Total Drama Island

Season 1 Episode 18

That's Off The Chain!

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 2007 on TELETOON
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That's Off The Chain!
The campers are challenged to build their own bikes using supplies from the Arts and Crafts lodge and race them in a dangerous motor cross challenge with invincibility at stake.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (25)

    • Running gag: Izzy is riding on her bike like a maniac with LeShawna, who is screaming the entire time.

    • This is the first time Chris goes on the Boat of Losers with the voted off camper.

    • The bike that DJ built is the only one with training wheels.

    • When Lindsay is in the confessional before she leaves, she says "Heather's a total.." and then it's bleeped out. When this aired on the Cartoon Network, she says "Heather's a total, no good, selfish..." and then the video turns off.

    • One of Duncan's lines was "More like Arts and Crap center." When this episode aired on Cartoon Network, "crap" was replaced with "junk".

    • Geoff's line, "Oh crap! Did I miss breakfast?" was replaced with "Oh man" when this episode aired on the Cartoon Network.

    • The song Geoff is singing in the confession booth is similar to the song Baby Come Back, by the group Player.

    • When Duncan tells Heather that what she did to Lindsay was cold, she says, "All you do is go around scaring the crap out of everyone". However, when this episode aired on the Cartoon Network, she says, "All you do is go around scaring the snot out of everyone".

    • In the scene where Lindsay called Heather a two faced, back stabbing lying little..., her next lines were censored out, though it is assumed she utters a set of vulgarities. In the Cartoon Network's airing of this episode, Lindsay's next line is "No good, selfish, heartless, pushy, bossy, mean, bully of a girl.

    • The creepy doll that Lindsay finds can be found in the tuck shop on the Total Drama Island website.

    • Goof: When Duncan finishes his bike, it has pedals like the other bikes; but when Owen races it, the pedals are gone, and it is now a motorbike, with the controls installed in the skull mounted on the handlebars. When Duncan gets the bike back and races it in the final, it is a regular pedal bike again.

    • When Duncan leaves to check on Geoff and LeShawna says, "What about our game?", her lips don't move.

    • The only campers that weren't in the confessional were DJ, Izzy, Owen and Gwen.

    • You can see Chef standing next to Chris when Lindsay starts swearing. However, when she starts swearing for a second time and we see Chris smiling, Chef is nowhere to be seen.

    • This is the fifth time Lindsay gets one of the camper's name wrong. In Phobia Factor, she calls Tyler, " Taylor ". In Paintball Deer Hunter, she calls Beth, " Belle ". In No Pain, No Game, she calls LeShawna " Liquisha " and " Lefauna " in Not So Happy Campers (2) and in this episode, she calls Gwen, " Greta ". In Who Can You Trust?, Lindsay calls Trent "Todd".

    • Lindsay's audition: She's sitting on her bed and talks about her best qualities. She says that she's pretty and smart and gets along with everyone, even ugly girls. She also says that she loves camping, but she's never gone camping before. Finally, she says that she has a bikini for every season and she speaks fluent English and American.

    • Here's the list of the switches of the bikes:

      Gwen had Owen's bike
      Heather had DJ's bike
      Lindsay had Heather's bike
      Owen had Duncan's bike
      Geoff had Gwen's bike
      DJ had Geoff's bike
      Duncan had Lindsay's bike.

    • The only people who were not shown shocked or offended by Lindsay's swearing in the show were Chris, Geoff and Gwen.

    • This is the first episode to have someone leave the island without a campfire ceremony.

    • Heather not only had Lindsay build her bike for her, but she has her steal some parts from Chef's motorcycle.

    • Chef appeared many times in this episode but has no lines.

    • Geoff hasn't gotten over Bridgette's departure from the island.

    • Although Izzy did make a bike, neither she or LeShawna participated in this weeks challenge.

    • Owen, Heather, Lindsay and Duncan's bikes made it to the final round.

    • Heather wins immunity for the third time in a row.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Chris: To prove that I'm a nice guy, I'm even throwing in a bike manual.
      Heather: Eww, it's furry!
      Izzy: Cool, mold spores.

    • Duncan: If the guy alliance stays strong, we can win this. So, are you in?
      Geoff: I don't know man. Going on without Bridge is like, (Sniffs) is that bacon? Awww, crap! Did I miss breakfast?
      Duncan: Looks like Geoff's in.

    • Geoff: Wailing choppers!
      Owen: Kick butt. Yes!
      DJ:...Guys Alliance. Whoo.

    • (after DJ and Geoff crash)
      DJ: Forgot... to wear... jock...!

    • Lindsay: (to Heather) Look, a freaky looking doll that looks just like you. I'm going to use her for my bike.

    • Duncan: Finally, a challenge I can get behind. I used to build bikes back home with my brothers all the time. Okay, so I stole them from the dweebs down the street and crashed them into the school wall. The point is, this is something I know.

