Total Drama Island

Season 3 Episode 17

Sweden Sour

Aired Unknown Jan 20, 2011 on TELETOON

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  • Chris: Bingo Dingos! Nuts, I should have used that last week back in Australia.


    Song: Gwen's Face(sung by everyone 'cept Cody, who was missing Gwen. It was about Team Chris having an advantage over the Amazons, with plenty of ABBA references, awesome.)

    Challenge: I-build-a Mystery Assembly (Team Chris got a boat, and Team Amazon a giant replica of Gwen's face) Viking Ship Battle (They cut Gwen's face to make a boat. Sierra sacrified herself to save Cody from a cannonball, Owen won by firing himself toward the Amazon boat)

    Eliminated: Courtney, but it was a fake elimination. Team Chris won Swedish massages.

    Side-stuff: Owe tells Duncan noah always said Al was evil and loved Heather, so Duncan tries ot make him side with him and take down Al, but he fnds out and tries to win Owen, and they name him the captain of the boat, and he makes them speak with pirate accent. The jackets Chris ordered back in Yukon haven't arrived...yet, this exchange: Heather: (trying to get Alejandro's attention) Oh no! Did I just sit in some gum?
    Sierra: Hmmm, no.
    Heather: I think I sat in gum! Oh no!
    Sierra: Uh, nope, you're all good.
    Heather: Someone look at my booty! Is it-
    Sierra: (angrily) Totally clean! Wow! Obsess much? Rounding up: a great episode!!!9.5/10
  • Not bad. Not awesome either.

    Sweden. The freezing wheather, and only Chris gets a jacket. Just like when they were in the Yukon. The challenges were alright. There has been better ones, but they were funny in a way. Cody is missing Gwen like crazy. That was soo sweet. At least he misses her. Her boyfriend, only showed one bit of him missing her, when he carved her head in the first class pasengers chair.Funny, how Cody had his team a giant gwen head. Heather chasing him with that big hammer, and Sierra chasing Heather, so she won;t chase Cody was the funniest thing for the whole episode. I couldn't stop laughing. The owen in the cannon, was funny to me, but when it freezes to show Team Amazon's reaction to this, was soo funny. Team Chris won, the reward challenge. The Amazons were going to vote off Courtney, but couldn't. As i said, it was a reward challenge. For once, I would of really liked it not being a reward challenge. All well. All in all great episode. The Alejandro-Courtney-Heather thing interesting. Zeke spotted in Heather and Al's conversation, made me like this epidode even more. However, I give this a 9.5 because I didn't like the second challenge. Or the song. Didn't make much sense to me.