Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 26

Hawaiian Punch

Aired Unknown Apr 24, 2011 on TELETOON

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  • Heather is the True Winner of TDWT

    After 24 contestants (counting the ones that were eliminated in the CMTDARS Reunion Movie) were eliminated, Heather is the last contestant standing on "Total Drama". As a result, she gets the million, not long before Ezekiel steals it.

    Heather is the best season winner in "Total Drama" history because she lasted longer than any other contestant, whether if she made it to the Final Three more than once, or being the only winner who didn't return after being eliminated (unlike Duncan and Owen, winners prior to her season).

    Heather is the very first female to win a season on Cartoon Network. She even won a season on her own, since Owen won because of Izzy and Lindsay, and Duncan won by vote after he tied with Beth.
  • Cody: Wow. Al hates being called "Al"? Gosh, Al. Owen must have called Al "Al" like a thousand times on the show, eh Al? Poor Al.

    Destination: Hawaii!

    Song: Vs. (sung by Heather & Al while building the effigies).

    Challenge: Hawaiian Fire Dance Of Death (tiebreaker - Al won, Cody is out), Effigy Challenge (the finalist with 2 helpers (Al - Courtney & Lindsay/Heather - Harold & Cody) had to build a replica of each other - Al finihsed first). And HEather Vs Al Vs Volcano (race to the volcano and thorw the effigy. Heather won)

    Eliminated: Al. Heather won. And it's cool. She is the won who fought the most for the money, not like Owen.

    Side-Stuff: Loved Harold, Lindsay & Cody still being part, they're my favorite contestants (and Heather too) and I loved to see them inculded. Also, The ending with Zeke in the volcano was so O_o and so was Darth Al. But hey, I get it that it's difficult to make a finale after 3 years of tough competition.

    Overall: It was a somewhat disspointing finale. I mean, I liked who won, but it wasn't as reality show-y as the rest of the show. I mean Zeke fell into a voclano, surived, and everyone died on a volcanic rock shower. Also, the Darth Al but as very weird. So yeah, mixed feelings, 8.5/10.
  • Season Three Finale. Heather Wins!

    Who in the world ever said that the good guys always win? In the season finale of Total Drama World Tour, fate has litterly chosen the lesser of two evils to win the million dollar prize. Heather didn't get to keep it thanks to the ferial Zeke, however. She still deserved it more than Alejandro for helping out Sierra in the last episode. It was a shame that Cody didn't even make the final two. All in all, I feel that both this episode and Total Drama World Tour in general was pretty good. I give it a perfect ten.
  • Terrible! Everything in this season was either predictable or pointless so there weren't any good surprises.

    Terrible! Everything in this season was either predictable or pointless so there weren't any good surprises. It also stinks that we never got a follow up on several plot points (like the whole Gwen/Duncan thing)and the finale was the worst part of the whole season. It's not as fun as it could have been, people were kept longer than even their jokes needed plus in the finale ending scenes we get a lame LotR reffrence and if that wasn't bad enough, an even worse Star Wars III rip. If the creators want to do another season with a new cast that's fine but please, get new writers!
  • I really liked the season's ending.

    When this series first started, I seriously had my doubts about this show. I didn't know if they were ready to handle a third season well, seeing as Season 2 wasn't as good as I had hoped it was going to be. However, once it got off the ground, the show was pretty good. Elimination rounds were tense and exciting. Plots were thickened, backs were stabbed, and all in thirty minutes of television! Total Drama World Tour has totally kept up the show's high standard of comedy, unbelievable secrets, and (latent) mystery. I can't wait for the arrival of Season 4!
  • In episode 7 of season 3, right before the beginning ofher team's (short-lived) victory, hopeful Lindsay cheers up her teammate DJ by reminding him, "If Tyler can come back, ANYTHING can happen!" How right she was.

    A lot of the episodes in World Tour were packed with drama, multiple storylines, surprises, A**pulls, and more. The writing was a bit sloppy, but this season is still considered better than last year's "Action". However, I think both seasons are around the same level; character derailments and drama abound in each. But the finale of season 3 puts the rest of the craziness of the past episodes to shame.

    The episode, in a single summary, was the release of a major drama bomb; Cody (the Good guy of the final three) was eliminated, leading into an evil vs. evil combat between Heather and Alejandro. Heather has held a bad reputation after everything she's pulled in the original series, but she finally met her match in World Tour. The two compete to create dummies of their opponent, then embark on an epic race to the top of a volcano for their sacrifice to bve tossed in. No matter which version of the ending you see, expect Zombie Ezekiel to make an apperance, all former contestants swimming for their lives from an exploding volcano, and one man severly injured, and transfered into a robot suit for survival.

    NOW you know what "Anything" can mean. It was clearly foreshadowing. Come to think of it, maybe it wasn't bad writing- all of it was done on purpose, to finish off the old players before bringing in new ones next year.

    Aside from everything else that happened this season, I really liked Heather's development over the course of the series; going from haughty antagonist to somewhat likeable anti-hero in this episode ("You mean I'M the good guy?"). The songs were no slouch either; then again, I DO like a good musical...

    So while the entire thrid season basically evolved into "Saw" meets "Neon Genesis Evangelion", ESPECIALLY this finale, it was pretty epic, if merely tolerable. Be on the lookout for "Total Drama Reloaded", featuring a new cast, coming next summer.