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Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 25

I Triple Dog Dare You

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 2007 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

I Triple Dog Dare You
The remaining three campers participate in a series of dares that were made up by the ones that have been voted off so far. Another camper leaves the island.

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  • The three remaining campers must perform dares that the eliminated campers came up with......

    Best episode ever! For one thing, Heather is finally eliminated. Gwen was really smart about her and Owen using his freebies to gang up on Heather to get Heather eliminated. Plus, the dares made it worse. Everything that Heather did to torture others came coming back to her! And more! Slapping herself, licking Owen's armpit, eating jelly out of Owen's bellybutton. What goes around comes around, comes around, and Heather had so much coming toward her. Heather thought that this would be easy, but she was so wrong. Oh, so wrong. I'd have to say that the best part of the episode was when Heather had to do Lindsay's dare. She thought it would be easy because it was LINDSAY, but she was so wrong. What came around really did come back this time. Heather threatened to shave all of Lindsay's hair off in the cooking challenge, and Lindsay's dare is to get her head shaved by Chef. Karma! Anyway, Heather refuses to do this (she kicks the razor thing out of Chef's hand), but the razor was still on and shaved her head anyway! She didn't agree to it, and gets eliminated anyway! And now Heather's bald. Best. Episode. EVER!moreless
  • Favourite Episode.

    This episode is way awsome! This whole season was amazing but this episode made it like it is. It the best episode of all time, I wish season 2 had this! It is amazing! Owen eats dog food, Gwen drinks out of the toilet. Pretty gross, But awsome and funny! This episode rocks! This is one episode they should always premiere. The heather parts were very funny those were the best. The Season, The Episode, The parts. All in the same theme. They sticked with it! I love this episode it's awsome and unique. I love it, And i can't say anything different. Total drama action could use this, Really!moreless
  • Heather, owen, and gwen have to put through a game of I triple dog dare you. gwen spins the wheel. Duncan's dare is, lick Owen's armpit

    the episode starts with two birds eating a worm. Then the campers get pancakes for breakfast. Owen is surprised when Heather walks past him with a tray of pancakes. Gwen gets the pancakes with haingnails and dust on it. Chris takes the campers to the stage. where they performed the talent show before. HE tells the campers that there playing a game of i triple dog dare you. Starring all the voted off campers. he says if anybody chickens out of there dare they don't get a marshmallow and have to walk the dock of shame. gwen spins the wheel first. duncan's dare is lick owen's armpit. gwen dares heather to do the dare. heather licks owen's armpit and pukes. chris tells the viewers that who ever pukes first has to pay a hundred dollars to the other person. chris says chef's going down. heather spins. ezekial's dare is chew you're toe nail slowly. heather dares gwen. owen spins. izzy's dare is give a female grizzley a purpal nerpol. owen gets lit up. heather has to lick owen's bellybutton. owen splits his freebies with gwen so heather has to smack herself eat a cockcroach prentend to be a chicken eat a hard boiled egg and drink chef's mystery meat colaid.chris pays chef ahunded dollar puking first. gwen spins lindsay and dares heather. the dare is get you're head shaved by chef hatchet. heather refuses the dare and kicks the razore out of chef's hand. it flies through the air and when it lands it shaves heather's hair. heather is voted off and who will win the check for 10,00 dollars.moreless
  • definetly one of the best episodes of TDI yet

    it all starts with chris saying that the final 3 campers are being rewarded with an all you can eat pancake breakfast, which makes owen happy. then they spend like 2 or 5 minutes in the confessional. they talk about what they'll do if they win, they're take on the other campers, but its mostly owen singing about panckes. then comes the challenge, the final 3 have to do a series of dares made up by the ousted campers. heather and gwen just repeatedly give eachother their dares, while owen accepted every dare. heather had to keep licking owens body, gwen usually had to do gross or life-threatning dares, and owen usually had to eat something. examples:

    heather-lick owens armpit

    gwen-drink powdered fruit punch from the communel toilet

    owen-re-chew a wad of harolds gum

    owen then agreed to team up w/ gwen to take down heather by giving gwen his freebies. then heather had to do every dare. the final dare was lindsays and her dare was: have your head shaved by chef. heather refuses to do the dare but when she kicks the shaver thing(i forget what its called) her head is shaved anyway. but she still refused the dare so.......heather was finally voted off!!!!!! now its down to the final 2 who win $100,000, find out on total drama island!

