Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 6

The Aftermath: 1

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 2009 on TELETOON

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  • Geoff and Bridgette host their first episode of The TDA Aftermath. This episode includes guest appearances by eliminated Cast mates, The campers who didn't make it to TDA, and a giant hammer.

    This episode wasn't bad. But then again it wasn't great. This episode tells you a load of things you already know. Like Trent was voted off, Gwen dumped him, and Courtney wants to compete. The only bonus thing info you learn is that Chef wanted to make an alliance with Izzy. Geoff and Bridgette are having relationship problems as Geoff insults her. They break up and surprisingly stop making out... until the end when they fix there relationship problems and make out for a good 2 minuets. The internet was right when it said that campers would be seen for "The Sidelines" and by that they mean sit there and say maybe one line each (unless you are Noah and Ezekiel who say absolutely nothing). I gave this episode a 7 because it was a good excuse to stop us from getting us an elimination episode. A legit good episode thanks to the great only line by Cody: "Gwen's hot and I have her bra."