Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 15

No Pain, No Game

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 2007 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

Two campers from the past return to the game as the two teams are dissolved and the campers face an excruciating challenge with individual immunity at stake.

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  • Eva is back with a vengenance, Izzy returns crazier than ever, and the stakes are higher as the two teams are dissolved! :idea:

    When the guys return to camp, the relationship between the girls isn't good. Of course, this is before Chris unveils big news for the campers. The two teams of the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass have finally been dissolved for good. Now the campers have to rely on individual immunity if they want to stay alive. If that's not hard enough, the surviving campers are in for a Real shock when Eva comes Back! :shock: Eva is none too happy over getting kicked off so early, and she's grimly determined to Not let it happen again! Thankfully, another camper returns who is a much easier person to deal with: Izzy! And Izzy never even left the island! All the campers get put through their paces this time as they face a series of tough, random challenges! D.J. has to face a snake (again!), Trent has to avoid the stinky skunks, Bridgette has to get covered in bees, Geoff has to stay put in a barrel of leeches, Duncan has to play the turtle slapshot, Owen has to wear wooden shorts and avoid getting a brain freeze from eating ice cream (the latter of which he doesn't succeed,) Gwen has to get her nose hairs plucked and listen to new age music, Izzy has to get shocked by electric eels and get her face wrapped up in poison ivy, Lindsay has to get her face covered in a hot marshmallow wax and get a hair cut, the latter of which she doesn't do. Then, it comes down to two campers: Eva and LeShawna. Eva has to wrestle a Gigantic sasquatch! She actually manages to survive! LeShawna has to outroll the European log-rolling champion, Molotov the Bear! LeShawna proves to be the toughest camper on "Total Drama Island," becoming the first camper to win solo immunity and a brand new trailer! :D At the bonfire, the campers are Shocked to have their private confessionals aired! And it reveals many of the campers mutual hatred for Eva! Eva gets voted off, again! She vows revenge! This show just gets more exciting! 8)moreless
  • shocking twist!

    ok so another great installement to the total drama island series.the boys come back from there five star treatment which leaves the girls really jealous.over the intercom chris anounces eva has returned oh no,and so has izzy.eva comes back with a huge temper and she takes out all her anger on bridgette.then izzy shows up and everyone is shocked to see her.the challenge this wee is the wheel of misfortune where the campers have to endure at leats 10 seconds of horrifying stunts like a marshmellow wax,or doing the skunk jump.when lindsay doesnt complain about the waxing evel eva tells her to pick bridgette so she can do the leaches challenge. as soon as shes about to go in geoff stands up and says he'll take her place which i also thought was really romantic.but of course he doesnt last.the final two were lashawna and eva leshawna ends up winning because she really wanted that the end it was eva who was voted off,not a shocker.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (22)

    • Izzy wasn't seen with the other campers that were locked up in stocks watching LeShawna's final challenge.

    • Trent wasn't seen at all in the campfire ceremony.

    • Continuity error: Gwen is apparently "still" mad at Trent for not digging her up in Phobia Factor, however in past episodes Paintball Deer Hunter, If You Can't Take The Heat..., Basic Straining and X-Treme Torture, she was fine working beside him with no signs of a grudge.

    • When Eva and Leshawna was arguing, Eva called Leshawna "Sister Thunder Thighs", but in the Cartoon Network airing, Eva just calls her "Girlfriend".

    • In this episode, we found out that the bears name is Molotov, is a Russian National Circus performer, and an European log-rolling champion for twelve straight years.

    • When its down to LeShawna and Eva, Chris says " You're up, Eva" but he gives the challenge to LeShawna.

    • Lindsay says Lequisha instead of Leshawna in this episode which marks the second time getting a name wrong besides Chris, who she calls Chip. She also calls Eva Ava.

    • Gwen's line of '"Eva's a freak!" was edited to "Eva's a weirdo!" for the Cartoon Network airing of this episode.

    • In "Basic Straining", it was shown that the campers used paper to vote someone off (since Harold was able to switch the votes). But in this episode, the campers SAY who they think should be kicked off in the confessional. (This is probably to keep someone from switching out the ballot box and 'stacking the vote' again.)

    • Chris told Lindsay that she would have her entire body covered with melted marshmallows, but Chef only covered her face.

    • Goof: Eva tells Bridgette that she recalls her telling her that she needs anger management classes but in the episode: The Big Sleep, it was Courtney who said it.

    • Izzy tells everyone that she hid in the woods when the RCMP came for her and while there, she befriended a family of beavers.

    • At the end of the episode, the Bigfoot and bear that were mauled during the challenge can be seen wearing some of the camper's clothes. The Bigfoot is wearing Geoff's hat and the bear is wearing the clothes that were worn by both Katie and Sadie.

    • Owen, Izzy, Lindsay and Gwen are the only ones who did more than one challenge.

    • Here are the challenges the campers had to go through:

      Owen: First he had to wear a pair of wooden pants with a woodpecker attacking him. Then he had to eat a dozen gallons of ice cream and got a huge brain freeze.
      Geoff: He had to sit in a barrel full of leeches.
      Bridgette: She had to be covered with live bees.
      DJ: He had a huge snake wrapped around him.
      Duncan: He had to have a bunch of snapping turtles thrown at him.
      LeShawna: She had to log roll against a bear above piranha infested water.
      Izzy: First she had have two electric eels touch her. Then she had have her head wrapped in poison ivy.
      Lindsay: First she had to have hot melted marshmallows poured on her face. Then she had to get a hair cut with a chainsaw.
      Eva: She had to go into a cage with a Bigfoot type creature.
      Trent: He had to jump rocks while dodging a bunch of skunks.
      Gwen: First she had to have her noise hairs yanked out. Then she had to listen to new aged music.

    • Instead of an audition tape, they show Izzy on a talk show with Chris. She talks about how she hid from the RCMP in a barn and it was full of mayple syrup and beaver mugs and she sold them and became rich. She also talks about how she use to date Justin, but broke up with him because he was a liar.

    • Here's how the votes were shown:

      Heather: Eva (since LeShawna was immune)
      Duncan: Heather
      Gwen: Eva
      Bridgette: Eva
      DJ: Eva
      Geoff: Eva
      Lindsay: Eva
      Eva: Heather

    • Since Eva was voted out again, there is no new audition tape shown.

    • Heather is the only one who we don't see doing a challenge.

    • LeShawna is the winner of the first individual challenge. She is also the first camper to win solo immunity.

    • During the bonfire ceremony, Izzy, Owen and Trent's thoughts on who should be voted off were not shown.

    • Eva and Izzy return in this episode.

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