Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 1

Monster Cash!

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 2009 on TELETOON
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Monster Cash!
The season starts with the castmates looking for the actor trailers while avoiding capture by a giant monster.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • According to the TDI Blog, while on the table Owen was originally supposed to tell everyone he's fine. However, Scott McCord (who voices Owen) blurted out "Nope, call 911." The production crew found it so funny that they kept it for the episode.

    • Goof: When the monster drops Leshawna and Harold in the bounce house, the backgrounds of Gwen and Trent can be briefly seen inside the bounce house instead of Bridgette and Geoff.

    • Owen wins the second challenge for the guys team.

    • In the French version "Defis Extremes: Action", the studio is said to be near Montreal, which makes no sense due to the view of the CN tower in the background, as the CN tower is in Toronto.

    • We learn that the film studio that the contestants are at is in Toronto.

    • Chef is shown being able to carry Trent, Beth, Gwen, and DJ at once, who weigh well over Owen's weight), but can't carry Owen as mentioned earlier in the series.

    • The music playing in the background when Owen is eating all the food is the music for the "You've got to eat" song first heard in Brunch of Disgustingness.

    • Instead of an outhouse, the confessional for this season is in a make-up trailer.

    • The only contestants not seen in the confessional in this episode were Beth, Heather, DJ and Trent.

    • Heather is seen wearing her wig in this episode, but when the campers run off the cart, she is shown with the hair she had from the first season.

    • Goof: Chef controls the monster using an optical motion capture ("MoCap") suit, which is a black body suit with small reflective balls or LEDs attached to the joints, which are tracked by cameras. Chef's MoCap suit has force feedback but a real MoCap suit has no electronics and would not have feedback.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • (in the confessional)
      Owen: Maybe the monster won't look for me in here. I love Izzy. Not like love, love, but I think she's amazing. I just wish she'd notice me, and not that dumb monster. How can I compete with it? Sure, we're both big, and we both eat a lot, but it's really tall.

    • Owen: (looks at the contestant trailers) I choose...the squished one.
      (the rest of the guys groan and complain)

    • Owen: (after Chef offers him some bicarbonate soda) Don't worry, I'm cool. My mom says I have a gut like a goat. (his stomach gurgles) Nope, call 911.

    • (in confessional)
      Justin: Last year, I wasn't really a contender but this year...this year will be different! I may be a pretty boy on the outside but in here (thumps chest) there's a man filled with rage who's in this thing to win and mark my words, I will stop at nothing so no one better stand in my way cuz I will make sure they don't, uhhh, stand in my way for long! Ok? (looks in mirror handed to him) Ahhh, perfection....

    • (in the confessional)
      Geoff: Way to find the key dude. I use to think Owen was just some party dude, but he's really a stand up guy. Party on!

    • (in the confessional)
      Duncan: Do you see that? The dude ate foam core and wax! Full props for that, man.

    • Geoff: This chow looks like something out of a commerical.
      Lindsay: Oh, can I star?

    • Duncan: How did you manage to escape?
      Izzy: The monster and I had a romantic date. He doesn't take "no" for an answer. Pretty crazy, I can't even tell you guys.

    • Owen: (out of breath) I... surrender.
      Chef: Kid really needs to lay off those cheese puffs.

    • Lindsay: (as the monster roars at Heather) You tell her. We don't like her.

    • LeShawna: (as the monster picks her up) Easy now. This booty is breakable.

    • LeShawna: C'mon, string bean, I hope you can run. We got a challenge to win.
      Harold: If I wanted to, I could run as fast as a prong horned antelope. It's the fastest land mammmal next to the cheetah.

    • Gwen: This challenge isn't so bad. What? No explosions? No burning buildings? No bears?
      Trent: Maybe it's not in the budget.
      (A building burns up in front of them and a bear comes out chasing them)
      Chris: I thought the bear was tranquilized and returned to it's handler.
      Chef: Had one day left on his contract.
      Chris: Nice.

    • Gwen: How are we supposed to find the actors trailers anyway?
      Justin: Follow the good looking people.
      Beth: Yeah, follow Justin.

    • (in confessional)
      LeShawna: (referring to Owen) Know what that boy has? Guts. Guts full of foam core and rubber, but guts just the same.

    • (in confessional)
      Owen: My mom says I eat when I'm upset...and happy and tired...not to mention bored, gassy, morose, joyous, comatose, semi-conscious, avuncular..(laughs)..avuncular.

    • (an exhausted Owen collapses in front of the inflatable tent)
      Trent: It took ten and a half hours to walk three city blocks?
      DJ: That's just sad, man.

    • (in confessional)
      Owen: Boy, am I ever glad I didn't go on that diet! (laughs) Being big can really have its advantages. You know, like, uhh, when you're trying not to, uhh, be captured by an animatronic monster for example. That's just off the top of my head.

    • (in confessional)
      Justin: I'm not just another gorgeous face and abs and butt and shoulders, ok? I'm also a master strategist and this year, I'm in it to win it!

    • LeShawna: (sarcastically) Worried we might cut into your early morning makeout session (makes kissing noises)
      Bridgette: Yes...kind of.

    • Harold: (to LeShawna as the two are falling) I love you!
      LeShawna: Say what, now?

    • Trent: Beth, you got your braces off. Nice.
      Justin: Hot as ever. (looks at his reflection in Beth's teeth)

    • Chris: And action! (nobody moves) Uh, that means "Go".

    • (Trent, Gwen, Beth and DJ are being chased by a monster)
      Trent: Everyone follow me!
      Gwen: (in confessional) That's what makes Trent such a great boyfriend. He's always thinking of others. That's one of the things I love about him.
      (Trent runs off and Gwen and Beth follow. DJ stands back, afraid of the monster. Trent notices and pulls him away)
      Trent: It's ok, big guy. I got ya!
      (Trent and DJ push through a door and everyone realizes it's just a studio)
      Trent: You mean, everything around here is fake?
      Gwen: (in confessional) That and Trent's exceptional powers of observation.

    • Duncan: (seeing Geoff and Bridgette making out) Ummm, I don't think this is the kind of 'action' Chris had in mind.
      (in confessional)
      Bridgette: What was I thinking? Duncan is so right. I like Geoff but, hello, I'd also like a million bucks.
      Geoff: Duncan's right. Time to get our head in the game. Booyah!
      (the two proceed to make out in the confessional)

    • (in confessional)
      Gwen: The gilded Chris? (scoffs) What a narcissist! Don't get me wrong, I still want one.

    • Heather: Step off!
      Gwen: You step off!
      (both growl at each other)

  • NOTES (4)


    • The Wedding Crashers

      Izzy: Thanks for the date, baby! Don't ever leave me. Cause I'd find you!

      Izzy's quote is a reference to the movie The Wedding Crashers, a 2005 comedy film starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.