Total Drama Island

Season 2 Episode 6

The Aftermath: 1

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 2009 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • In the United States, the name of this episode was changed from "The Aftermath: I" to "The Aftermath: Trent's Descent".

    • We learn that Sadie has a sister named Cindy who is allergic to peanuts.

    • If one looks closely, you can see the original designs for Katie, Sadie, Justin, and Eva in the audience (they were shadowed).

    • The blond intern's design is based off of Tyler's first prototype design from Camp TV.

    • If one looks closely, there is a blue silhouette picture of Chris in the waiting room that Izzy and Trent are in.

    • Izzy reveals in this episode that she had a major elbow injury and is now double-jointed, which explains how she was able to double-joint her elbows in her first audition tape.

    • This is the second time the show isn't hosted by Chris. The first time was in Are We There, Yeti?, when Chris went to an award show, leaving Chef in charge. However, Chris does make a brief appearance in this episode.

    • This is the third time the episode doesn't have a recap from the episode before that. The first was Not So Happy Campers (Part 1) and the second was After The Dock Of Shame.

    • In this episode, Izzy confirms that the Gilded Chris Awards are made of chocolate covered in gold foil.

    • Goof: The pickguard on Trent's guitar constantly switches from the right side to the left side of the guitar.

    • When Geoff and Bridegtte are introducing the past campers, the camera faces each previous camper and shows a clip from season one. The clips are in no paticualar order:

      Noah-Kissing Cody's ear.
      Cody-Jumping in front of Gwen in the dodgeball challenge.
      Ezkiel-Picking his nose.
      Eva-Yelling at Cody for trying to touch her MP3 player.
      Courtney-None, she's talking to her lawyer.
      Tyler-Riding a water-ski into the dock of shame.
      Katie and Sadie-None, they just say how happy they are to be here.

    • Look closely: The statue that gets smashed by the hammer is a statue of Justitia, the Roman goddess of justice. Her image is commonly used as a symbol for justice in our modern day society thus earning her the nickname of Lady Justice.

    • Look closely: When Izzy lies about hurting the intern, the hammer comes at her but her chip doesn't activate.

    • Bridgette reveals that Izzy is eighth on the RCMP's Most Wanted List.

    • Izzy admits that she had a chip implanted in her neck that shocks her every time she lies.

    • Although they are a part of the talk show, Noah, Ezekiel and Tyler do not have any lines in this episode. Heather, DJ, Harold and Leshawna also appear in flashback, and have no lines.

    • DJ isn't the first person Chef approached for an illegal alliance as apparently, Chef approached Izzy first and she knocked him flat with a kick to the stomach.

    • Geoff and Bridgette host the show. All the other campers who didn't make it on TDA are contributors to the show. Chef's Roadkill Café sponsors the show.

    • Cody still has Gwen's bra from Season one.

  • Quotes

    • Trent: (crying while playing his guitar) You went behind my back. In the worse kind of attack. Now you find me gone. I'm no longer your pawn.

    • Courtney: I'm on Team Gwen. Not because I like her, it's because Trent is a loser, by choice.

    • Bridgette: I think we need to take a break.
      Geoff: Oh, so now you want to break up? That's just great, Bridge. Just great.
      Izzy: I think she means a break for some ads.

    • Trent: The number nine thing has nothing to do with Gwen. I had this toy train my granddad gave me as a kid. Right before he died, one of the wheels fell off so there were only nine. I was devastated. So my mom told me that nine was now my lucky number.
      Katie: (crying) I am so on Team Trent.
      Sadie: Me too. (they hug)
      Courtney: Uhhh, can I switch teams?

    • Bridgette: We got a caller.
      Caller: Gwen and Trent stink. Go Team Eva!
      Bridgette: You're on team Eva? Why?
      Caller: She should of won the 100 grand...(in Eva's real voice) and I'll pound anyone who even...
      Bridgette and Geoff: Eva!

    • Trent: You guys think I could sing a song? It's something I wrote after Gwen and I broke up.
      Bridgette: Aw, for sure Trent.
      Trent: (sings) You ripped my heart out of my soul. You never texted me back any more. Now I remember the nights we stared into the sky, but now you make me feel like dirt. Though I never told you that summer girl, you were my entire world. But now you're gone.

    • Bridgette: Trent was such a stand-up guy. He did not deserve what happened, right?
      Sadie: Oh, totally not.
      Bridgette: And all because of Gwen.
      Geoff: Whoa, back up Bridge. Couples break up, wasn't Gwen's fault.
      Bridgette: Trent lost out on a million bucks because of Gwen.
      Geoff: So, Gwen went behind Trent's back and told his team to vote him off, that doesn't mean...(hears the audience gasp in shock Whoa, what?
      Trent: (back stage) Awww, man, what? Are you kidding? Gwen did what? This is a joke, right?
      Geoff: Whoa... did someone not tell the dude?

    • Geoff: Trent isn't innocent in this. What about the time he kissed Heather? Gwen was totally wrecked. Remember?
      Sadie: (gasps) I remember! Trent totally cheated on Gwen first season.
      Bridgette: That was Heather's fault. She tricked Trent into kissing her.
      Geoff: A dude hardly needs to be tricked into kissing the hottest chick on the show.
      (the audience, Izzy, Katie and Sadie, and Bridgette gasp at what Geoff said)
      Geoff: What?
      Bridgette: I cannot believe you just said Heather was the hottest girl on the show!

    • Izzy: (waves to camera) Hi, everyone out there in TV land! (scans audience until she sees a familiar face) Graham Cracker! That's my old boyfriend, Graham! He got a restraining order against me last year. Remember that, Graham? So funny! Okay, we were in the courtroom and judge was all like, (impersonates judge) "You will not come within two hundred meters of the plantiff or you shall suffer the consequences of this courtroom!" (regular laugh) The long distance was hard but we made it work. By the way, Graham, you should get new blinds for your room. What are they made of, lead? I couldn't see a thing with my binoculars. (giggles) Miss you, Graham Cracker! (pulls a cracker from her top) I'm totally into crackers right now. They're just so flaky! (giggles and eats the cracker)

    • Cody: I'm definitly on team Gwen. She's hot and I have her bra.

    • Brigette: And here's Tyler!
      (Tyler waves to the audience)
      Geoff: There you are, dude! Will someone please tell Lindsay?
      (audience laughs)

    • Geoff: And a shout out to Courtney!!!
      Courtney: (on cellphone with attorney) We're gonna sue the pants off this show, Michael!!!
      Geoff: Uhhhh...whoops!

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