Total Drama Island

Season 4 Episode 6

Runaway Model

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 2012 on TELETOON

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  • Scheming Scott Sabotages, Sam Says Sayonara!

    Why all the "S" words in my review title? :idea: Because the main antagonist for the other campers is Scott, who sees sabotage as the best way to get himself further in the game! Meanwhile, Scott the Video Gamer is having a hard time playing the "Total Drama" game without his video games! He's SO desperate to enjoy a video game experience, he even starts hallucinating and sees everything in the world as an 8-bit sprite pixel experience! :lol: And if there's one thing Scott knows how to do well, it's knowing how to take advantage of another person's bad situation! When the contestants find out they have to rescue the beautiful but hopelessly clueless Lindsay from the clutches of Sasquatchanakwa, Scott convinces Sam that this is the perfect time to show off his 'Game' skills for the girl of his dreams, the pretty intern named Dakota! :D Sam ends up doing pretty well, right until he gets to the yeti, and Sam learns that a real life ape gorilla can't be defeated with just a hammer, unlike a certain tie wearing ape owned by Nintendo! But oddly enough, Sasquatchanakwa flees from Boney Island when he sees Jo after an unsuccessful 'Makeover,' and Mike learns that his alter-ego of old-man Chester is NOT cut out to be a painter OR a beautician, courtesy of Jo's strength and temper! :shock: Although Sam gets the boot, he still manages to get Dakota's love and affection! :) Meanwhile, the teams are shaken up once again when Scott and Jo have to swap teams, forcing both the Mutant Maggots and the Toxic Rats to deal with each other in new ways! 8) What will happen next?! ;)