Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 19

Hook, Line And Screamer

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 2007 on TELETOON

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  • A scary movie and a scary challenge frightens the campers, and D.J. is Finally done like dinner! :!:

    I always Knew D.J. was never going to win "Total Drama Island." He sure took his sweet time getting voted off, but seeing him lose this challenge makes all the waiting Finally pay off! Everybody (except D.J.) knows scary movies can't be taken seriously. They are full of one over-played cliche after another. Oddly enough, the scary movie isn't just for fun, it's to mentally prepare the campers for their scariest challenge yet: to avoid being caught by a chainsaw killer with the Bloody Hook! :twisted: (Sorry, couldn't resist a Duncan reference!) :lol: Needless to say, this is the one challenge D.J. is absolutely the Worst qualified to face, and he's one of the 1st people to lose! And he loses, when he doesn't even Face the killer, he loses by seeing Heather put her Makeup on! :shock: (Although to be fair, that would probably scare many people. But man! D.J. was weak!) :roll: So D.J.'s pretty much a dead duck, but this episode wasn't without other perks. Izzy and Owen finally bond together as a couple, and Owen Finally gets some from a girl! :D I always knew Owen had it in him! Although Owen might want to think twice about trying to sacrifice Izzy in future challenges, but I'm sure Izzy will forgive Owen, eventually! :oops: Geoff, Heather, and LeShawna all make Bad horror movie mistakes by going off alone and inevitably getting caught! Although Gwen and Duncan have a lot in common where it comes to fashion taste and horror movie knowledge, they differ in their strategies. Duncan decides that he's not going to wait for the killer! Duncan decides to face the Killer head-on! As it turns out, the Killer was just Chef wearing a hockey mask, a fake hook, and using a store-bought chainsaw. But Everyone's in for a shock when Gwen's unexpectedly faced with: the Real psycho killer! :o Didn't see That one coming! Of course, the Goth Girl Always lives the longest in horror movies, and defeats the real killer with ease, and finally sends D.J. home! :) I love this series! ;)
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