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  • One of the only decent Canadian shows ever.

    This show was pretty good. Unfortunately, when the third season came aboard, that's when the Total Drama series slipped in quality. From the subsequent seasons, the creators did not learn from this. The first two seasons were pretty good, of course, for Canadian TV. I watched Revenge of the Island, and it sucked. So did All Stars. Why was Owen only in ONE EPISODE??? This was a disappointment since he was one of my favorite characters. Despite those facts, I recommend the first 2 seasons.
  • This is a pretty awesome parody of reality shows

    This show is such an obvious spoof on Survivor, The Amazing Race, and other challenge-related reality shows its not even funny. But I like it. It's a really great show. Its so far the only show on Cartoon Network that is really good, and its not even a CN original. The vast majority of the characters are cool, even the bad guys. Bridgette, Cody, Owen, Izzy, Lindsay, Harold, Noah, Dawn, Leshawna, DJ, Gwen and Courtney are all my favorites. But as cool as most of them are, its pretty obvious that all of the characters are based off some kind of stereotype. Such as Owen being the fat guy who loves to eat, Duncan being the juvenile delinquent, and Heather being the mean girl. But to be fair, at least they go through some development.

    The show as a whole is good. Total Drama Island was definately the best season. Total Drama Action was good, but it didn't get really good till Courtney debuted. Total Drama World Tour was... okay. Alejandro was a really good villain, most of the locations they went to were cool, and Cody finally went through some development. Then Blaineley started competing, and even if it was only for two episodes, the season just started going downhill after that. Also, I didn't like that Geoff and Bridgette are still a couple, I hated Sierra and Ezekiel, and the finale was just horrible.

    Total Drama: Revenge of The Island was awful. I didn't mind a new cast for the season, but the new characters they made, I only liked half of them (Dawn, Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Jo, Sam and Brick). Scott, the antagonist for this season, had one of the stupidest strategies I'd ever heard of. Why would you purposefully get all of your teammates eliminated so you can go up against a whole team by yourself? Odds are, if he had succeeded, he'd of lost quickly and gotten himself eliminated. At least Heather and Alejandro were both smart and evil. The whole season in my mind was just badly executed.

    But thank god, the fifth season more than made up for it. Total Drama All-Stars was really, really good in my mind. Not as good as the first season, but MUCH better than the last two. It was good to see the creators redeem Gwen's character. Not only did she dump Duncan, but she and Courtney actually made up! And that's not all. A lot of other great stuff happened in this fifth season. Alejandro finally got out of the robot suit, he and Heather hooked up, Duncan got arrested, and we had a very good villain in Mike's long-lost personality Mal. Thankfully though, Mike vanquished him, and was able to save his relationship with Zoey by the end of the show. If there's one thing that I didn't like about the new season, it would be that stupid plotline involving Courtney and Scott. NO way did I want to see Courtney end up with him. Thank god it didn't happen.

    So, even though some of the humor is gross humor, even though the majority of the show's eliminations can be predictable, and even though the fourth season was terrible, I think this show is pretty amazing. Its funny, and dramatic in some places. The challenges are pretty well thought out. And there are so many characters to watch and root for. I would definately recommend watching this show.
  • Sadley, it is an annoying sociology portrayal

    On Total Drama, you have 22 contestants who are all from diffrent backgrounds. However, they all seem like stereotypes and no matter what they do to look diffrent, I say it is too late as the first impression has already been made. The characters are also unlikeable. Owen is always eating and farting and useless in challenges. Had he been on the real Survivor, he would have ben cut first. The show also makes a big deal over good and evil, escpecially in All Stars. The characters are being judged on kindness instead of skill and when they vote out someone who barley won the challenge, it makes them look like idiots. Heather fits this example as she keeps getting targeted for being mean. Plus, in the All Star season, the teams were stereotypes. The Heros doing all so well and the villians being too self centred to know what hit them. If any of these competitors went on Survivor, I`d doubt they`d last long.
  • One of the best animated shows I've ever seen

