Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 17

Hide And Be Sneaky

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 2007 on TELETOON
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Hide And Be Sneaky
The campers play an extreme game of Hide and Seek with Chef Hatchet who hunts them down with a huge water gun. Another person is voted off.

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  • Why Bridgette? Why Her? She Was Soooo great!

    This show is great, and so was this episode, but i was sad to see my poor Bridgette go :( . Once again, Heather was evil, and i began to dislike Owen, DJ, and Duncan and Geoff because they got Bridgette eliminated. Lindsay is finally catching on to Heather's evil ways (finally!!)I loved the fight scene between Izzy and Chef, so funny. Nothing exciting happened to Gwen or Leshawna in this episode, other than the fact that Gwen was missing Trent, and Leshawna won immunity for reaching it to the Lifeguard's Chair at the end of the Dock before Chef could get to her. Overall, a great episode other than the person who was eliminated. I would have liked to have seen Duncan or Owen go, but you can't always get what you want, right?moreless
  • Bridgette bids her final farewell and Lindsay finally questions Heather's morals and values, revealed in this special 400 word review of this great episode! :!:

    It had to happen sooner or later, but Lindsay is finally reaching her limits of being friends with Heather, as Heather has finally started to cross and break Lindsay's limits! Lindsay tries her best, but she can't find a good hiding spot until she decides to hide with Heather. Lindsay actually has a good idea. She suggests if she and Heather hide together, they can both win immunity. But Heather reveals her true colors, and tries to selfishly win immunity only for herself. But her selfishness betrays Both Heather and Lindsay as they're the 1st campers to get caught! In a B story, the 4 remaining guys begin to feel threatened by a strong, feminine presence on the Island, and feel they must take steps in order to secure a place among the Final Five. So they form an Alliance, but even This Alliance is one-sided as Duncan makes the same mistake Heather makes and selfishly tries to keep his hiding spot to himself. D.J. makes matters worse by hiding in the same spot Owen hide's in. I don't know what D.J. is thinking, but it's obvious D.J. can't win the show. And to be fair, Owen Was there first. But it doesn't matter, D.J. makes Both Owen and D.J. lose! Lindsay actually gets another good idea and suggests if she and Heather both turn one of the guys in to Chef Hatchet, they can Still win immunity! But Heather once again plays the greedy card and turns them both in herself, leaving nobody for Lindsay to turn in. Izzy, Geoff, Duncan, and Gwen are also found. But Owen gets a shot back at Duncan by ratting out the Alliance to Gwen! Fortunately, even though Heather wins immunity, so does LeShawna, leaving Gwen and Owen safe another day. But Bridgette isn't lucky. Her clumsiness Finally does her in, leaving Heather, Izzy, Owen, Duncan, and D.J. to vote her off. But Geoff refused to play with the guys, and Didn't vote Bridgette off, proving to Bridgette that she will Always come first to Geoff. But Lindsay's finally pushed to the edge when Heather spills Lindsay's irreplaceable nail polish! :shock: With Lindsay's tolerance of Heather's bad attitude finally broken, how much longer will it be before Lindsay finally retaliates against Heather? I sure hope it happens soon! :D And that's why I wrote this episode review! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • In the first scene where Bridgette gets the lighting cord caught on her ankle, her ponytail is positioned incorrectly.

    • After Izzy sneezes at one point, she is wiping her nose and her wristband is missing but in the very next scene it is back on. The wristband is also on the wrong wrist while she is flipping through the air though it appears on the correct wrist right after.

    • LeShawna wins individual invincibility for the second time.

    • With Bridgette's elimination, every female member of the Killer Bass has been eliminated, the 3 other original Bass, Duncan, Geoff and DJ were all guys (not counting the switch between Izzy and Katie).

    • When Chris is doing the recap, he says that Heather won immunity for the "Umpteenth time in a row", when actually, it was the first time Heather won immunity.

    • The campers on the confessional for this episode were Lindsay and Heather.

    • The final marshmallow went to Duncan in this episode.

