Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 14

Greece's Pieces

Aired Unknown Dec 30, 2010 on TELETOON

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  • Funny/great episode.

    They are all going to Greece, home of the very first olympics. They have to do olympic themed challenges. Courtney and Gwen are talking about Duncan, with the converstion being akward since, Gwen had kissed Duncan, in the previous episode. (Only Tyler knows.) Everyone is called in by Chris, to explain where they are going to land. An intern is thrown out of the plane, for mistaking Rome as the first olympics place. That was sooo funny. Duncan and Gwen are staring at eachother, moving their eyebrows.Courtney notices, but it is dismissed. That was amusing. I loved the challenges. Pretty creepy, how flexible Alehandro is. Heather beat him though. Funny. The wrestling challenge, was ok. Owen got the two golden medals. He hardly even wrestled. ha. The duet between Duncan was my favorite song, for TDWT, so far. Towards the end Tyler reveals that Duncan and Gwen kissed. Team Amazon wins the final challenge, because of Cody. An intern takes the drop of shame instead of Duncan. A really surprising and great episode.
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