Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 6

The Aftermath: 1

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 2009 on TELETOON

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  • So Geoff and Bridgette have a new show of their on, and is great!

    It was a fun episode, the writers seem to still have a bunch of good ideas under their sleeves...

    Somehow Geoff and Bridgette manage to pitch their own show recapping what's going on on TDA and more, the whole bit was hilarious and Izzy made the "show" even better, I'm still waiting for Courtney to be back in the competition, I mean, she's on the intro of TDA as a contestant, not so much as a "viewer" ever since this season started. although now that Trent is out, i see little case about her returning to the contest at all.

    One thing I'll say for the writers, as much as for this episode and 6Teen, they sure know how to write great love songs, (6teen's "You're the Reason" from "Snow Job" it's a great song!!) too bad they don't sell the soundtracks like most Animes do, (and don't bother emailing me saying "TDA and 6Teen ain't animes, Animes are from Japan" -I KNOW that, I was pointing Animes out as an example!!!-) I'd buy the damned album, that's for sure, and if you pay attention, Trent seems to have sang 2, (not one) songs in this episode, both kinda cool...

    I really was satisfied with these "show inside the show" idea (the yeti webcam was great!) and I for one, hope they bring more episodes like that.

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