    so yeah this episode was awesome. its so great i recorded it on my VCR so now i have it on video. thats how much i like this episode. man i can't wait for the finale!moreless
  • Ding Dong! The Wicked B!tch is dead! (Or close enough!) Heather gets Everything she deserves and more! :D

    Yahoo! The best thing to ever happen in the world finally happens! All of Heather's pent up anger and frustration against anyone and everyone finally comes back to bite her, and bites her harder than she would've Ever anticipated! Heather is So sure she will win, she's practically already counting the ways she'll use the money to further her evil ends. But that's Before she learns what today's challenge will end up being. All the voted off campers finally get a chance to get their come-uppance against Heather in a free-for-all, winner-takes-all, loser-loses it all, Triple Dog Dare Challenge! To Heather's surprise, it's Anything but easy, it turns out to be the antithesis of easy! The voted-off campers throw everything in the book at her, including a handful of new tricks they came up with themselves! Wrestling an alligator, licking Owen's armpit, licking Owen's toejam, drinking yogurt out of Owen's belly-button, eating a cockroach, hitting yourself, getting covered in leeches, the voted-off campers run the gauntlet from A-Z to make her life as miserable as she made there's. Yet challenge after challenge, she refuses to give up because She refuses to lose! Ironically, Heather finally gets done in by her old ex 'Best friend,' Lindsay. And Lindsay's dare is the one dare that Heather would Never accept, not for all the money in the world: getting her hair cut by Chef! So before Chef can even get close to her, she kicks Chef's electric razor out of his hands! But that last bit of evil karma is what finally pushed her over the edge: the razor fell Onto Heather, and the results are nothing less of shocking: all of Heather's hair is now almost completely gone, and she looks like the hideous female that she truly is! And because she didn't accept the dare, it puts her on a one-way ticket to where she truly belongs: Loserville! And Chef and Chris McLean drag her to the Boat of Losers, with her kicking and screaming all the way! Now there are two: Owen and Gwen. Who will win it all?! :Dmoreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (27)

    • This is the first season in which Owen and Heather, the only contestant to make it to the final three more than once, are in the final three together.

    • Goof: After Heather's head was shaved, Gwen and Owen walked with her to see her go to the Dock of Shame, at the end of Gwen's shirt her ripped spikes are gone but reappear moments later.

    • This marks the third time someone leaves the island without a campfire ceremony.

    • During the first two rounds, whenever the campers took their turns, they landed on a camper that was the opposite gender of them.

    • Goof: Chris' pants change to shorts twice in this episode.

    • When this episode aired on the Cartoon Network, Chris' line "Is there nothing these freaks won't do?" was changed to "Is there nothing these weirdos won't do?".

    • The part when Heather screams, you can see a squirrel turn around with a close-up and with dramatic music. This is a reference to a popular internet meme named Dramatic Chipmunk.

    • When Heather spins the wheel to Geoff, she spins it counter-clockwise. Everyone else, including her, spun it clockwise the entire time.

    • Chris's line "so friggin sick" was changed to "so totally sick" in the Cartoon Network airing of this episode.

    • When this episode aired on Cartoon Network, Gwen's line "Just give me the freaking freebie" was changed to "Just give me the stupid freebie".

    • When this episode aired on the Cartoon Network, Owen's line "Twice in a row's gotta suck" to Heather is changed to "Twice in a row's gotta hurt".

    • Goof: When Chris hands out the soda bottles representing freebies, they have green bottle caps on them; but in the scene where Owen shares his freebies with Gwen, they are clearly uncapped, as Owen can blow into them. After Gwen spins the bottle for Courtney's dare, the caps are back on and stay on for the rest of the episode.

    • When Heather screams after having her head shaved, it can be heard at the losers' resort, where the losing campers are standing around the pool in the same positions they were in when they voted LeShawna out, except for the following differences:
      -Eva is standing directly behind Cody instead of off to one side.

      -Duncan and LeShawna have joined the losers and are standing behind Trent and Courtney.

