Total Drama Island

Season 4 Episode 3

Ice Ice Baby!

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 2012 on TELETOON

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  • This season is turning out okay! :D

    At first, I was like a lot of people on the fence about this new season with new contestants. I was nervous, I had my doubts, but this episode has taken my nervous doubts and have now thrown them out the window! The new characters are turning out to be interesting with their own unique quirks and challenges they have to face in this brand new season. Some of those interesting characters are Dawn, Sam, Anne Maria, Mike (with his multiple personalities), Brick, Jo, Scott, Zoey, Lightning, and Cameron. Dawn is nice, but also a bit odd, as she has the ability to float and read people's auras. Sam is a guy I can identify with, as he's into playing video games just like I am! Anne Maria is a tough customer from New Jersey, who's more than just an animated parody of Snooki; she doesn't take nonsense from anybody! Jo isn't just a brand new version of Eva, she can utilize strategy in her ability to play the game, and is willing to exploit other player's weaknesses to help her get farther in the game. Scott is the main male antagonist this season, who's into team sabotage and framing his fellow contestants, in order to get them out of the game and keep himself safe from elimination. Zoey is the nice girl of this season, who more than anything wants to make some long-lasting friendships. Lightning is a male athlete who thinks he's all that, but doesn't have the track record to back it up! Cameron is the boy with the over-protective mother, and he has (LITERALLY) lived his life in a bubble, who is now finding out what real life feels like! Mike is unusual, because when he's Chester, he acts like an old man, when he's Svetlana, he act's like a female Russian gymnast, when he's Vito, he acts like a tough guy who Anne Maria likes. Brick, despite having a military cadet upbringing, is a real gentleman. Mike himself is a nice guy, who is just trying to keep his Multiple Personality Disorder Problem under control. They are joined (or rather, re-joined) by Dakota who despite her money and apparent fame, is a really nice girl who Sam is attracted to. But while one player returns, another player leaves, and silent man B gets hurled (LITERALLY!) out of the contest! I'm looking forward to see how these contestants will continue to deal with whatever (possibly) new idea show host Chris MaClean can think of! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)