Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 7

Slap Slap Revolution

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 2010 on TELETOON

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  • Cody has a tiny sausage - Noah

    The German Alps:

    Song: Eine Kleine (sung to the rhytm of Mozarts piece, and Lindsay finally remembers who Tyler is!), 1 2 3 (Sierra sings about how much she loves Cody, freaking him out).

    Challenge(S): Sausage making challenge (the teams needed to mae a giant sausage and race down the mountain) way to go Heather, you threw the electric grinder!!!, dance challenge (3 members form each team and 2 from Victory had to dance until only one remains), and the slpa dance challenge (the platfrom are lifted and the contestants need to take down the other. Heather tried to warn Leshawna Al is evil but she tohoguth she was jealous and slapped her and Al got distracted and sierra kicked him out and won)

    Eliminated: LeShawna (thank got it wasn'tr Lindsay).

    Side-stuff: Noah's dialogue is always fun (Tiny sausage), Cody didn't want to wear the lederthorsen in front of Gwen but eneded up anyways, Izzy wanted to go into the grinder, DJ hurt a goat and a seagull, Lindsay remembered Tyler!Owen is disguisting (he ate a sausage he threw up) and Leshawna beat up hHeather when she was trying to warn her sth, thank GOD she is gone.

    Bottom line: Good ep, but those 2 things made me give it a 9.
  • Lindsay FINALLY remembers who Tyler is, and LaShawna takes her Heather grudge too far, and suffers greatly for it! :!:

    As far as episodes of the "Total Drama" series go, this was a really great one! :idea: The remaining contestants find themselves headed to the German Alps where snow, sausages, and slap dance fights can be found! And if the contestants sing TOO loudly, the noise could cause an avalanche, making their hike up the rugged hills even harder! But while the contestants are singing, Lindsay has an epiphany about a fellow contestant, she RECOGNIZES who Tyler is! :D Tyler is SO excited about this development, he screams a scream SO loud, it could be the vocal equivalent of a Tex Avery jaw-drop! :twisted: In the sausage making part of the challenge, Team Victory is TIRED of losing, so they get hard to work and make the best sausage to ride down the snowy hill! But Team C.I.R.R.R.R.H., despite having Owen actually EAT the sausage meat, decide to actually USE Owen as the sausage and get down the hill that way! And Team Amazon's bickering, and Sierra's total devotion over Cody, leads to the creation of a 'Meat Cody' and a meat ski instead of a meat sled, making Team Amazon be the last place team heading into the 3rd part of the challenge. Alejandro is determined to play the girls for all they're worth, and is eager to put the moves on LaShawna, making her forget Harold. But Heather isn't one to fall for the advances of a schemer, being one herself. Heather tries to warn LaShawna that Alejandro isn't who he pretends to be. Of course, Alejandro uses his good looks to blind LaShawna to the truth, and convinces LaShawna that not only is Heather JEALOUS, but that Heather is trying to metaphorically stab LaShawna in the back by cheating her off! LaShawna finally has ENOUGH of Heather, and gives Heather a beating that even SHE doesn't deserve! Even GWEN feels sorry for Heather! Because LaShawna beat up Heather, Team Victory loses for the 4th (and probably final) time. And when LaShawna gets eliminated, she realizes all too late that she's been had! What will happen next?! ;)
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