    This show brings an original view to a parody that I have never seen before. I am 21, and even though this is a show that was made originally for preteens, it is a show that watches reality shows or someone who loves comedies. It also has great and original characters who are each given their own quirks and qualities. My two favorite characters in this show, Mike and Gwen, personify the highlights that this show brings to the highest level.
  • The Only Canadian Cartoon I Am A Fan Of

    I love the Total Drama franchise. While it is done in Adobe Flash, the show itself is well done. Every single character on the show has their own personality such as Gwen's gothic appearance but good nature, Duncan's rebellious nature, Courtney's perfectionism, Heather's ego, Dj being the gentle giant, and Bridget's kind heart. The relationships are among the best reasons to watch the show and I love watching AMVs about the couples. Out of all the Canadian shows that air on Cartoon Network, this is the only truly great one.

    In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, new characters were added and they themselves got their own personalities that differ from the original cast, showing that this show had a staff was really putting in some effort.

    Each challenge faced was rarely done twice and further shows effort done with the show.
  • Perfect!

    Who said Canadians can not make good cartoons? of them suck but this one is incredible! it is like big brother and so real! the suspense is great and makes great . one of my favourite shows and I can not wait for total drama all stars!
  • Amazingly real

    This show seemed more real than most reality shows. My favorite thing about the show: the suspense during elimination and the calling of contestants that were saved. The fact that everybody can love or hate a character, as well as familiarizing with others, makes this show good for everyone. Character development was greater than any series, in its time as well as this one. Definitely the best of all the Total Drama series.
  • As The Saying Goes

    Nothing can beat the original and this tired quote applies to this series as well. I remember years ago first learning about and watching this season because I heard it was witty and funny. To my pleasant surprise viewers were right that this show was a great parody of the reality tv format that we all either love or loathe. After re watching this season years later I was ecstatic for it to be as great as I first viewed it. Not only does this show appeal to wide demographic but 6 years later this season has aged considerably well.

    The best parts of this season was the cast as they all were diverse and complimented each other well raising the comedy to new heights. Despite all the toilet humor the producers used it well and never made it annoying or unnecessary at times. Plus the addition of the host and Chef were genius in giving them dark humor that was funny, rather than making them come off to the audience as evil. The plot of having 22 teens fight to win 100,000 dollars by any means no matter what the challenge made the show even more entertaining.

    The only con I could think of was at times the eliminations were pretty predictable which took the fun away from the episodes and made Chris's comments about their being a shocking elimination even less credible. Nonetheless this was a great season that will always be the best of the entire series and be able to be enjoyed years from now or please fans who constantly re watch.

    I know this review is hella long but I want to conclude with this statement. I have only seen all of TD Action & bits of TD World Tour, and while if your curious and want to watch these seasons. I do not recommend them as they don't even stack up to Total Drama Island's comedy, wittiness, challenges or cast. I mean their are only so many times you can watch the same characters put their lives on the line for challenges before you want different people to bring something fresh to the series.
  • Total Drama Island was great, but they screwed up with Total Drama Action

    Awesome show! I was sad when the season ended. Then I got glad again when i found out there would be more seasons to it. Total Drama World Tour was by far the best season so far to me. But TTI was a great show. The characters were likable and they had that one bitchy character (Heather) who would manipulate others to stay in the game. The show kept me entertained and I wouldn't mind rewatching the episodes over again.
  • Totally Hilarious

    I absolutely LOVE this show. And it probably have to be one of the good shows from Cartoon Network (along with Adventure Time).

    This show is about 22 teens at a run-down camp on a reality TV show, hosted by Chris McClain. They are divided into 2 teams and have to compete in various challenges each week.

    At first I wasn't too sure about the show, but I have been proven wrong.

    The characters are just so fantastic! Yes, there are some characters that I dislike (Heather, for example), but they have a good character development.

    The humor is awesome, as well. There is some toilet humor and gross jokes then and there, but at least the producers did a good job at it, unlike other shows that have failed at good toilet humor.

