Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 14

Greece's Pieces

Aired Unknown Dec 30, 2010 on TELETOON

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  • Chris: We're heading to the birthplace of the Olympics right now, in- Courtney: Greece! Sierra: Atlantis? Owen: Mt. Olympics? Chris: Wrong, fictional, and what?!


    Song: Greek Mix (AKA Fight for the Gold, sung by Duncan and Gwen about the kiss they had last night, and about Courtney, Al is peeking in the background too)

    Challenge: Old School Olympics (first Duncan and Gwen had to get a medal from a "boar-bear"'s neck Gwen won, they the rest had to fight on a circle and last standing wins, and Owen won, then hurdles Al vs. Heather with Heather won, and flying up to a crane and grab the last medal, Cody won, Amazons won)

    Eliminated: Some Intern, becuase he made chris think the olympic origniated in Rome.

    Side-Stuff: I miss Noah and Lindsay. Zeke poped from under the floor early on the episode. Sierra had her ponytail missing when Chris was explainging the challenge, Cody KOed Duncan, Tyler couldn't stand keeping the secret, and Al hepled him in that, he hepled him early on and Tyler owed him one, and Al used it to ask Tyler what did he see in the confessional. So "Gwuncan" is now official? sierra was right, now Sierra pursue "Coderra". I hate couple names!!!! Poor Courtney, the first season I actually like her and she has to go through this?!?.

    Bottom Line: Great episode, and The interns suck at researching. 9.5/10!