Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 16

Picnic At Hanging Rock

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 2011 on TELETOON

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  • Chef: How much longer do we have to wait? Chris: Another two hours. (Chef unfolds map) Oh, make that two days! (Chef and Chris began laughing hysterically)


    Song: Shear a Sheep(sung by team amazon, 'cept Cody and Sierra who played a guitarrist and a fangirl, respecively)

    Challenge: Marathon of Death (an emu race, towards hanging rock. Owen needed 2 emus which fatigued instanlty, Cody tricked Duncan into getting K.Oed by a kangaroo, AMazon wins as Owen comes Very late) Bungee Sheep Shearing (Sierra jumped without bungee cord, Owen got a dingo, which Duncan used to maul Cody, Chris is Hot wins by finding a sheep with the logo first)

    Eliminated: Gwen (techincally the vote was a tie, and the tiebreaker consisted of feedin a koala eucalyptus leaves, whch Gwen is allergic to. Fortunately she lost (sorry Gwen fans!))

    Side-stuff: Zeke was seen hiding under a wheel, Al and Duncan made a plan consisting on Al hitting on Courtney, so both Court and Heather distract from the game. Cody voted ofr Sierra - Again! but due to him being dizzy from the dingo attack.

    Bottom Line: Not the best, but the song was way Awesome! 8.5/10.