Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 19

Hook, Line And Screamer

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 2007 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • When Duncan is about to face Chef Hatchet, he is on the dock already, but when Chris sees Duncan, he is about to walk on the dock to face him.

    • When Izzy and Owen are rushing through the woods, Izzy's wristband is missing. Later, Izzy is watching Owen fall down the cliff and her wristband is on the wrong arm.

    • Chef's chain saw is taped to a hockey stick and he uses the stick like a handle but when his silhouette is shown, he is holding the chain saw by its regular handle and there is no sign of the hockey stick.

    • Goof: When putting her finger across her throat like a knife, Izzy has five fingers.

    • This is the second time Geoff failed to follow through on a promise he made to DJ with the first time being in Who Can You Trust?.

    • Though he is not a camper, the real psycho killer was seen in the confessional.

    • Before Gwen runs to get water she screams "Holy crap!", but in the Cartoon Network version she screams "Oh, man!".

    • Goof: When Duncan confronted the "killer", he cut off Chef's hook with the chainsaw, but when everyone runs to warn Gwen about the real killer on the loose, Chef's hook is restored.

    • When Chef is coming towards Duncan in his killer costume, he's wearing his chef hat. But it disappears when Duncan starts throwing stuff at him.

    • Here's what the campers were doing before the "killer" came after them:

      Owen and Izzy were making out in the woods.
      Geoff was looking for an ice cream truck.
      DJ went to the bathroom.
      Duncan was playing with fire.
      LeShawna was looking for food.
      Heather was taking a shower.
      Gwen was making herself a sandwich.

    • The campers in the confessional for this episode were DJ, Gwen and Duncan.

    • This is the second time we see Duncan with his fake hook hand since The Sucky Outdoors.

    • This is the first episode that shows Owen and Izzy together as a couple.

    • When Owen and Izzy are walking in the woods, they refer to themseleves in the third person.

    • DJ's audition: He's in his room talking about how he was raised right and shows everyone a photo of his mom. He then bursts into tears as he says "I love you" to the photo and thanks everyone for listing.

    • This is the second time someone leaves the island without getting voted off since That's Off The Chain!.

    • This is the second episode where Chef appears and does not have a line of dialogue.

    • This is the second time we see Chef in a hockey mask since No Pain, No Game.

    • Running gag: the campers refer to the killer as the "Escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook".

    • DJ ran off (into the tent where the eliminated campers were) when he saw Heather in her shower look... not because he saw the 'killer'

    • The rules in surviving a horror movie(according to Gwen) are:

      1: Don't go off alone.
      2: If you do go off on your own, don't go into the woods.
      3: If you do go into the woods, don't make out or you will die.

    • Gwen runs into the real serial killer on the loose.

    • Duncan is the only one who stands up to the 'killer'.

    • Gwen wins invincibility in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Gwen: Where's LeShawna?
      Duncan: She went to get some chow.
      Gwen: (in confessional) Doesn't ANYONE listen to me??!!

    • Owen: This seems a lot longer and flatter than how we got here!
      Izzy: It is! Horror movies always extend the running scenes!
      Owen: Why?
      Izzy::So they have time to film a good wipe out! (Owen then trips over a rock and then falls off the cliff)
      Owen: Oooh! Ow! Yeouch! Oww! Thud! Aaah! Ow! Oof! Ouch! Oh, my spine!
      Izzy: Owen, I'm comin'!!! Oooh! Ow! Yeouch! Oww! Thud! Aaah! Ow! Oof! Ouch! (panting) Hey, Owen...hi.

    • Duncan: (about the movie they just saw) There was hardly any hacking. Not like Bloodbath 2: Summer camp rain of terror.
      Gwen: Shut up. That's my favourite movie. I love it when the killer sticks that guy's hand inside the lawnmower.
      Duncan: Or when he pushes that chick off the dock and she lands on a propeller blade that slices her in half.
      Duncan and Gwen: Or when he sticks that fat dude's head inside the wood chipper.
      Heather: Aww, it looks like Gwen and Duncan have more in common than bad fashion sense.

    • Gwen: You really are a pyro, aren't you?
      Duncan: So? I like burning stuff.
      Gwen: Is that what you went to Juvvy for?
      Duncan: Like I'd tell you why I went to Juvvy.
      (lights the board on fire)
      Gwen: Holy crap! I'll get water!
      (runs away)
      Duncan: And then there was one.

    • Heather: (about the movie they just saw) Hey Chris, if you're listening: next time, rent one that takes place at a summer camp.
      Chris: I tried but they were all rented.

