Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 25

Mutiny on the Soundstage

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 2009 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

The remaining two castmates go up against each other in a series of challenges based on past trials with the winner getting the million dollars.

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      • Duncan:Hmmm, something's missing...(imitating Chef) You pump like my grandma, maggot!

      • (Chris and Chef are pulling a safe in giant slingshot)
        Chris: The way you torture the kids. You're a natural, you know that? Knocking them down, bruising them up, killing their spirits! Nobody can do it quite like you, pal.
        Chef: You really mean that?
        Chris: If you really want to leave the show, it's cool. Good luck.
        Chef: Nah, I couldn't leave you all alone like that. You'd be terrible on your own. You're not that good.
        Chris: So, you'll stay?
        Chef: After I get a raise, and a vacation!
        Chris: Deal!
        Chef: Then let's finish these suckers off!
        (they launch the safe)

      • Duncan: If your retainer wasn't so vile, I'd kiss you.
        Beth: That's ok. I have a boyfriend.

      • Duncan: Chef, are you ok?
        Chef: After a whole season of lip, now you wanna know if I'm ok?

      • Chris: (to Chef) Dude, without this job, you'd still be selling street meat outside the bus station.

      • (in confessional)
        Beth: (referring to refusing to help Duncan) So, maybe that wasn't super nice of me. Looks like I might have one cutthroat bone in my body. Just one of those teensy weensy ones in your ear. Let's call it my cutthroat cochlea.

      • (in confessional)
        Beth: Somebody has to win, right? I guess it might as well be me. To be nice, I could share the prize with Lindsay or with Brady, my totally real boyfriend. He already likes me heaps but a million dollars never hurts a girl's attractiveness.

      • (in confessional)
        Beth: Chef in a good mood? That's like Heather saying she's sorry. You have to take advantage of it while it's happening.

      • (in confessional)
        Duncan: When I was a kid, Ma insisted on sending me to Muskrat Boys. We had to wear doinky vests and sell apples but all the knot tying lessons meant I'm pretty much a Houdini at tying and untying stuff...came in handy a bunch of ways I don't think Ma had in hand.

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    • 10:00 pm
      Hannibal The Wrath of the Lamb