    I give this show a 10/10!
  • This and Danny Phantom are both similar

    Did u know total drama island is way similar to Danny phantom?
  • what i think

    i think that sesone 5 teams sould be the battle of the sexes
  • This Was Great

    This Was great series by canada because in the begining it was just like regular real competitive reality tv series because it was realistic fiction which gave the creators and extra hand up for audience like in a reality competitive series those people had to be picked out by audition tapes and stuff but not these people they could create all there contestants with there custom personalities but the show show started getting uninteresting when it stoped being realistic fiction.
  • the series that started it

    Five words: THIS IS AN AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OK Show

    Total Drama is an animated reality show about teens competing, backstabbing, making friends and foes all for a million dollars hosted by Sadist Chris McLean. The show is boring at points and it feels rushed alot of times. The person who is going home is obvious most of the time. The animation is good though. . I used to love this show back when I was 11.. now I'm 15. Season 4 is my favorite season out of all so far. If it wasnt for Season 4 I would give this show a 5.5, but because of season 4 I'm giving it a 6.

  • A group of teenagers try to win money on a reality show hosted by sadistic celebrity Chris McClain.

    Okay, I needed to review this show. In my opinion, this show is... overrated. It's got some funny moments, but it seems like everyone likes this show. I might be stupid for thinking this and you can correct me otherwise, but I believe that this show is what caused CN Real to exist. Seriously, it's the first "reality" show Cartoon Network had, so they must have thought "Hey, reality shows get ratings, let's make some live-action ones!" Like I said, I could be wrong in my beliefs. Well, other than my problems with TDI/A taking CN down the drain, the characters are pretty bland, I know that's part of the humor, but still. I can still say that Chris is awesome though and that's why I like this show. So I can pretty much say that it's an okay show that I can watch when I'm bored, but I shouldn't overdo it. I give this show a B.
  • Love it!

    This show's good, even though it might not be good for younger kids due to some of the humor involved. I loved the original cast. Lindsay was my favorite. She was so pretty and nice, even though she was kind ofno..VERY stupid. xD It sucks that she got two-timed by that harpy Heather. Gwen was also a favorite of mine. Her and Trent were a really cute couple. I haven't really followed up since Owen won the original game, but I seen stuff that said she and DUNCAN were together? Heh, I bet Courtney pissed. Whatever. She was annoying and bossy anyway. She was like Heather taken down a few notches. I see they have a totally different cast now, but I'll always love the original!!

    Final Grade: A+
  • Spoof of Survivor.

    Really nice, but there are some flaws.

    Plot: 22 teens in a summer camp, has to partake in physical and mental challenges around in a natural environment. They're divided into two teams. Seemed simple, but there's something will happen that you won't expect.

    Characters: Very few annoying ones, many favorable ones. They are detailed correctly in their agendas and back stories. They all have unique personalities. Voice acting is nice.

    Humor: Yeah, the show even relies on humor than drama! This show is more of a comedy. They mostly use sarcastic humor, feuds, mistakes, foolishness, and most of all, their breakdowns. Each one of the teens has issues, and the way those issues show up, is in a good, funny way.

    Art: Perfect, also in complete detail, nice animation movement. Nice animation so far.

    Overall: 9.5. Little flaws about some characters, but it's no big deal.
  • Soooooooooo Sucky

    What??? I cant express how stupid and lame this show is. I have pure hatred for this crap.
  • Cool show! But it has some flaws...

    I'll write this review later, I need to go to my school field trip now.
  • A spin off of the hit show survivor that hilarious and so entertaining.