      -Harold no longer has the lamp post wrapped around him.

      -Lindsay does not have DJ's pet rabbit, Bunny in her lap.

    • Chris, Owen, Gwen and Heather are seen in the confessinal in this epsiode.

    • Goof: While Chris is doing his recap, he says that Owen has 20 freebies, while Gwen and Heather have none; but Gwen has 1 freebie. Also, only 13 of Owen's freebies are shown on screen, and some shots show only 9.

    • Monopoly
      The contestants are able to perform dares voluntarily to gain "Get out of dare freebies", similar to the "Get out of jail free card" in the board game Monopoly. Also, when Chris says that whomever chickens out on a dare goes directly to the walk of shame, he parodies the "Go To Jail" card.

    • Heather is brought down by Lindsay's dare to have her head shaved. In If You Can't Take The Heat, Heather threatened that she would cut off Lindsay's hair if she betrayed her again, and Heather betrayed Lindsay in That's Off The Chain!.

    • Heather's Audition tape: Heather states that she's not camera shy and while others may have a problem with their body, she has no such worry. She promises high ratings before going into the shower.

    • The dares made up by Justin or DJ are not shown during the episode.

    • Here are the dares the campers made up for the final three:

      Ezekiel: Chew your own toenail slowly.
      Eva: Wear a beard made out of bees.
      Noah: Wrestle an alligator.
      Katie and Sadie: Kiss a dead fish.
      Tyler: Eat grape jelly from Owen's belly button.
      Izzy: Give a sleeping bear a purple nurple.
      Cody: Drop a tray of ice into your underwear and let them melt. Eat dog food.
      Beth: Chew Harold's pre-chewed gum.
      Courtney: Drink a blended puree of Chef's mystery meat.
      Harold: Lick Owen's toe jam.
      Trent: Eat hard boiled eggs while lying down.
      Bridgette: Dress like a baby.
      Lindsay: Get your head shaved by Chef.
      Geoff: Drink fruit punch from a toilet.
      LeShawna: Walk on a tight rope while holding meat above shark infested waters.
      Duncan: Lick Owen's armpit.

      There are also some dares we see, but we don't see who came up with them:

      Lay in a pool full of leeches.
      Act like a chicken.
      Hit yourself.
      Eat a live cockroach.
      Kiss one of Chef's socks.
      Be shot out of a cannon into a pile of pig poo.

    • Goof: When Chris, Chef and Gwen are in the bathroom, Chef is seen wearing his normal clothes instead of the pink dress. He is shown wearing it again when Gwen goes off to puke.

    • Chef is seen in this episode but has no lines.

    • The campers voted off previously make a brief appearance in this episode though none have lines.

    • Heather was voted off by a similar technicality that Lindsay was in That's Off The Chain!.

    • Owen gets twenty dare freebees in this competition.

    • The campers voted off are part of this week's competition as they compose the dares that the final three endure.

    • This marks the third time someone leaves the island without a campfire ceremony

  • QUOTES (36)

    • Owen: (while chewing Harold's gum) Full bodied, a delicate fruity aroma with a hint of citrus, robust yet balanced, Summery. Oh, and a crunchy center.

    • Chris: (after Heather eats jelly out of Owen's belly button) Okay, we'll give Heather a few more minutes on life support before we start the next round. Lunch break. PB&J, anyone?

    • Heather: Can you say lazy? Even sloths could take a tip from Slow-en.

    • Owen: That's what that black gunk is?
      Heather: I'll use my freebie.
      Chris: Good call.

    • Heather: Luckily, I'm just left with the freakshow and fatty ginormous.

    • (in confessional)
      Chris: Here's the deal. Chef and I have a bet on the side...whoever pukes first has to pony up 100 bucks.

    • Chris: Drink a blended purée of Chef's mystery meat.
      Gwen: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Heather.

    • (in the confessional)
      Chris: That was so gross! (throws up) Is there nothing these freaks won't do?

    • Owen: (as Heather is about to lick his armpit) You could imagine you're licking an ice cream cone.
      Heather: Shut up, Owen!
      Owen: Minus the pit hair.
      Heather: I mean it!
      Owen: Oh, and the B.O.

