Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 10

Newf Kids On The Rock

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 2010 on TELETOON
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Newf Kids On The Rock
Chris goes back to his home on the east coast of Canada and the legendary Grand Banks of Newfoundland.

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  • Oh that is it! After watching this episode I got so frustrated I looked ahead to find out what happens...hence I'm not watching this anymore.

    Oh that is it! After watching this episode I got so frustrated I looked ahead to find out what happens in future episodes...hence I'm done with this show. In the first 2 seasons there were good reasons for all the eliminations and drama so the way it played out was fun and unexpected. Now they're voting off people in a set order we can all see coming and keeping the ones that should go just to make some dumb jokes in each episode. (i.e Owens fat and stink, Dj's curse, etc) Dj, Owen and Heather should all be gone already! :Spoiler Alert: The elimination order is so predictable from here on out it's safe to say that the final 2 will be Heather and Alehandro for rival/romance reasons. Team Amazon will be at each others throats about Duncan and Gwen kissing. This time there's less comedy and more drama. Maybe that's why I'm done with this show, all the fun and unpredictability's gone.moreless
  • It's a sea shanty, and it's darn catchy!


    Song: Sea Shanty Mix(sung by everyone, Courtney and Gwen belive to see Duncan on a rock, and Heather tries to make DJ sing in order to keep him in game and make an aliance with him, this song is extremely catchy, i love it!)

    Challenge: Row your boat to shore and then 2 from each team have to drink a pot of vinegar , understand what Chris' cousin says and then kiss a cod. DJ had to do all 3 stuff himself.

    Reward: A Clam-Chowder made by the loser team AKA Team Amazon as them believning to see Duncan made them never get to shore.

    Side stuff: Izzy is a nut-bar but she sure can catch a fish!, Sierra's quote: "Why are we landing on the middle on the ocean? Oh, never mind. Why are we landing on the middle of the--oh, nevermind" as the plane moved up and down, DJ's curse is broken ( Al painted some egyptian symbol on the cod and now he believes her is curse free), Tyler imagining himself kissing Lindsay while lissing the cod, um, Zeke cameo between some crates

    Bottom Line: It was a 9, but the song was so awesome it lifted the score by 9.5!moreless
  • I Loved This Episode.

    This starts off with Courtney and Gwen, talking about how Heather likes Alehandro. The teams are then dumped into the waters of Newfoundland, as the location. This is where Chris was born. He doen't have the accent, his cousin has. Anyways, the first challenge, is to sail to the shore. First two teams, get to move on. The last team, has to stay. Heather puts Courtney in charge of the boat directing, while she tries to form an alliance with sad DJ. Heather tricks DJ into singing. A bit amusing, by DJ falling for it. Gwen and Courtney, think they see Duncan, but it was just rocks.Courtney wonders why Gwen thought she saw him. The next challenge, is to drink a jug full of this vinegar mixture. Once again, Heather tricks DJ into drinking it. He's in the lead. Now, Tyler and DJ, have to kiss a fish like, they mean it. Alehandro convinces DJ, his curse is lifted, because of a fish. The two teams tie, and Gwen takes the blame for Courtney losing for the team. That was really nice. No one gets eliminated, due to Chris saying, that this was only a reward challenge. The reward clam chowder. Heather, put Owen's smelly socks in the soup, as revenge towards Chris, forr making her open and clean the clams, for losing. Another awesome episode!moreless

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