    Ok I think this was a really good show on Cartoon Network. Now this show doesn't come anywhere close to beating Regular Show but you have got to give this show a chance. Well this show is mainly for teenagers because it hs some language in it. It has violence and they show some people naked but it is blocked out and there are people making out in this show but other than that the show is really good. Now the inapropriate stuff isn't why I lowered the score you have to read my review to find out why I did lower the score. Ok this show is a spin off of survivor the characters are the host: Chris McLean, Chef, the campers: The team Screaming Gophers: Gwen, Trent, Heather, Cody, Lindsey, Beth, Izzy, Owen, LeShawna, Noah and Justin. (And no this isn't the order of elimination) And the Killer Bass: Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Tyler, Katie, Sadie, Courtney, Eziekiel, Duncan, Eva, and Harold (and no this isn't the elimination order either.) Now I'm not going to review all the characters or this review will be really long. My favorite characters would have to Chris the host, LeShawna, And Lindsey. Now the Christ the host just cracks me up he makes me laugh so hard and some people find him annoying and mean but I don't. LeShawna is a fat negro girl who cracks me up as well. Lindsey is a dumb blonde girl who is so dumb it cracks me up. Now my least favorite character is Heater, I hate Heater. I mean she broke up 3 couples, betrayed 2 people, and almost killed 1 person. So I lowered a point for that. Now I think that the challenges are really creative and I love watching them. And the campfire ceremonies (where someone gets voted off) are so fricken intense that I'm on the edge of my seat watching who's getting sent home. Overall a really great show you have to give a chance. 9/10.
  • Awesome!!

    Total Drama is a fun-filled show for all ages, i think its great, and its my favourite show ever! And to all those people who think that is is a so called 'spoof' off survivour and stuff, DUH! Thats kinda the point, thumbs up, if you think its an AWESOME show!:D:D

  • If this was a real reality show, ratings would go up by the thousands.

    I just don't get it. What do people not like about this show? Yes, there is vomit, farts, and that general toilet humor, but this show actually utilizes it well. And this is coming from Canada. Or the "ugly colors." Seriously, guys? If you think this show is disgusting, then DON'T watch it. Now here is my review:

    First, the characters. I've heard that they're generic, and they are somewhat stereotypical. But as the episodes progress, their personalities get more fleshed out and you can actually see some character development. Heather is the main antagonist, and will get you insulting her. That means the producers actually did a good job with her character. These types of characters are what the show has, that other shows need. Characters that make you feel something.

    The plot. Now, it's supposed to be a parody of reality shows and "Survivor." It's basically about twenty two teenagers, who compete in crazy challenges. Each week, one camper is eliminated, and loses the chance to win 100,000 dollars. The last person standing wins the exorbitant amount of money, 100,000 dollars. The format is pretty cool, and it's interesting to see how each challenge pulls out, as well as the campfire/elimination scene.

    Finally, the humor. Although I have to agree that it has a lot of toilet humor, it still works in a funny way. There's also a lot of insane moments, like bears, mines, and just other crazy stuff.

    Ultimately, Total Drama Island is a great show, with an interesting plot, good characters, and the insanest moments. Watch it! It's a good show.
  • It's the perfect reality show.

    Just a note for everyone. It wasn't made by Cartoon Network or the US. It was made in Canada.

    This is a great show, and the people who dislike it, are honestly overreacting. It's funny, dramatic, insane and just awesome.

    Season 1 - Season one is the classic. It's perfect, funny and dramatic. People are seriously overreacting about the content, as this show wasn't made for little kids. Overall Season One gets a 9/10

    Season Two - Yeah, it was pretty decent, but doesn't live up to season one. Overall, 7.5/10

    Season Three - Season three was hilarious, awesome and great. IMO it tops TDI. Overall, 9.5/10.

    Season Four - New cast, radioactive camp Wawanakwa. Amazing! Love each character, as they are more unique than the old ones and it's just amazing. Overall, 10/10.

    Anyway, this is an amazing show. The animation isn't that great, but it improves each season. If you don't like it, there's no need to bash it.
  • Wow, guys. Immature- really.

    Anyway, if you want a more thorough and less-bashy version of my review here it is-

    The animation is very choppy, not too praise worthy, honestly. The style of animation is a little unnatural and looks kind of awkward.

    The characters are very bland and generic- some of them are unbearable to the point where I would like to turn off my TV and do something meaningful with my life like, say, make art or get some exercise. And honestly, at first I had no idea they were supposed to be teenagers. They all look at least 18+ years of age, and to learn that they were actually supposed to be teenagers was a bit of a shock.

    The storyline is not very original, having the creativity levels of a flea. I mean really now, how many more cheesy agitating "Survivor" rip-offs do we have to endure before something worth watching comes on?

