Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 14

Greece's Pieces

Aired Unknown Dec 30, 2010 on TELETOON

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  • Cody PWNS Duncan, Courtney PWNS Gwen, and an Intern is booted out of the game! :D

    Normally, reviewing a reward challenge isn't my thing, as I usually review episodes of the "Total Drama" series where someone is eliminated, as it really moves the plot forward. But I felt that this episode of "World Tour" was SO epic, that I just HAD to review it! :D The remaining contestants fly to Athens, Greece (after a poor intern gets thrown out of the plane for mistaking Rome, Italy as the birthplace of the Olympics); and things are already getting intense as Tyler knows a shocking SECRET that he DOESN'T want to tell ANYBODY, which is already hard seeing as how Tyler is terrible at keeping secrets, and Alejandro is determined to find out what Tyler knows. Chris deliberately broke the lock on the restroom confessional, which allowed Gwen and Duncan to make a confessional together. But Tyler saw Duncan and Gwen K-I-S-S-I-N-G which, if Courtney found out, would REALLY P*** her off as she has just become sort of friends with Gwen! :shock: Duncan gets mauled by a bear (nice Season one Cody homage) while Owen manages to win two gold medals easily, proving that nobody should count him out of the game yet! :) Sierra beats Courtney up for making fun of Cody, Heather defeats Alejandro in a hurdle race, and Gwen gets a gold medal! With a tie-breaker event at hand, Tyler and Cody are forced to make like Icarus and fly to win the last gold medal to decide the victorious team. It is then Alejandro (who made a previous safety deal with Tyler) decides that its time for Tyler to repay his end of the deal with Alejandro, and let the cat out of the bag. Tyler can't stand holding it in any longer, and blabs out loud that yes, GWEN betrayed Courtney! :evil: Duncan escapes the Bear only to get royally KNOCKED out by Cody who's FURIOUS that Duncan got to Gwen, and Courtney is ROYALLY determined to make Gwen's life a living nightmare! :!: But Courtney will have to wait, as Cody wins victory for Team Amazon, sending an Intern home! 8)