Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 19

Niagara Brawls

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 2011 on TELETOON

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  • Here come the brides, the 2 teams dissolving...and Mildred...OOPS!!!! We mean, 'Blainely!' :lol: :lol: :lol: In this special 444 word review! ;)

    Interesting things have been happening in the "Total Drama World Tour" lexicon as of lately. Noah got booted out of the game for calling Alejandro a slimy eel dipped in grease, Tyler was sent packing due to an unholy union between Duncan and Alejandro, and my opinion of Sierra shot WAY up when she took a hit for Cody by shielding him from a potentially deadly Swedish meatball cooked by Chef, even after Cody built "Gwen's Face!" :lol: And the remaining contestants have now learned that due to some interesting action that happened in the most recent "Aftermath;" a face from their past will be joining them as a contestant. What Chris HASN'T told them is the contestant is a certain, spurned, woman who is filled with wrath and hatred that she was dumped from her job of being the co-host of "Celebrity Manhunt," degraded to being second fiddle to Geoff and THEN Bridgette in the "Aftermath" hosting department, trying to evilly get rid of Bridgette and crushing some former "Total Drama" contestants in the process, and having it majorly BACKFIRE on her when she accidentally wins the opportunity to become a contestant of "Total Drama World Tour" when she didn't even WANT to! Of course that person is none other than...Mildred!!!! :oops: I meant to say 'Blainely!' :P The so-called 'lady' who specializes in eating dirty pizza, trimming long, nasty toe-nails on her OWN feet, having nasty hair in places where hair SHOULDN'T grow, and simultaneously burping and farting at the same time, is all karmic payback for the way she has treated all the people she ever stepped on in order to become famous, including the "Total Drama" contestants. Thankfully, Owen rescues her from becoming the new 'Courtney' when Owen encourages her to stop trying to hide her faults, and that she's really not that bad a person if she would just give other people a chance. Blainely's heart opens up for the first time, and it looks like being a "Total Drama" contestant won't be so bad for her...unless Alejandro has anything to say about it! For the Niagara Falls challenge, Courtney gets paired up with Duncan (irony!) Heather gets paired up with Alejandro (foreshadowing!) And Sierra gets paired up with Cody and ACTUALLY, technically gets married to him for REAL when Cody accidentally says 'I do' and Alejandro witnesses it! :twisted: While all the contestants try hard, Courtney and Duncan manage to win the challenge, but neither of them are happy about it as they want a divorce! :roll: Instead, they have to be content with taking their anger out on Owen by voting him off! :( Blainely's sad! :idea:
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