Total Drama Island

Season 4 Episode 3

Ice Ice Baby!

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 2012 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • Dakota's last name is Milton. Her character and name is a reference to the hotel chain heiress Paris Hilton.

    • This is the sixth time a contestant's last name is revealed. The first one was Harold in Total Drama Action. The second one was Cody in Total Drama World Tour. The third time was Alejandro in Total Drama World Tour. The fifth time was Blaineley in Total Drama World Tour. The fifth time was Brick in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Dakota's last name is Milton.

    • When B gets launch in the air, we can hear him yell.

    • Chris's cellphone ringtone is the theme music of the series' intro.

    • In the confessional, Scott still has the shark's tooth he first got back in "Truth or Shark".

    • In this episode, Mike admits that he suffers from multiple split personality disorders.

    • Dakota returns to the show as an intern in this episode.

    • B's audition: He is sitting in an electronic chair and tries to say something, but keeps getting interrupted by the chair that does some of his duties like brush his teeth and when he is finally about the talk, the battery in the camera dies.

    • The castmates in the confessional for this episode were Scott, Mike, Jo, Zoey and Lightning.

  • Quotes

    • Chris: (answering his cellphone) Huh? (to Dakota) It's your daddy. Hello, Mr. Milton?...How much money?! You're back!
      Dakota: Yes! Thanks, Daddy.
      Chris: As an intern.
      Dakota: An intern? NOOOOOOO!

    • (in confessional)
      Lighting: B may messed up with the challenge, but Sam...messed with the LIGHTNING. Time Thunder to say "Sha-Bye-Bye". Hey, could someone write that down?!

    • (in confessional)
      Scott: ( freaked out of what Dawn said to him) Okay, she's got to go, too!!

    • (in confessional)
      Scott: Okay, seriously...Beverly the explosive expert mime has to go!

    • Jo: Get ready to lose to a girl again!
      Lighting: What, a girl?! Who's he talking about?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Ice Ice Baby!

      The episode title is a reference to the 1990 hip hop song of the same name, written by the rapper Vanilla Ice.