    • (Gwen spins the bottle)
      Chris: Ok, let's get this party started. Duncan's dare: Lick Owen's armpit. Gwen, you can perform the dare yourself or dare one of your competitors to do it. Either way, someone's licking some armpit in the next minute.

    • Owen: Don't be shy, dude! Four words...all you can eat. You got the pancakes, I got the stomach.

    • Heather: What is this, grade 5? Why don't we just do 7 Minutes of Heaven in a skanky basement closet?
      Owen: Yeah! Good Call! Let's do it!

    • Chris: Anyone who chickens out of their dare will be sent directly to the dock of shame, board the boat of losers, do not go to bonfire, do not collect marshmallow, and do not get to win $100,000.

    • Heather: At this rate, Trent's going to need a fumigation squad just to....
      (Gwen burps in her face)

    • Heather: I'm just picturing Trent watching this, and I don't think he'll be wanting to lock lips with you any time soon.
      Gwen: You should talk, pit breath!

    • Owen: I dreamed it would happen. Now it's finally here. All you can eat pancakes!

    • Chris: And then there were two. Tune in next week to see who will win the cheque for $100,000.00 on Total Drama Island.
      Heather: You want drama? You'll be pennyless! Jobless! Your mug will be on every blog from here to Cape Breton.

    • Heather: (confessional cam) Luckily, Gwen has no strengths. She's just a lonely gutterpunk with dragon breath and ugly hair.
      Gwen: (confessional cam) Heather's strength? I'd have to say her bottomless pit of mean... I'm banking on her massive ego to be her downfall.

    • Owen: I'd never win, but if I did, I'd start every morning with pancakes... because they're little sunshines of yummy fun.

    • Owen: But none of the 'all you can eat' pancakes in the world would be great without friends to share them with. (sighs)

    • Heather: Sure, eight weeks with these losers is cause for insanity, but hey, now the mothership knows where Gwen is so they can retrieve her and Greenpeace can bag and tag Owen as the hazardous waste that he is.

    • Gwen: Personally, I've had enough drama to last a lifetime. Don't get me wrong, Owen's ok but eight weeks with Heather was about as fun as a mouth full of inpacted molars.

    • Chris: So friggin' sick, Chef is goin' down!

    • Gwen: You still have a bit of jelly on your lip.
      Heather: Oh, go stick your head back in the toilet.

    • Gwen: Sure, winning the money would be cool. Know what would be sweeter? Making sure Heather lost.

    • Gwen: So I made it to the final three... guess it goes to show you how far a bad attitude can get you.

    • Gwen: If I win, I'm gonna buy Camp Wawanakwa so I can burn it to the ground and build a cemetery.

    • Heather: Sure, Owen's dumb luck has won him a few challenges but it's his ability not to be grossed out by anything edible that worries me.

    • Owen: Do you ever notice how much a toilet seat looks like a pancake?(laughs and licks the toilet seat)
      (Heather starts talking)
      Owen: (bites toilet seat) I should probably spit this out. (falls asleep)

    • Chris: (after Heather's head is shaved) Well, that was a misfortunate accident... looks like Heather's out.
      Heather: What are you talking about? He shaved my head!

    • Gwen: Hey, Owen, you give me half of your freebees, I'll split half the prize money.
      Owen: But what if you don't win?
      Gwen: Uh... I'll treat you to a box of donuts.
      Owen: You drive a hard bargain, lady.

    • Chris: Yes, I know, it's gonna be a long ride.
      Heather: A long ride to court, where I sue you for every penny you got!

    • Chris: Them's the rules.
      Heather: I thought you said there were no rules.
      Chris: Well, that's the thing. It's complicated.

    • Chris: Them's the rules: Ziltch, nada, no rules!

    • Heather: When I win the money, I'm gonna make a spinoff series: 'The World According to Heather'.

    • Owen: Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Cool Hand Luke

      Trent's dare, lying down while eating hard-boiled eggs, is very similar to another scene in the movie Cool Hand Luke where the titular character eats 50 hard-boiled eggs while lying down.

    • Heather: The world according to Heather.

      This could be a reference to the show The World According to Barnes or the movie/book The World According to Garp.