    There were FAR too many seasons. One season was actually more than enough for me, making three was seriously pushing it. There are only so many seasons of certain types of shows that are acceptable. And lastly, this show is not good for young kids. Various scenes of girls getting their clothing ripped off and revealing undergarments, people backstabbing eachother and lying to eachother, people making out, sexual reference, and all other sorts of unsavory topics are not what I deem good television for kids.
  • Remake of a review I previously did, and to be honest this show is really good and definitely better than most of the stuff that is shown on Cartoon Network

    The Total Drama Series is a spoof of various reality shows like Survivor, Fear Factor, etc. Now it actually sounded pretty good, a TV cartoon making fun of other reality shows sounded up a lot of people's ally, and it's actually great, but has a few rough spots. In the Total Drama Series, it revolves around 22 teens who compete to win one million dollars. The show has good animation and the characters have interesting designs that seem to capture their personalities. The show also has a nice variety of locations such as a camp, movie set, and the world. The challenges themselves are pretty interesting but some of them are some I have already seen before. Most of the characters on the show are stereotypical but there are character developments to them. The only other bad thing I have to say is that some of the eliminations follow a pattern like in TDI it was two off from one team then two from the other than three from one and three from another and so on, but the eliminations have been getting less predictable now. Overall, this show did get a 5 out of 10 from me originally, but looking back, it gets an 8 out of 10 now. It still has a few flaws but compared to most of the bad shows I have seen on CN like Hole in the Wall and Tower Prep, so it's good in my book.
  • A reality show in cartoon form, it tries to hard to be funny, leaving disgusting and immature jokes in the mix...

    I don't like it, I'm sorry! I'd watch VH1, CW or MTV reality shows over this ANYDAY (which I do)! The joeks are gross and too unrealistic. I knew the fat guy would win from the start; they always favor one character in scripted shows, such as this AND people like this show, I don't know. They get rid of boring people and keep the drama starters around. This is pathetic, since the writers make the other people too dumb and ignorant. The jokes are nothing more than sexual innuedo that the show's audience (primary 8 year olds) will not get, thankfully. I hope it gets canned soon. 6Teen is way better than this.
  • ...

    I'm getting really tired of this show. Cartoon Network airs it practically nonstop! I don't see why everyone likes it. No offense,but I think it's just gross and immature. If it didn't use so many toilet jokes I might like it better. Another thing is,is that it's run on stereotypes,much like 6teen. And it's a complete Survivor rip-off! I know it's supposed to be a "parody", but it seems more like a bad, TV-Y7 rated rip-off of Survivor. Now,let's see its grades:

    Characters: 0/10 They are dumb,stereotypical,and overly dramatic.

    Jokes: 0/10 None of them are funny. :| It's just toilet humor.

    Theme Song: 0/10 So annoying.

    Plot and Originality: The plot sounds interesting. 1/10
    Originality: 0/10

    Overall, 1.0 out of 10.

    This could have been a really cool,funny show, if they just hadn't included all those fart gags and stereotypes.

    This is all I have to say about this show,so I'll end my review here. I hope I have not offended anyone.
  • Why do people like this show?

    I don't like this show at all. Sure, at first I thought it was good, but then it got very tired, and boring. It makes a lot of gross, immature jokes. For example, Owen ALWAYS farts. In EVERY episode. We don't think that's funny! Geez! It's very boring, too. And, this doesn't have to do with the show that much, but Cartoon Network has very bad methods of advertising. They show series, then show it again, then again, then AGAIN...I think you get the picture. The bottom line: It's boring, it's lame, it makes terrible, gross jokes. This show stinks.
  • um this is a cartoon version of survivor.

    Whoever thought of this i'll give them props for a decent money making idea but the show isn't appropriate for children. funny how no groups are complaing about this awful show yet they do almost every episode of family guy. I love how they use all the over common steriotypes for this show. I honestly don't like this show and i'm glad i wont have to watch it for too long since it'll be cancelled as soon as cn gets some actually good shows. I also dislike how their airing this on saturdays where anime should be. Cartoon network isn't even showing reruns of naruto which is really anoying. Plus they could easily air shows they've cancelled instead of airing reruns of a show thats lame.
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