Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 11

Jamaica Me Sweat

Aired Unknown Dec 02, 2010 on TELETOON
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Jamaica Me Sweat
Chris has to make an emergency landing near Jamaica when the plane runs out of fuel. Since Chris states that the show must go on, he invents makeshift versions of the planned challenges.

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  • Crazy things happen in this episode as Izzy's craziness quickly AND unexpectedly comes to an end, and D.J's 'friendship' with Alejandro comes to a screeching, and painful end for both him AND Team Victory. :idea:moreless

    I feel SLIGHTLY guilty for watching this episode on Youtube a whole week before its supposed to air in the United States. But as they say in Broadcasting Communications in my college, "There's no business like show business and the show must go on!" :D So I'm going to review why I enjoyed this episode. D.J. thinks life will be perfect for him, now that he's supposedly 'over' his curse, and he owes it all to Alejandro who told him by kissing a fish with an Egyptian eye marking named Irene; D.J. would be completely 'cured' of his bad luck. The only reason Alejandro's doing special favors for D.J. is because Alejandro WANTS D.J. to join Team C.R.R.R.R.H. WITH Alejandro. :roll: But Chris REFUSES the offer of another team swap even if it involves Alejandro's team having more members than Team Amazon. Chris even rejects the notion of a team merge so that Alejandro can't even get D.J. that way! So it is then that Alejandro decides that if HE can't have D.J. on his team, than NOBODY can! :evil: But before Alejandro can make his plan happen, Owen is starting to feel pain by being in love with Izzy, and is unsure of whether he should stay in love with Izzy or break up with her. Ironically, Owen couldn't have picked a WORSE time to have love issues because Chris' plane suddenly runs out of fuel, causing Owen and Izzy to fall out of the plane and THEN get hit on the head by it! :shock: Thankfully, Owen is okay thanks to his hard head and soft belly, but Izzy has been completely changed! :o Izzy is a genius now, and she gets taken away by the military for her own safety! :( Poor Owen, I feel sorry for him. :idea: D.J. is actually in the lead in his one man team. Its then that Alejandro spills the beans about D.J.'s cure being a fake, making D.J. lose BOTH his confidence AND the challenge! D.J. and Team Victory completely lose as D.J.'s finally eliminated! What will happen next? ;)moreless
  • I don't know, did we land in the 70s?


    Song: Oh Izzy Mix (sung by Owen after Izzy was taken by the military, right after the game. It was funny and heartwarming at the same time, Izzy sure loves to hoof Owen in the kiwis! And Gwen sung backup OhhhOh!)

    Challenge: Treasure Hunt Of Death (Team Amazo won, after Gwen found the gold (necklaces) and got electrified by an eel, Alejandro saved her and got the gold, but Heather took it and gave it to Chris) Bobsled of Death! (DJ was winning it until Alejandro spilled the beans (on purpose) about him painting the egyptian symbol on the fish, and him and Tyler won).

    Eliminated: DJ (his team lost and his team consits of him) and Izzy was taken by the army to help them time-travelling.

    Side-stuff: NOah. Was. Awesome. (I don't know, did we land in the 70s?), Tyler was hilarious too (for example condusign the necklaces with a grandfather clock) ALejandro had a cuople funny lines (I don't keep Tyler around for his brains, I'm not sure why, but there's a reason), and I got a chuckle of an eel falling on Courtney. The plane had no more fuel and crashed on Jamaica on top of Izzy and Owen, making her super-hyper-ultra-master smart, and figured time-travel ( there was a pac-man on her formulas) and Zeke sighting, on the elimination ceremony, on top of the hut.

    Bottom Line: Great episode, really, but I'm sad to see Izzy depart........moreless
  • Perfect.

    The crew accidentally lands in Jamaica, instead of the location, that they were supposed to be on. Owen wants to break up with Izzie, but when they fall oit the two fall out the plane, it lands on them. AAnd they live, but are sent to the informery. Chris states that they're broke and have no money left for the plane's fuel. At leeast they landed in Jamica. Nice views. Challenge one basically is they have to dive in eel and shark infested water, and retrieve the gold chains, to get the reward. Gwen gets it, then gets shicked by eels. She is sent to the infirmary. Soo sad. But funny, because Izzy is all smart now, and carried away by the army. Reminds me of Season one. The eel thing, was my favorte part. Challenge two, was this sliding type of challenge. Not the best challenge, but it worked because, Alehandro made sure DJ the person in the lead here, about how he drew the egyptian symbol on hus fish Irene. This causes him to freak out, because he thinks he is still cursed. DJ loses and is sent home. Although, he only dropped out of the plane from like 3 feet hogh, because of there being no more fuel. It was funny, when the ants attacked DJ. He should have joined Heather's alliance. Which Heather noted to him before, he went to the elimination ceremony. Also, he broke or sprained his arm. Good thing, he didn;t need his parachute.moreless

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