Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 17

Super Hero-Id

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 2009 on TELETOON
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Super Hero-Id
The remaining cast mates do a superhero challenge of bravery.

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  • The remaining contestants must don tights, and Harold is forced into making the worst decision of his life! :idea:

    At long last, Harold's cheating and LaShawna's lying come full circle. On "Total Drama Island," Harold was angry at Duncan for bullying him, so he rigged the votes to boot off Duncan's girlfriend, Courtney. And LaShawna's lies, only intended to win her a reward ended up hurting her relationship's with her team-mates. Harold thought his bad treatment had ended with Courtney's return; LaShawna thought she had redeemed herself by talking about the virtues of her fellow contestants, but Harold and LaShawna both get caught up in the biggest payback scheme in the "Total Drama" series history so far! :idea: In a challenge where the remaining contestant's must design original superhero costumes with clever names and great super-powers, and use those powers to save the day while moving at super-human speed, Chef and his cute kitty Dander Boy (you got to love this show!) :D Stop at nothing to thwart the campers! Beth is Lumber Woman, Justin is Timber Man, Duncan is the All Seeing Eye, Courtney is the Human Cricket, LaShawna is Aqua Chick, Harold is Captain Alberta, and Lindsay is Wonder Woman! :lol: Ironically, Chris decides patronage to Chris' youthful idol beats originality, and gives Lindsay a ten-second reduction advantage. Sadly, Lindsay's initial victory is all for naught as even though her attempts are valiant, she can't complete the challenge. Harold actually manages to use Duncan's bean burrito pranks to his advantage, as he uses the power of the Chinook wind (his farting!) :P to help him zoom through the challenge! :) But everyone is surprised when Courtney manages to seize victory for herself! The guys know that they must quickly figure a way to boot out one of the girls in order to keep their own chances of winning alive. But Duncan and Courtney work together to REALLY squeeze the pressure on Harold, as they remind him of LaShawna's past lies. With a heavy heart and great betrayal, Harold does the unthinkable and VOTES LaShawna off! :shock: But LaShawna forgives Harold saying she doesn't hate the player, she just hates the game. :D What will happen next?! ;)moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • LeShawna is seen eating cheese with Lindsay and Beth, whereas in One Flu Over The Cuckoos she said she is lactose intolerant.

    • When Chris is saying the names of the castmates at the award ceremony, he doesn't throw the awards to them. However, the castmates are shown holding their awards when they find out that LeShawna was the one to leave.

    • When Lindsay says "You stink" to Courtney, the close captioning says that it was said by Tanya.

    • Justin is the only one not seen in the confessional in this episode.

    • The final award went to Duncan in this episode.

    • Courtney wins invincibility in this episode.

    • In this episode, we learn that Chris was a fan of Wonder Woman when he was a kid.

    • The castmates' super hero names and powers:

      Beth: Lumber Woman. Can talk to plants.
      Justin: Timber Man. Throws woodchips at people, can float and make fire.
      Harold: Captian Alberta. Has super farts and burps.
      Duncan: The All Seeing Eye. Has psychic powers.
      Courtney: The Human Cricket. Makes loud annoying sounds by rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together that are attached to her legs.
      LeShawna: Super Aqua Chick. Throws water at people.
      Lindsay: Wonder Woman. Has the same powers as the real Wonder Woman.

    • The super hero oufit that Chris wears when he "rescues" Chef is similar to the one worn by the comic book hero Batman.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Courtney: You're the only person who can be reasoned with. The girls are going to pick the guys off one by one, and you're the first to go.
      Harold: Why are you telling me this?
      Courtney: Seeing you today, I think I could take you with me to the final four. But we need to take down the biggest threat, and I don't mean Duncan, or Beth, or Justin, or Lindsay.
      Harold: You don't mean LeShawna?! I won't!
      Courtney: You think you could trust her after everything she's done? It's up to you, Captain Alberta. It's either her or you.

    • Lindsay: (to Courtney) Ughhhh, you stink.
      Courtney: You stink like feet!
      LeShawna: You kiddin' me? You're both rank!
      Beth: Who knew a tour of a cheese factory could make you smell so bad?
      Lindsay: It's like we somehow brought it home with us. (takes a piece of cheese out of her purse) Gouda anyone?

    • (in confessional)
      LeShawna: Not sure if it was the heat, or Harold's burrito breeze but seeing that boy as Captain Alberta made me feel a little light headed.

    • Courtney: (to Lindsay) You may have won the first round, but we'll see who comes out on top!
      Lindsay: (gasps) Courtney just stepped on my invisible jet!
      Chris: Courtney, minus two points for stepping on Lindsay's jet!

    • (in confessional)
      Courtney: (referring to LeShawna insulting her) I've had it with LeShawna! Aged cheddar chick?! If I was a cheese, I'd be Caciocavallo Podolico, a rare cheese from Italy or Lancashire. Not aged Cheddar!

    • Harold: (eating a burrito) Beans have a lot of protein and they're a major form of soluble fiber. Plus, they make you fart. (farts, then laughs) I like beans.

    • Chris: (referring to the challenge) Evil never sleeps, and neither will you. Besides, superheroes don't do the things of mere mortals. They have screaming ladies to rescue.
      Harold: Actually, many superheroes are mere mortals. My favorite, the incredible Owlman, catches thieves just like mice. But come morning, he puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us.
      Chef: Speak for yourself boy.
      Chris: How would you like it if Owlman scratched your eyes out with his talons? (Harold falls over) I didn't think so.

    • Justin: (referring to the girls) I'm telling ya. If we don't boot one of them, it'll be one of us next.
      Duncan: I hear ya, chicks are cutthroat.
      (Cut to Chris getting a massage)
      Chris: The views of the contestants of Total Drama Action do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this network or parent company. They may, but not necessarily. (chuckles)

    • LeShawna: You guys voted for me?
      Harold: (cries) I'm sorry. I didn't know if I could trust you, but I made a mistake. A big mistake.
      LeShawna: Awwww, honeypie, don't you worry. I made a mistake once, too. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
      Harold: Do you forgive me?
      LeShawna: Come here, sugar baby. LeShawna's got a whole lot of love. (gives Harold a hug)

    • Beth: We have to get rid of Duncan.
      Harold: Tell me something I don't know.

  • NOTES (2)