in a high pitched voice)
      Harold: Not funny, Duncan!

    • (Harold opened the stall and saw Owen sitting on the toilet)
      Harold: Ahhhh! Owen, what are you doing?
      Owen: It's more about what I'm not doing!

    • (Everyone is in line to use the only operating toilet)
      Beth: Only one toilet is working today?
      Heather: This crazy bargain basement show doesn't even have a plunger?

    • Duncan: I'm going to set some booby traps.
      (in confessional)
      Harold: (giggling) He said "Booby".

  • NOTES (2)


    • Full Metal Jacket

      The title of the episode is a referece to the war movie Full Metal Jacket, a 1987 film directed by Stanley Kubrick that follows a squad of Marines during the Vietnam War.

    • Beavis and Butthead

      Harold: He said "Booby".
      This is a reference to a line from the MTV show Beavis and Butthead, where the title chracters would have a giggle fit when someone said a sentence that had a word that they thought was dirty.