Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 16

Picnic At Hanging Rock

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 2011 on TELETOON

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  • In the Land Down Under, it's an All Out War for Invincibility and Immunity as Team Amazon fights over the dominant Alpha Woman! :idea:

    Alejandro has had just about enough of his team losing challenges while Team Amazon has yet to lose a single player. But luck is about to shift in favor for the guys today. Courtney wants Gwen gone in order to get revenge for Gwen stealing Duncan, Gwen wants Courtney gone so she will no longer have to worry about the angry vendetta planned by the C.I.T. Princess, Sierra wants Gwen gone because she's a boyfriend stealer, and Cody wants Courtney gone so he can still have a chance to get together with Gwen. Heather has made no plans; she KNOWS she is playing the swing vote today, and whether Gwen or Courtney gets eliminated, either way the end result will still be pretty much the same as far as Heather is concerned. On the continent/country of Australia, the two teams must race on emus to get to Hanging Rock, where they will bungee jump to catch sheep, and then shear them in the hopes of finding a sheep branded with their respective logo. Since Duncan wants to win just as much as Alejandro does, he forms a plan to feign being sad over Courtney flirting with Alejandro (actually, it's vice-versa), in order to throw Courtney off her game and potentially get her eliminated. And although Heather won't admit it, Courtney's fake infatuation with Alejandro does actually get to her. Cody continues to get the best of Duncan by eluding the raging bully, and Duncan gets PWNED by a boxing, kicking kangaroo! :lol: The "Sheep Shearing Song" featured in this episode was pretty good to! :) Even though Team Amazon initially has the advantage when it comes to shearing sheep, Cody gets his senses knocked out of him by a dingo, leaving Alejandro and the other guys FINALLY get a victory for Team C.R.R.R.R.H., leaving Team Amazon to face a true elimination for the first time! :D But with Cody's injury, he accidentally votes for Sierra! :oops: With Gwen and Courtney tied in elimination votes, they face a tie-breaker. Courtney wins, and Gwen FINALLY loses! 8) What will happen next?! ;)
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