Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 26

Hawaiian Punch

Aired Unknown Apr 24, 2011 on TELETOON

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  • Cody: Wow. Al hates being called "Al"? Gosh, Al. Owen must have called Al "Al" like a thousand times on the show, eh Al? Poor Al.

    Destination: Hawaii!

    Song: Vs. (sung by Heather & Al while building the effigies).

    Challenge: Hawaiian Fire Dance Of Death (tiebreaker - Al won, Cody is out), Effigy Challenge (the finalist with 2 helpers (Al - Courtney & Lindsay/Heather - Harold & Cody) had to build a replica of each other - Al finihsed first). And HEather Vs Al Vs Volcano (race to the volcano and thorw the effigy. Heather won)

    Eliminated: Al. Heather won. And it's cool. She is the won who fought the most for the money, not like Owen.

    Side-Stuff: Loved Harold, Lindsay & Cody still being part, they're my favorite contestants (and Heather too) and I loved to see them inculded. Also, The ending with Zeke in the volcano was so O_o and so was Darth Al. But hey, I get it that it's difficult to make a finale after 3 years of tough competition.

    Overall: It was a somewhat disspointing finale. I mean, I liked who won, but it wasn't as reality show-y as the rest of the show. I mean Zeke fell into a voclano, surived, and everyone died on a volcanic rock shower. Also, the Darth Al but as very weird. So yeah, mixed feelings, 8.5/10.