    • If there were three votes against Owen (Heather, Lindsay and Izzy), three votes against Duncan (Gwen, LeShawna, and Bridgette) and three votes against Bridgette (Duncan, Owen and DJ). Geoff says he didn't vote for Bridgette but for her to be voted out he must have or else it would have been a tie.

    • When the girls are in the shower and Gwen screams, "Who turned the hot water on?!", the episode's close captioning says that it was said by Nikki. However, there is no Nikki in the show. (Ironically, Nikki is the name of Gwen's counterpart in 6teen, a show made by the creators of Total Drama Island)

    • Bridgette's audition: She's standing on a beach giggling as people tell her to go for it and she plays "Yankee Doodle" with her nose. She then tells the camera that she is a real friend and an honest player.

    • This is the fourth known romantic duo (Geoff and Bridgette) to be split up. The first couple was Tyler and Lindsay in Phobia Factor. The second was Duncan and Courtney in Basic Straining and the third was Trent and Gwen in Search and Do Not Destroy.

    • Lindsay begins to question her role as Heather's BFF (Best Female Friends) in this episode.

    • The guys form a guy only alliance in this episode.

    • Izzy is the first person to fight Chef.

    • This is the second time Chef is in charge of a challenge. The first time was in Basic Straining.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Izzy, in the rafters, sneezes and Chef looks up at her)
      Izzy: Oops! Guess you heard that.

    • Owen: I am so psyched! A dude's alliance! I love it! It's so manly! Yeah! Come here!
      (Owen kisses DJ once and Duncan three times, then the two back away disgusted)
      Owen: Ugh!
      (slaps his forehead)
      Duncan: All right, now clear out!
      Owen: But why?
      Duncan: Cause I was here first, this is my hiding spot!

    • Owen: (after falling through the roof of the dining hall) Owwwwh, I landed on my keys!

    • Chris: Lindsay, you're gonna need to find a better hiding spot than under your covers.
      Lindsay: Fooled you. This isn't even my bed.

    • Chris: (after revealing that Bridgette was voted off) Okay, that was a shocker. Even I'm shocked and I knew the answer.

    • Chris: Knock-knock.
      Lindsay: Who's there?
      Chris: The entire viewing world.
      Lindsay: The entire viewing world who?

    • Heather: I cannot believe LeShawna shredded my clothes! She is going to pay for this.
      Lindsay: Well, you did steal Gwen's boyfriend. That's pretty major.
      Heather: Shut up.

    • Chef Hatchet: This is my kitchen! Otherwise known as 'Forbidden Territory'!

    • Chef Hatchet: (to Geoff) You're done, son.

    • (in the confession stalls)
      Lindsay: Ok, that was a limited edition. I am never gonna get that nail polish back. I'm starting to think that maybe Heather isn't so nice, after all.

    • Chef: Technically, I don't have to spray you but~
      Bridgette: Spray me! Please!

    • (in the confession stall)
      Lindsay: Heather is totally trustworthy, she may insult me and tell me what to do and call me names but that's what BFF's are for: Best Female Friends!
      Heather: Who needs friends? There are two kinds of people in this world: the sheep and the shepherd, and Lindsay is a total sheep. Baaaaaaah!
      Lindsay: I think she totally understands and respects my creative gameplay ideas.
      Heather: I've got flipflops with more brains than her but hey, she's useful right now, so I'll keep her around. And when I don't need her anymore, I'll dump her.

    • Izzy: You'll never get me aliiiive!!!

    • Duncan: (sees Chef with his water gun) Oh, like we are so scared of a little water.
      Chris: Chef, care to demonstrate? (Chef sprays Chris with the gun) Not on me, dude!

  • NOTES (2)


    • The Untouchables

      The scene where Lindsey's nail polish stains the carpet is an indirect nod to the film The Untouchables, when Capone bludgeons one of his cronies to death with a baseball bat (the reference was confirmed by one of the directors at the show's website).

    • The Matrix

      The one fight move that Izzy does, where she jumps into the air in slow motion and kicks Chef in the head, is similar to the famous fight move from The Matrix.

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