    • Gwen: (to the real killer) Hey! You want a sandwich before you impale me with your big scary hook? (the killer shakes his head no) Look, you can drop the charade, okay? I know you're an actor with a hook prothesis and frankly, you're not that scary. (the killer removes his hook and shows that he has no hand) Ewwww, gross! How did they get it to go all scabby like that?

    • Izzy: Hey, coolio, Gwen's taking on the psycho all by herself.
      Duncan: Wait a sec! If Chef's in here, then who's in the lodge with Gwen?!

    • Duncan: (to the "killer") Come and get it, goalie boy.

    • Chris: Well, it's obvious to everyone that Gwen wins invincibility. Sadly, it's equally unanimous that DJ walk the Dock of Shame since he was the only one who screamed and bolted without the escape psycho killer even being there. But, no hard feelings, dude. You will be missed.
      Owen: Awww, group hug.
      (everyone gives DJ a hug)

    • DJ: (to Geoff outside community washroom) Ok. No matter what, you do not leave. Not if you hear a psycho, not if you see a psycho. Not if a psycho is slashing you to bits.

    • Gwen: Rule #8, the party guy is a prime target for psycho killer right after the big, lovable jock.
      DJ: (in confessional) Now she tells me.

    • Owen: (laughing) For the love of Peter Pumpkin eater, that was some fun going on. Am I right? (sees Izzy glaring at him) Oh. You're still on the part where Owen shoved Izzy into the killer.

    • Chris: ...and tonight, we're watching too see who can survive a real life scary movie with special appearance by (spooky voice) the escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook!

    • (Izzy jumps into Owen's arms)
      Izzy: Izzy loves scary movies.
      Owen: So does Owen.
      (Duncan and DJ give him a thumbs up)

    • Owen: If this was a stunt, would Chris leave behind his hair gel?
      (everyone gasps)
      Gwen: Whoah! This is for real.

    • Chris: Who will be the next winner? Who will be the next loser? Who will renew my contract for next season?

    • Gwen: Ok. Rule #1, do not go off on your own.
      Rule #2, if you do go off on your own, never go in the woods. Rule #3, if you do go in the woods, never, ever, ever make out in the woods or you will die in the woods. Where's Izzy and Owen?
      Duncan: Breaking rules one through three.

    • DJ: Let me get this straight. Chris left us for dead and now we're alone while that escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw is on the loose?
      Duncan: No. We're alone while that escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook is on the lose! (sticks out his hook hand and DJ screams)
      DJ: I told you, dude. Not funny!

    • Everyone: Gwen! He's the real escaped psycho killer with the chainsaw and the hook!

    • Owen: Owen's too young to die! Here, take Izzy.

    • Owen: that's how Owen won the hotdog-athon. Owen ate two hundred dogs...well, 198, actually. The judges wouldn't count the last two since they squirted back up Owen's nose.
      Izzy: Wicked! Izzy's impressed!

    • DJ: I feel like we're being watched.
      Heather: Duhh, it's a reality show. We're always being watched.

    • DJ: (to Geoff) Don't you know you never leave a brother when he's taking a leak?
      Owen: Okay, even I know that doesn't sound right.

    • Chris: (to Heather) Maybe if you paid attention to the scary movies, you'd know that a) you never go off alone and b) you certainly never shower alone.

    • (Duncan throws a fish at Chef)
      Duncan: What? There's nothing left to throw.

    • The REAL escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook: (referring to Gwen kicking him in the face) I was treated WAY better in prison.

    • (Izzy is glaring at Owen angrily)
      Owen: Owen's not getting to second base, is he?
      (Izzy shakes her head no)
      Owen: First base?
      (Izzy shakes her head no again))
      Owen: Is he getting up to ba~
      (Izzy punches Owen)

    • Owen: Great balls of fire! That's it! The psycho killer! Remember how he left the woods to hack apart the couple who were making out?
      Izzy: But we're not making out.
      Owen: Oh...yeah.
      Izzy: You wanna make out?
      Owen: Yes!

    • Chris: (rushing to save Gwen from real killer) This could be really, really good for ratings but really, really bad for lawsuits!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Friday the 13th/Candyman/The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

      Chef has three items that relate to other horror films. The hockey mask belongs to Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th films, the chainsaw belongs to Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films and the hook from the Candyman films.

    • Spider-man 2

      Duncan: Let's see who's behind the mask.
      This is the famous line from the movie Spider-man 2 when Harry Osborne is about to unmask Spider-man.

    • Scream

      Gwen explaining the rules to a horror movie is a reference to the movie Scream, where one person explains the rules to survive a horror movie.