    • Lindsay: (to Gwen) Thanks for all of your support, Greta. (to LeShawna) I love you, Lequisha.
      LeShawna: (hugs Lindsay) Take care, girlfriend. If it makes you feel any better, we would have kept you on.
      Lindsay: (to LeShawna) Thanks! Kick Heather's butt for me.
      LeShawna: My pleasure.

    • Chris: Will the guys ever trust Geoff again? Will the girls form their own alliance? Will I be stuck hosting reality TV for the rest of my life?

    • Geoff: (about his bike) Sweet ride, eh? I used top of the line bolts. (in the confessional) Okay, so I forgot the bolts.

    • Geoff: (singing) Baby come back. Any fool can see. Something, something. Hey Bridge, calling out to wherever it is the boat of losers takes you.

    • Lindsay: Aren't you even sad? We're BFFs.
      Heather: Yeah, for the contest. I mean, it's not like we're gonna to be best friends for life or anything.
      Lindsay: (In the confessional) I can't believe she said that. (to Heather) I can't believe you just said that.

    • Duncan: (while riding Lindsay's bike) Okay, this is a little messed up, but yeah! This is one bommin' ride!
      Lindsay: (rides right by him) I know, right?

    • Geoff: (crying) Bridgette, I'm so sorry. I should have made them vote for someone else. Even though you did stink up the place.

    • Owen: Hey, do you guys remember your first bike ride?
      Duncan: Yeah. I wiped out so bad and broke my collar bone. You could see it sticking out of my shoulder. It was wicked.
      Geoff: I flew so far off my handle bars that I skid for a mile. Skin was hanging off me in chunks.
      Owen: That's nothing. I popped my arm right out of my socket. It took three doctors to hold me down while they sling shot it back into place.
      All Three: Good times.

    • Heather: The boys think they're so smart. They can enjoy their 'little alliance' if they want, but why build a bike when you can have someone else build it for you?

    • Izzy: No, wait, your extra weight will be good for extra speed!
      LeShawna: I'm gonna take that as a compliment.

    • LeShawna: How did you learn how to build a bike?
      Izzy: My brother was a mechanic until he got hit by a truck and developed a fear of automobiles.

    • LeShawna: What the heck is this thing?
      Gwen: It's a pedal. Haven't you ever ridden a bike before?
      LeShawna: Of course I have. I just haven't built one from scratch before.

    • Chris: Welcome to the Arts and Craft center.
      Duncan: More like the Arts and Crap center.

    • (in the confessionals)
      Lindsay: (about Heather) Wow, Heather thinks of the greatest plans. I'm lucky to have her as a friend.
      Heather: (about Lindsay) I have no way of knowing if she'll make it in second. What's important, is that I get in first. Invincibility is everything.

    • Lindsay: Bye guys, see you at the finalie. (sees Owen depressed) Awww, Owen, I think I'm gonna miss you most of all.
      Owen: (cries and hugs Lindsay) Me, too! (continues to cry as he puts Lindsay back down)

    • (in the confession stall)

      Lindsay: Once I told my math teacher that his new hairpiece looked like my dog's butt, but he totally took it the wrong way. My dog has the cutest curly little butt! It was a compliment!

    • Gwen: (about Heather): Next week.

    • Chris: (about Heather's bike) Nice dynamics.
      Heather: It only weighs two ounces.
      Gwen: Like her brain.

    • Lindsay: (to Heather) You really are mean and all that bad stuff people say about you is true. Like how you're a two-faced, back stabbing, lying little (Beep). I always told them they were wrong. I stood up for you because I thought we were BFFs but they're right. You really are a two-faced, back stabbing, lying little (Beep). And guess what? I don't want to be BFFs anymore. I'd rather spend the day staring at Owen's butt then shopping with you. And P.S. your shoes are tacky!

    • Lindsay: You mean, I've been helping you all this time and you didn't even like me?
      Heather: Uh, truth? Not really, no. What? We're not here to make friends. We're here to become celebrities, remember?
      Duncan: Oh, that's cold, Bra.
      Heather: Oh, like you're such a team player. All you do is go around scaring the crap out of everyone.
      Duncan: At least I'm straight with people.

    • Chris: Alright, racers! On your marks...get set...paramedics on standby...and drag!

    • Lindsay: But I built your bike for you.
      Heather: (to everyone else) I don't know what she's talking about.

    • Lindsay: Bye, Heather! I hope you get what karma's got coming to you.

    • Lindsay: (about Heather) She really is a beep!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Survivor

      "We're not here to make friends!"
      Reality shows like Survivor, The Apprentice and Project Runway had at least one person saying "I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to win."

    • The Wizard of Oz

      The scene where Lindsay tells Owen that she'll miss him the most is quite similar to when Dorothy says good-bye to the scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz.

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